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06 Dec 2013 20:28:56
I run a disability football team and one of the lads dads is a massive Bradford city fan he says there's rumours going round that phil Parkinson is on the 5 man short list. Not saying its true but just what I hered

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06 Dec 2013 21:20:00
Pearce is defo next manager! Got it from me first

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Second poster you forgot to put FACT in capitals on your post. I've heard the Parkinson rumour too but I think he will cost too much as Bradford want to keep him

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I heard Solskjar and Mike Phelan

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Stuart Gray
Stuart Peace
Ian Hollyway
Paulo DiCanio
Gary Johnson
Phil Parkinson


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06 Dec 2013 10:17:56
Paul Dikov is being reported to be a target in the media now. This is getting silly. This better not be true.

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06 Dec 2013 19:00:44

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Who's he?

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Think he's french

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06 Dec 2013 08:17:07
Warnock just announced on talksport that not taking Wednesday job. Spoke to mm and they decided it would be too difficult given the blades connection. NB

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Mm story different he told warnock he did not want him

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I am very disappointed of some of so called Wednesday fans who for pure stupidity and naivity let a proven manager to pull out, because of what? Selfish thinking and hatred, what kind of people are you? As owls fans should rise well above such ill manner and negative thoughts! But the minority's simple minded fans have got their way letting the chance of employing Warnock to save us get away. They obviously put themselves before the club's interest. Warnock is a blade, so what for heaven sake, he is a good manager and he was happy to take the job and promised to keep us save in the championship, until the end of this season. In reality he is better than some of our fans by accepting the job to manage us. Congratulations of your selfish unproductive thinking. Shouting and screaming on the radio, we don't want Warnock, like children want to get their way which is sad! Please please try to put the club first for once. (NDS)

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We don, t want anything to do with any blades connection. when you have had eggs, urine, flares and acid thrown at you over the years it leaves very bad mental scars.

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Well said NDS

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Hate the Blades as a whole if you like but u can't hate each and every individual. We all have mates from opposite side of the city. Warnock may, possibly have been the best man for the job (opinions aside)! Said it before, some people need to grow up!

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It, s not about growing up. it, s about history. certain incidents take a lot of forgetting.

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I've got to say that from the names linked to the job recently NW is head and shoulders above the likes of Dikov and Evans. And I hate to say this about a Bladr but he has shown his class in the way that he has handled this, how he met with MM and discussed the pros and cons and gave MM an insight into the rivalry. Whether it was MM who changed his mind or NW stepped away is irrelevant too, at least NW acted professionally and took the concerns of the fans into account without a bad word spoken by him in the face of all the banter. Hate the bloke for being a Blade, sure, but as a professional manager he has shown some class this week.

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Shows danny wilson true s6 has more kahunnas then neil warnock as blades hated danny but still did a good secret mission but colin got scared away back to abertouir lol owls about that x

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A lot of us are very passionate about our club, personally I am ambivalent about Warnock, however he has not endeared himself to Owls fans over the years with his silly comments some of which have been childish and tasteless, so I can understand why some of our fans feel so strongly about him. If he had been appointed our manager I would have reluctantly backed him, not because of what he was but because he would have been our manager. I have never met Warnock so I don't know what he is like as a person although a blades fan that I know well says he is a warm and genuinely funny man with a sharp wit and not a bit like the man seen on the touch line. My fear was that he had been appointed and the first few games had gone badly then the crowd would have turned on him and MM for appointing him, and then the club really would have had a problem. NDS's immature rant at anybody that doesn't agree with him just shows how Warnocks appointment would split the club at a time when we should all be pulling together.

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I must say, all this is very depressing. I assumed that when MM pulled the trigger on DJ he would have had someone lined up as he did before. It seems he didn't. Now, when Neil Warnock, a guy with all the qualities to stabilize us and get us out of the relegation zone expresses an interest, he has to be canned because of the negative reactions. The odds for our next manager makes for a sorry read. So much for fan power!

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I'll add my 2 penneth. Although personally I would have accepted warnock as I haven't seen any better realistic alternatives given our current situation. However it was probably wise that he hasn't been appointed. Clearly a loud minority were dead against it and could have created a poisonous atmosphere. Also if a few results went against us those fans sitting on the fence would probably fall on the side of the anti warnock fans and the situation could get ugly. I don't blame fans for disliking the bloke but some of the reactions have been over the top and disappointing. Anyway its gone now so let's support sg & lb on Saturday and whoever gets appointed. NB

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I think Warnock lovers are generalising too much. Yes there are some people who don't want him because of his Blades connections which is a little blinkered but the majority I think are like me that think he is past it and hasn't performed at the last two clubs he has been at. If he was linked with us in his prime when he was getting the Blunts into the premiership then I would definitely consider him as a good choice but not now, he should be left to his retirement as I think has happened

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End of day warnok is a t*$$*r and a blade only last year at speech he was saying how much he loathed the owls I for one am glad did nt want him no where near swfc! Neither should enybody else uto

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Really glad MM decided against Warnock.
Hate the guy with a passion.

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What NW had, was a great sense of humour, might have been a bit naive tactically but was a fantastic man motivator and certainly a character. Just the man for the job really when you look at the mess we are in. No way on earth though could this appointment have been made and for obvious reasons. Look what happened when DW went to the blunts, this would have been far worse than that.

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