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05 Dec 2013 22:00:48
If warnock gets the job is assistant will be a ex owl waddle / Hirst to keep us sweet

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Won't be Waddle, 100%. He has spent virtually all of his time since retiring being a pundit and playing in the Wragg Over 40's league and signed on with Hallam recently.

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Warnock just ruled himself out this morning. Talking on TalkSPORT.

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06 Dec 2013 09:12:52
Warnock says no. yes yes yes thank you god

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05 Dec 2013 20:36:13
I'm a Gillingham fan and everyone around here is saying that 'Mad dog Martin Allen' is in the frame for the Wednesday job.

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Allen hates mm. They fell out at leicester and Allen got sacked.

Wednesday remind me of Leicester when they went down with mm as chairman. You guys are doomed to league 1 I feel.

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05 Dec 2013 14:05:11
Steve coppell I've herd on the list

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Coppell was interviewed on Tuesday for the Pompey job, that is no secret. He is amongst those supposedly short listed and invited back for a second interview down there today, either in partnership with Richie Barker or as DoF for whoever goes in as manager.

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Ssn SWFC page claims Ince is on the shortlist!!

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I love how nearly everyone disagreed with me but Pompey are to announce Barker as manager tomorrow with Coppell as DoF.

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And they just appointed him. Suppose you will disagree though.

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05 Dec 2013 13:58:31
We have been rumoured to be scouting Kidderminster striker Joe Lolley who has made the step up from non league to the Conference easily after, netting 7 from 16 so far after plundering 88 goals in 83 games for non league Littleton.

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Its true. wednesday are lookin at lolley, good little player too. get him for abt 100k

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Im an owl from kidderminster, and its being said lolley is on his way to peterboro for 500k. kiddy won't give players away. they wouldn't let jamille matt leave for less than 300k. and they got it from fleetwood

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05 Dec 2013 10:51:08
In the short list of managers are:
Di Canio

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Warnock is the stand out there.

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Warnock is useless. Been sacked from his last 2 jobs and can't handle a big club. We need a young manager not a pensioner playing long ball.

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Why is not Di Matteo on that list

Champions league winner / fa cup winner & got West Brom promotion to prem

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Don't want warnock, agree with above poster he is not the answer, need a young hungry manger, with fresh ideas, we need a winner, but if he does get the job I'll back him, because I support the team not the manager. UTO

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Why not Di Matteo? Because he's still on about £150K a week apparantly for "not" managing Chelsea, and presumably the shortlist has been drawn from those 59 applicants that applied for the job.

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MM says he wants an English/British manager with experience of the Championship, someone who can get immediate results and improvements. Carbone has never managed in UK let alone the Championship, Di Canio has not managed in the Championship and Pearce's main experience is with the England under 21s. So according to the post its got to be Warnock or it's the posters wish list.

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Thats a pretty rubbish shortlist if that's the case. Warnock, an older manager who couldn't motivate a fairly good Leeds team and with less tactical knowhow than DJ. Carbone, who has only managed at a couple of lower league Italian clubs hardly the grounding for managing in the championship. Di Canio, who if reports are correct bullied players at Sunderland and was always publicly critical of them. Also tactically suspect and judging from some of the players he has brought in this season not great at picking players either. And finally Pearce, he actually looks like the best of them, no real proven record at club level but didn't do too bad with the U21's until the tournament in Israel

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White fan in peace - don't choose Warnock, he'll destroy your club and it's dignity

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You put a post on here, a statement from MM that was played on Radio Sheffield and then analyse the contenders on the supposed short list stating a acutately their accomplishments and two twerps (up to now) disagree. Tomorrow is Friday are you going to disagree with that or is your disagreement intellectual sarcasm.

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Q, Why isn't Di Mateo on list, he has won the champions league. stop right there, there's your answer

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One isn't true at least as Paul ince and Stuart Gray are on the list

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This short list is getting longer! Wish people would give us a clue how they come to have such knowledge of the internal running's of our club, or if they simply think these names are on the list. Don't have a problem with people speculating just wish they would be honest about it. NB

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05 Dec 2013 08:49:47
Come on Milan give us Roland Nilsson.

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