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02 Jan 2014 21:01:49
Just read we are interested in Elliott Grandin from Palace. My question is does Stuart Gray have the job of making enquiries about new players now meaning he's got the job.

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Doesnt make any difference its paul aldridge who makes all the signings

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Doing the negotiations is different from deciding on the target. It was obviously Jones who decided on the transfers of his ex-players, although Aldridge carried out the business. In the absence of a permanent manager it makes sense for Gray to express his preferences. Interesting question.

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03 Jan 2014 09:00:42
Or Holloway's trying to get a palace old boy in for when he takes the job?

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Why would you pay 100k when his contracts up and you can get him on a free baisis

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02 Jan 2014 15:27:01
After yesterdays games against blackpool I spoke with connor wickham and his dad and connor said he don't want to leave wednesday

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Hope so! Could never afford his wages on perm deal though!

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The thing is he would be a massive investment as he would improve with us even if he cost us 3 mill in a year or 2 would be worth 10 plus. And I thought mm was a buisness man.

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Sunderland bought him for 8 we could never even come close to his valuation, especially when we can only sign players on 3 month contracts recently

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Just because he was bought for £8m that doesn't necessarily mean that's his worth now. Even now I reckon Sunderland would be both lucky and pleased to get 1/2 that back.
But he's just the sort of player the buying club can't really lose on, a potential asset, so if I were in MMs shoes I'd try to get him in and on the balance sheet if there's even half a chance.

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Even if MM prepared to put in extra funds, the FFP rules now in place could have an impact if we seen to overspend. Not 100% sure of penalties of this but potential transfer embargo, fine or points deduction.

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As good as Wickham is, if we could scrape 3or4 million it would be better spent buying 2 or 3 players who are considerably better than what we have. couldn't comprehend a club in our finacial position paying that kind of money for 1 player. What if he got seriously injured?

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Thats what insurance is for.

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Ah ah ah, mandaric buy wickham, yeah like that's going to happen.

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Insurance pays out if career ended etc, what about signing him then losing him for a long time thru injury? Leaves us in the sh#t! 2/3 players would be a better idea (doesnt matter because we avnt got any £££ tho).

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02 Jan 2014 10:44:59
Jack Collison on his way to Hillsborough on loan for the rest of the season.

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Thought he was on season long loan at Bournemouth?! Average if true!

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He played 4 games for Bournemouth 1 month loan only.

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Why? how much are they paying us to take him! eric the owl

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