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27 Oct 2013 12:34:21
Interesting conversation I've just had with my Hull mate who's mates with Fryatt is that he'd love to come back to us but says he probably won't be because MM will not stump up 55% of his wages what Hull want and they say he's been with us for free for this loan period!
He also says that several clubs want him on long term loan amongst them Notts Forest, Brighton, Leicester, Huddersfield and Leeds

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So your mate is a mate of Fryatt, and Fryatt discusses details of his moves with him. Yea right. Strange that Jones said on Saturday that he would be talking to Steve Bruce about extending his loan in next couple of days. With this wind it is a good day to fly a kite.

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It's all going to be too little - too late. We had a long Summer to refresh the squad and we have blown it. We're destined for the third tier of English football - let's admit it - Division 3 here we come. Kirkland is leaving in January and it will be downhill from thereonin. Mark my words.

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Why do players who put in a good performance one week get dropped the following week? This has happened several times this season. Surely if you play well you stay in the team.

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Dave jones needs to go quick we got some decent players here just need a right manager who will play them like Ian holloway
Buxton llera r. johnson reda
Antonio McCabe corry mcgomer
Fryatt nuhu

Give McCabe corry mcgomer a chance.

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Where in the world are you getting the idea that Kirky is leaving?

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What about McGuire? Never a smell of a chance!

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IMHO reda been shocking since becoming captain so I'd give mattock a go at left back

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Reda's not gud enough. Get court out far 2 much and can't play football. Fans only like him because he gives 100% and scores the odd goal.

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Who is McGomer?

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I'm sorry but reda is the biggest liability. When you get a half decent winger liker paddy McCourt or Chris burke running at him he is turned inside out and always ends up either getting beaten or fouling the player. I like him but where did all there attacks come from on satuurday? our left side

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We should Av got Mccourt when we were linked wiv him. If he's stayed on on Saturday there was a good chance we'de Av lost imo

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^^^ couldn't afford him

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Wish people would stop banging on about maguire, he's rubbish, he has had a chance and done nothing. amazing how players become better whilst sat on the bench.

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When unlike bothroyd has mcguire had a fair crack of he whip? uto

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Ffs how can anyone say Maguire is rubbish? How many full games has the bloke had. He usually gets a cameo appearance of about 10 mins. Jones said we were lucky to get him, well play him then. Irvine bought Heffernan an dint play him even though he looked useful when he came on. JJ is NOT a striker. Neva. has or never will be, so stop playin him as one. An the same applies to Antonio

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How do you know Maguire is rubbish, you must have been to matches that nobody else has. I have not missed a home game since Maguire joined and have been to most away games and have only seen him on a handful of occasions. He has never been given a consistent run in the team, Fryatt said "you can train every day and you feel great but when you get on the pitch you realise how far off the pace you are" His words not mine. Maguire has not played two consecutive games so what chance has he had of getting to the pace of his game. It has been the same with MaCabe, Corry, Madine and now Maghoma

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When he played on the right wing against Charlton he was terrific. He could control a ball, move into and create space beat a man and put in a good cross. Never played there again, why? There has to be reason why Antonio always plays 90 minutes if fit in my opinion!

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28 Oct 2013 21:46:14
SensibleOwl, Where in the world are you getting the idea that Kirky is leaving?

Honestly, I'd be surprised if we can hang onto him the way things are going. He hasn't got time to wait. And has one career.

I'm not the poster who you were replying to, fyi

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Fryatt staying till end November, bit of good news

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29 Oct 2013 12:22:49
Fryatt loan has extended till end of november

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Kirky has neither asked, nor in my opinion wants to leave Wednesday, he is enjoying his football, he enjoys playing with the team, and he is happy in Sheffield. Everyone knows that players play different in different teams, especially Keepers. If he was to change team he would have to wrestle with a new defence, and learn to control them, like he has with Wednesday, he is happy and enjoying his football, he won't leave. X

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27 Oct 2013 09:55:16
says on tv transfer page we have signed Olofinjana, he was with us for 6 weeks and didn't do too bad eric the owl

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Wake up Eric lad, he signed an played yesterday uto

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Sorry that should read sky tv transfers

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Didn't get back from work till this morning so missed it eric the owl

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27 Oct 2013 06:00:12
I don't know if many of you know but mm was one of the first company's that made Silican valley in america what it is today I've just got back from America and in the usa today paper in the airport it says Advanced micro devises are keen on the idea of investing but not a full takeover.

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Yes so wots that got to do with us sweet f. a that's wot mm as ad his fingers in a lot of pies over the years that's like saying I so terry curran at owls match with radio sheffield bet u will be saying he goingto be next manager

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Terry Curran - Wednesday Legend!

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Calm down big man. its a shame that a minority of so called wednesday fans slag each other off people you ain't even met if the players acted in same way you'd all be kickin off so things aren't going our way big deal its just a game try being a bit positive it hurts us all that our great club ain't doing the business

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Hoping I switch tv on at lunchtime and hear Dave Jones has been sacked

Come on Milan get rid

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2pm Monday just looked at Sly and Jones has not been sacked

Bottom of the league can't win a game

And before the Mandaric supporters club starts having a go, STOP
It's his club he is responsible for trusting Jones and letting him ruin this club and he needs to sort it out

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