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26 Nov 2013 21:56:27
Millan has had a loan from Gibraltar based company for 1.5 mill so he can pay bills &bring players in read star

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Yes. Here is the reality that we have to face up to. MM is not able or willing to put more of his own cash into the club so we are limping along as best we can until a buyer comes along. We can't afford to pay off DJ but in any case the real difference between top and bottom is spending power not the manager. Read Daniel Finkelstein if you want the statistics. On the plus side DJ and MM work well together and DJ accepts the big limitations he has to work under. MM and Ian Holloway would be a terrible partnership so I can't imagine it happening.

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What buyer is going to come along? We're not for sale. That is just Milans cover story. He needs to own a UK based business i. e SWFC for business reasons. Why do you think he's letting us go to the wall without putting up a fight or making changes? It's purely about ownership.

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Absolute rubbish. Why would MM let us go to the wall and loose lots of money just to have ownership of a UK business. New owners are coming but not before the transfer window that is why we are getting a loan to get some transfers in. MM willing to cover the day to day running costs i. e. existing wages and stadium costs but doesn't want to spend anymore on players in

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Absolute rubbish. Milan isn't paying for the day to day running of the club the fans are who turn out in there thousands week in week out. I too doubt very much that the club is for sale. Why is it Sheff Utd can find investment who at the time were in a lower league than us and in a worse financial state. The reason why is because they were actively looking for it. Milan needs a British based company on his cv and in this case it's Sheff Weds. He's a multimillionaire so the club just ticking over suits him fine. We know that he was lying when he said that we are losing 5 million a year, that was just a plea to the fans to try to show his commitment to the club and how hard things are for him. How can we be losing money like that when we are one of the biggest revenue spinners in the championship? Clubs with only half our revenue aren't recording such losses as ours. Also the rumors that came out about investment or the purchasing of the club from such consortiums as The Chinese one, The American one, The men from mars one, all came from the mouth of Milan. Where are they? On cloud cuckoo land that's where. Never existed.

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There is something very strange about the finances here altogether. I do not understand why, if we need short term money and are willing to use the ground as collateral, we have to borrow from such obscure sources rather than just borrow from the bank. Any suggestions?

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I've read some absolute garbage on this sight before but this takes the biscuit. A few questions to pose to you. 1) If he just needed a UK company why not buy one for far less than he paid for SWFC or simply set up a new company (doesn't have to cost much at all). 2) If he was just leting it tick over & didn't care why did he sack Megson? 3) What do you expect to hear about potential buyers before a deal is done, I don't recall seeing anything reported about SUFC getting a Suadi prince on board until it happened. Most takeovers are kept quite until they go through. I understand the frustration at our current state of affairs but don't just make garbage up to suite your argument, try and put some rationale thougt into it. Try reading some of PontyOwls posts to give you a clue how to do it.

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No chance from a bank

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Here Here. I totally agree. At last other people are now seeing the light. I've said it for months now, never was any investment or takeover being discussed and there never will be until the club is in such a state that Milan decides to move on to his next club. He almost ruined Leicester until he was bought out and don't even get me started on the state of Portsmouth.

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That just makes no sense at all. Why would mm run the club down in order to sell it. Some people on here need to engage their brains before posting. Also as far as I remember Portsmouth were doing fine whilst mm was in charge.

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Yes and now he's killing our club too. The only people that are still supporting him and Dave Jones are people that think it's right to back anything to do with SWFC. It doesn't make you a disloyal supporter just for admitting the truth that the club is in bad hands and facing the truth.

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So apparently MM's business plan is either spend a lot of money on a football club to have a UK business and then have a large outlay each month to pay some of the costs of such a large business (no matter what anyone says the money from the fans isn't enough to pay for everything). As someone above pointed out if all he wanted was a UK business then he could get a smaller one for much cheaper or even start up his own.
MM's other business plan is again to buy a football club spending a lot of money then get it promoted making it worth considerably more, then get it relegated again completely knackering the value of his investment if anything making it worth less than what he paid for it. If he was going to asset strip the club surely he would have done this a lot quicker, selling Madine when he was worth a bit for example and he wouldn't sanction signings like Kirkland if he wanted to save money. Yes things aren't great at the minute and I would like to see us doing better but I truely believe that investment or a takeover will happen soon. And just for the record I don't like DJ and never have before anyone labels me a deluded MM and DJ lover, his record in football is terrible and I don't trust a manager who doesn't move nearer to a club so he can be at training sessions.

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I think the loan MM got must be a short term loan to tie us over the Christmas period because we have four home matches in December and revenue from the shop for Christmas it will be a bumper month financially for us an MM.

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26 Nov 2013 12:06:32
The Mirror is reporting that Bruce wants to give Kirkland one last shot in the Premier League after previously having him at Wigan and being turned down by CK this summer because he wanted to repay Wednesday for giving him the chance to play regular football. Apparently he has a cheap buy clause in his contract. Looks like my prediction that we brought in another keeper on loan to cover for CK transfer in January has some credibility after all, especially after he was dropped by DJ recently to give the young lad a chance and gain some experience. I did think it would e Reading and not Hull mind, I don't begrudge the bloke a chance to get back to the Premier after his displays for us this season but he will be missed.

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I get the mirror it is not reporting hull want kirkland

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It was online, I was going to post a link but the story has now been pulled, I'm guessing it was wrong. It was along the lines of the fact that we have extended the loan deal of Martinez recently and dropped CK and quoted DJ saying how happy he was with how hard Martinez is pushing for first team football. It also mentioned the fact that Hull allowed us to keep Fryatt longer. Not sure if they were hinting that Hull did so to butter is up for a Jamuary deal for CK? Either way for some reason they pulled the story, so disregard the story and my post.

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27 Nov 2013 00:08:02
Just a quick follow up, I was going to post a link here to the article but it has now been taken down. Really weird. It was along the lines of CK previously snubbing interest from Hull in the last window to stay with us and linking the fact that Martinez extended his loan after impressing DJ, until at least the New Year. The fact that Hull allowed Fryatt to extend his loan was also mentioned, perhaps hinting that Hull sanctioned this as part of a deal to take CK the other way? I'm not sure. It looks like somebody at the paper made a mess of the story and it was utter rubbish and it has been pulled though, either that or they did a bit of digging and found out otherwise.

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Another Owls article taken down today, this time from Sheffield Telegraph asking if The Managers job is up for grabs? Link is still there but article won't open now!

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I'll have it!

I couldn't do a worse job that that muppet Jones is doing.

Also, Milan, I'll do it for half his pay!

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To the one who disagreed - how do you know I couldn't do a better job? You just want to carry on with the blind leading the blind?

Man management is what it's all about and Jones has none! Look at team selection and who's in favour (and for what reason)?

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Bigging yourself up?

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Man management isn't about pouncing on anybody who disagrees with you?

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