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25 Jan 2014 18:52:25
Stuart gray signs 2 and half yr deal all I can say is he deserves it. but looks like there's no takeover happing so Milan you need to back him and keep your promise of getting us back in the premier league.

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Maybe a take over is on going and that's why he's been appointed head coach and not manager. Any new owner may have said to do that so they can bring in their own man as director of football and some directors of football have lots of authorities and could over rule Gray in many things such as transfers, squad selection etc. Just a thought.

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Just seen fryatt's goals let's sign him up and please sign a good left back then we'll be fine.

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I agree with you that we need to sign fryatt. But fear Bruce may want to keep him at Hull. He says about fryatt on tv sport site he's been reminded today how good a player fryatt is. doesn't make it hopeful that the guy who has just scored 2 goals to put them into the 5th round, is going to be allowed to go out on loan. Now if Dave Jones was their manager I'd say we were in with a chance. Ogrady comes to mind. We can dream though. Good result today though even though against lowly opposition. Scoring goals without Wickham is a good sign. UTO.

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Yeah, Fryatt is starting to show what he can do at Hull, which means either he will stay or his price has increased beyond what we can afford

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Hull have just signed 2 international strikers, matty fryatt will be lucky to get on the bench, only played because other two were cup tied. I think we have a decent chance of getting him

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Hope so.

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The poster above is quite right, we desperately need a left back who can stay fit and behave reliably on the pitch.

High Green Owl

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25 Jan 2014 18:37:57
According to ssn, Gray has signed two-&-half year deal.

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As the title of Head Coach and not Manager with the view of a Director of Football coming in. Gray deserves the job. Not sure about DoF they never really work.

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Newcastle are doing ok

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Manager and Coach are different jobs. MM clearly not convinced that SG has the long-term vision to make a convincing manager even though he has shown everyone his coaching ability. I actually thought the delay was because MM was going to announce a DoF to work alongside SG but as another poster has commented, perhaps it is to keep flexibility for a new investor to put his mark on the team.

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25 Jan 2014 18:23:30

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25 Jan 2014 12:17:52
Jed McCrory former Swindon chairman in negotiation with consortium to take over owls

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Very much doubt any mileage in this one.
McCrory needed outside investment of only £1.2million as recently as last Feb. to get Swindon's transfer embargo lifted.
Be surprised if he's suddenly found £20million to invest in us?

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If there is a take over (big if) then surely it be foreign seen as he spends a lot of time out of the country?

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He trying to buy barsley

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He buy barsley do him?

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Who buy barsley? who!

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Phil Bardsley?

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