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13 Oct 2013 18:43:39
dont understand why people are getting so worried at the moment, probably got the best squad we ve had for years. are starting 11 is a fantastic team on paper that once performing to there full potential would be match for any of the top 6. yeah we haven't won a game in 10 but only lost 4 and had 6 draws its not like we are getting hammered every game. the moment things start to click we will be straight up there. but realistlcly what do we all expect of this season, challenging for promotion? i'd be happy with survival and nobody will agree but DJ still n charge.

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Every team would like to be challenging for promotion and I would be happy with survival to, what would be nice is if we didn't have to look at other teams scores to rely on our safety to stay up, I would like us to finish mid table instead of always around kin bottom alltime.

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not going to happen

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14 Oct 2013 16:54:15
The table doesn't lie and we are looking at a long winter ahead. I believe the manager has been treading water for a while now. His transfer record is poor, team organisation and motivation is weak and we have not progressed one jot since we drifted towards the end of last season - one win in 16 tells the story. It feels a bit like an old ocean liner out at sea with under-power engines, dodgy rudders, poor communications, a crew that don't know quite what to do and paying customers who are wondering what is going on. We need direction and action now to sort it.

Read this and see if you disagree I think it is a spot on assessment of our current situation

Captain Jones taking his ship down

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Lose the next two games and Jones will be gone. It's almost worth it.

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DJ is safe til Xmas. Then a new man will be in with money to spend to keep us up.

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Support the team not the manager

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Roland Nilsson in.

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13 Oct 2013 16:47:15
It says in the daily star on Sunday that Milan is wanting £25 million for us,, I thought he said £15 million I fear this is why we are not be sold as Milan long pockets is getting greedy.

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Don't believe anything printed inn The Daily Blah.

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Must be true if read in the daily Blah.

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Where have some of you lot been, 25 mil around what many championship teams are worth. 15 mill doesn't buy much at this level.

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The problem with a valuation on a club is that there is more to it than meets the eye. It is more detailed than the size (however you judge that) of a club. For example, we own a ground which is a bonus but in the same vein the ground is in need of complete renovation as it is a grand old dear and looking very rough in places, hardly any top modern grounds have supporting columns blocking the view, antiquated layouts and are backed in on all sides like ours. Whoever takes over needs to realistically look at rebuilding large parts, modernisation or at a push a full rebuild. That all costs major money. Then there s the value of the squad. Just how much is our current team really worth? Then there is the youth and reserve infrastructure and training facilities, what price would they command? How much will the future players and coaches be worth? How much needs to be spent to create a club that produces top level talent year in year out (something which MM has invested in to the dismay of some of you who want instant results). How much can a new investor command for sponsorship? How much is the club worth to the city? We are competing for shirt sales, youth talent and so on with another large club then the lesser teams like Donny and Rotherham.

Take all this into account and then look at it through the eyes of a money bags coming in and compare it to other clubs around us and how the club can be marketed. And I hate to say it but the tragedy that is linked forever with Hillsborough is something else that needs to be taken into account, especially with the ongoing investigations and possible future findings. Would a new owner want to put themselves into the centre of that? They would certainly have to consider it.

Now, what is the value of SWFC?

Not easy is it?

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The club is worth what ever someone is willing to pay

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13 Oct 2013 09:03:33
Has anything been said by the club about Madine yet. I've been looking at the site and doing searches on search engines but haven't seen anything but just wondering if I have missed something. The silence on this matter is getting a bit weird.

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You pick the Sheffield Star up and this players says that and another players says something else but Nothing Positive from Dave Jones

Players must wonder what on earth they have to do to get a game under him

He's brought players in but won't play them or plays them out of position

Milan show us your still alive and make a statement and stop taking us all for mugs

This is OUR team your messing with

Sell up and Go

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Agree, his statements have suddenly stopped, maybe were not his family anymore

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Not really what I asked. I asked if anyone had heard anything about what is happening with Madine

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In a nutshell, club have froze wages but not sacked him. His uncle reckons he'll be out, on a tag, in six months.

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Why bother about madine.

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Probably like myself just wondering what the club had to say about him as they have been very quiet on the matter.

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13 Oct 2013 08:41:03
A message to all the people on here saying MM out and DJ out. MM is trying to sell the club, I believe he could take us a bit further with the cash he has but he has decided he doesn't want to be chairman of a football club any longer and wants to enjoy retirement. DJ won't be leaving unless we start to lose loads of games in a row or he decides to walk himself. With takeover talks in progress MM won't sack him as he would have to pay compensation and the new owners won't change anything until they have full control of the club. One crumb of comfort I have heard is that DJ will be replaced as soon as the takeover is sealed regardless of if he somehow manages to win all the games till then. I for one cannot wait to see our team with a manager who can instill some self belief and enthusiasm into the players. I have said before that this squad we have now is as good as many of the mid table teams in the league we just need a decent manager in to sort us out

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Bit too much like when I was a kid and my mum would say "Wait while Christmas" for anything I wanted - even in February!

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I agree with the last part of your post.
We really are in need of someone that can inspire the team and even play players that DJ himself has brought to the club and given cameo roles.
Unfortunately if nothing changes it doesn't take a genius to predict we will be in league 1 next season.

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I agree that JONES should be sacked or asked to resign, but if he was a real man he would walk himself.
I personally would like it if someone/anyone would come out of the club structure and tell the fans the truth, about
a) the rumoured takeover
b) the true position of the manager
c) the alleged unrest in the dressing room
d) why certain players are played out of position instead of like minded players being left out. Is there personal problems between these players and the Manager?
e) the overall position of the running of the club and what is planned for the rest of the season.

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I agree Dj needs to go but if we put a new manager in place and then the takeover happens who's to say they won't get their own manager in so probably best we wait for takeover hope it happens soon

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Andy Saville to be interviewed for the job if and when DJ gets sacked

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