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16 Oct 2013 11:34:33
Ive hered a whisper that freddy shepherd is after buying an other club! Maybe maybe with shearer as our new manager.

super owls si

1.) I think a total fresh approach to how we are run is needed. We have taken 2 steps forward and 1 step back under Milan fresh ideas are desperately needed instead of old ideas from old time owners and managers like what were getting at the present time. Time for a total overhaul to help OUR club move forward.

2.) I do wonder if you are a fan of another team who has registered as an owls fan to annoy us as a lot of your statements like this one sound like bullpoo and have that hint of pork about them!

3.) Sheppard to take over and appoint Andy Saville as his manager

4.) Sorry but who the **** is this Andy Saville that someone keeps mentioning. The only thing I can find is a journeyman striker with no managerial experience who didn't really set the world alight with his playing career. As the poster above says this all smells a bit of pork

5.) Do you want Andy Savilles babies?

6.) Andy savilles blue & white Army.

7.) I actually remember Andy from his Barnsley days, I might be wrong but it was with Butler in goal, Machin as manager and so on. He was a decent player for the reds. Is he actually a manger somewhere in non league?

8.) Manager in Skrill I think

9.) He's got as much chance as Karl Rose being plucked from Frickley.



13 Oct 2013 16:47:15
It says in the daily star on Sunday that Milan is wanting £25 million for us,, I thought he said £15 million I fear this is why we are not be sold as Milan long pockets is getting greedy.

super owls si

1.) Don't believe anything printed inn The Daily Blah.

2.) Must be true if read in the daily Blah.

3.) Where have some of you lot been, 25 mil around what many championship teams are worth. 15 mill doesn't buy much at this level.

4.) The problem with a valuation on a club is that there is more to it than meets the eye. It is more detailed than the size (however you judge that) of a club. For example, we own a ground which is a bonus but in the same vein the ground is in need of complete renovation as it is a grand old dear and looking very rough in places, hardly any top modern grounds have supporting columns blocking the view, antiquated layouts and are backed in on all sides like ours. Whoever takes over needs to realistically look at rebuilding large parts, modernisation or at a push a full rebuild. That all costs major money. Then there s the value of the squad. Just how much is our current team really worth? Then there is the youth and reserve infrastructure and training facilities, what price would they command? How much will the future players and coaches be worth? How much needs to be spent to create a club that produces top level talent year in year out (something which MM has invested in to the dismay of some of you who want instant results). How much can a new investor command for sponsorship? How much is the club worth to the city? We are competing for shirt sales, youth talent and so on with another large club then the lesser teams like Donny and Rotherham.

Take all this into account and then look at it through the eyes of a money bags coming in and compare it to other clubs around us and how the club can be marketed. And I hate to say it but the tragedy that is linked forever with Hillsborough is something else that needs to be taken into account, especially with the ongoing investigations and possible future findings. Would a new owner want to put themselves into the centre of that? They would certainly have to consider it.

Now, what is the value of SWFC?

Not easy is it?

5.) The club is worth what ever someone is willing to pay



11 Oct 2013 10:42:57
It says in the Sheffield telegraph 3 players have rejected loan moves to us,, any ideas who it is??

super owls si

1.) They were for development squad probably

2.) Maguire is probably one of them, he's said as much in the Star yesterday and you can hazard a guess at the others.

3.) Sorry miss read that first post I had just read that Jones is moaning that some of our players refusing to go out on loan.

4.) Probably because of the treatment other loan players have had (and our own players) abuse through twitter (gary madine, Rhys McCabe, Jay Bothroyd) from our fans, who would want to come here and get abused?! Totally unacceptable from the minority of Wednesday fans

5.) 11 Oct 2013 17:13:00
Whats this all about another goalkeeper that's the last thing we want pathetic Mr C

6.) 11 Oct 2013 17:16:38
Weir gone why not Jones

7.) Exactly

Why are we still employing a useless manager

8.) All this talk about finances and Milan doing his best

The people that still support him will soon see what he is like

He doesn't give a monkeys about Wednesday ONLY his bank balance

We are sliding further backwards every week due to a manager who is totally out of his depth inept and clueless

Never mind supporting them enough is enough

Go now Milan don't forget your banner on the kop

9.) How can some fool disagree with my post " sorry I miss read the first post". Firstly I did MISS-READ the first post. Secondly if you can read look at the Star, Jones was moaning that players didn't want to go on loan. What is there to disagree with.

10.) Paul Walker says we are about to sign a PL goalkeeper. I am a missing something, we have the best goal keeper in the Championship but a crap midfield and we can't score goals, so Jones wants to sign a goalkeeper. The man is priceless, he's lost the plot but priceless.

11.) Yes but he may not be played as a goal keeper!

He could be used as a striker or a winger but he will have to take his turn at it being his fault when we lose

Not as daft as he looks our manager

12.) Perhaps Kirkland's wellbeing is in question again. Sincerely hope not because he is a good 'un and often all that stands between us and defeat. Do all that is necessary to keep him healthy and, above all, don't listen to any offers.

13.) Support the team not the manager

14.) What happens if CK gets crocked. He has a history of back spasms that could strike at any time. Also he needs competition. Lack of breeds complacency.

15.) Heard that Kirklands carrying an injury and needs an operation that will keep him out for a couple of months, he's having pain killing injections before matches.

16.) Why have the blunts beat us - in getting rid of their useless manager? Feel ashamed that they are doing something correct for once unlike us!



22 Sep 2013 19:46:08
Sorry can somebody explain to me how we are losing £5 million a year even throw we have a massive crowed and sell lots of merchendice never buy any one and get a little bit of money from tv payments. We don't have a big wage bill we don't spend millions. I think we are being lyed too I thank mm for saving us but it's time to come out and tell the true. My thoughts he don't care anymore.

super owls si

1.) It's like the so called potential buyers, the Chinese, The Americans etc. MM is full of wind and we're now beginning to see it.

2.) What I don't understand is how other teams can sell tickets for £10 and still have a better team then us

3.) 23 Sep 2013 07:13:43
So we are not getting Billy Blunt, we never were I suppose next or last whichever is Lita, or not there is no way what we have are going to get 10 goals a season, each not together although. We need a striker!

4.) I am going to keep saying this until you dreamers believe it

Milan Mandaric is a businessman first and last, does he care about Portsmouth or Leicester. NO

He is ONLY interested in Profit

He is the only person who can make things happen at Sheffield Wednesday

Yes we are grateful he bought us but now we are stalling, he has given Dave Jones money to spend and he has wasted it, Why buy players to sit on the bench?

Milan needs to make a decision sells us and go or sack Dave Jones and bring someone in who has passion and desire that can get us doing the business on the pitch

Until Milan makes a decision we the supporters will just keep paying good money into a club "supposedly" losing £5 million a year

Accountants are good with figures Milan

Wednesdayites are being taken for granted by Jones and Mandaric

5.) I am so bored of hearing how hard DJ and MM are working to get players in. Lingard and Macheda both come to the championship and we keep being told about our great relationship with Moyles. Obviously another lie! On top of that we had Taylor Fletcher and let him go. We are becomong a JOKE

6.) "supposedly" losing 5 mil? It would be a pretty easy lie to prove. I have looked at the accounts and it is in fact TRUE so nobody is lying! People bang on about our attendances but forget the majority is season tickets which have all been paid for & already included in the transfer/wage budget. We can't spend money we haven't got, unless we want to end up like Portsmouth, Rangers and the rest!

7.) So DiCaneo is now available! Why isn't it Jones?

8.) Get Paulo in, he`ll sort the slackers out

9.) It's lie after lie with MM and DJ. Trying hard for players? Where are they? Investors scrambling to get involved with us? Where are they? Losing 5 million a year? Where? We are now seeing through your lies so either put up or shut up!

10.) Oh right, I suppose mandaric invited you into the boardroom to discuss Wednesdays accounts. wuy do people post such drivel?

11.) Private business are always present their accounts and financial reports in a way that their accountants know how to satisfy customers which are the owners of the business. nothing new mates. It is all have been said, largest crowds in the league, good merchandise sale, food commisions, TV income etc etc and one of the lowest budget in the league to pay wages etc. If we still loose £5 millions then something seriously wrong running and controlling the club finance. It is very insulting to treat fans and their intellegence, who are most hardworking people and love their club, in this way. DI CANIO IS FREE THEN GO AND GET HIM MR MM PLEASE, we may need a change to get the best of those players who are most signed by DJ now and either on the bench or do not play well to make them work hard for their living, just like the most of us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PLEASE!

12.) No takeover no hope for us mm and dj do something now before it is to late
we going one way that is down the fans are best around just need a good team

13.) I am not at all happy with the current situation at Hillsborough and I wish it could be sorted out sooner rather than later. But reading some of the posts on here makes me realise how little people know about business. The person who said that accountants only presents company accounts in a way to suit the shareholders, knows precious little about accountants. Secondly, MM is trying to sell the club, if he could manipulate the accounts don't you think that he would show the club making a profit rather than a lost. That would make the club worth a lot more than a loss making business. I just wish people would engage their brains once in a while before they post rubbish.

14.) It is my understanding that the Chinese/American consortium have tabled an offer that matches MM's valuation of the club but he doesn't believe that the consortium have the money to take the club forward. There are three interested parties looking at the club, the Chinese/American consortium, a European/British consortium and an Arab consortium. I have been told that there are "Arabs all over the club" and that a deal in principle will be completed "soon". Jones will not be sacked until a deal is done, when the deal is complete the new owners will make a decision on his future and on future investment into the playing side of the club. Just keep the faith a bit longer.

15.) Football is a mixture of business and entertainment. The business side is managed by those that have invested their hard earned money to rescue, re-build and move the entity forward. The entertainment is provided by a group of individuals who are paid to perform at a certain level. MM has done a fantastic job to save a very poorly club. DJ had a limited budget to try and build a group of players good enough to be greater than the sum of their individual parts. He has (or had) faith on those players to perform to their potential. WE, as the paying audience, have a role to play in the overall success of the club. We have no rights, we just have an expectation that the club will be well run (financially stable) and the performers will perform on the day. We have one vital ingredient missing at the moment and that is confidence. you, me and the other 22,000 have our part to play in building that confidence. if we do that then things will improve. We have no other rights other than to spend our entertainment budgets elsewhere if we think we will get better value for money and more entertainment. If we give 100% support and encouragement on Saturday, I'll wager my season ticket that our entertainment will be better and our entertainers will perform better. let's just get behind our club (look at the Rangers fans and the dire straits they were in)

16.) Exactly what i'm saying, something isn't right. I'm now beginning to believe other people when they say it's all lies. MM is now living off the fact that he came in and bought is when he did and for that we are thankful but that doesn't mean that we can't criticize him when we see him running the club badly or making wrong decisions. We only have his word for it that the club was in a worse state when he took over but I tell you what, the atmosphere around the place was a million times better, the togetherness of the squad was a million times better and so were the results. It's gone from bad to worse.

17.) Dave Jones says we where "Milky" at Birmingham


Sorry it's gone sour and curdled so off you go and milk some other club

18.) A sensible analysis of the business/entertainment model.
However, you got one bit wrong. We the supporters have no rights.

We pay our money to be entertained. If we are disappointed, we cannot ask for our money back.
So we either repeat ad nauseum, or we stop paying.
The business will respond accordingly.

Fred (who first saw Wednesday in 1961 - a good year)

19.) Spot on to the poster who describes the difference between the business and entertainment sides. We need a dose of reality in some of the opinions expressed here. Of course, if the negs want to band together and put up the money to buy MM out and then fund the pay off of DJ, the hiring of a new manager and the replacement of large chunks of the squad, that would be great. Until then, let's keep it real!

20.) To the poster who said DJ brought in players that he had faith in to do a job. Well wot about Maguire, Rodri, Pecnic, an Mcabe. He certainly ain't shown in faith in them. He hardly played, or plays any of em!

21.) No takeover

22.) Maybe DJ's Milky comment was with regards to the movie.

23.) Lets not get Di Canio as most of is players rebelled against him and although he was a quality player he's a nutter. Surely DJ deserves more time. I know its bad but this is a tough league and many teams who have started this bad have still got promoted (im not saying we'll get promoted btw). I hope the birmingham result opens his eyes and he makes some changes. Llera, McCabe, Maguire in to the team. Freshen it up DJ.

24.) People need to get of the "sack DJ" bandwagon. The guy got us up from League 1 and we were close to finishing top half last year (only 3 points of 10th). He hasn't really been backed this season financially and that is probably why he offered everyone a new deal and the end of last season knowing he couldn't get better. let's stick with him and support the team. Obviously we all need to be realists and if we were to lose at Donny then the pressure would grow but we've had a lot worse managers than Jones tbf.

25.) 23 Sep 2013 22:56:45
In a normal business if a company was performing poorly and the management wasn't using people in their strongest roles, the manager would get sacked as it would be their fault. If a player has a preferred position then common sense must sure prevail to use said player in that position. Why DJ insists of not playing a striker is quite baffling. Poor management needs rectifying

26.) I worry that people want instant success. I remember when QPR came en mass to Hillsborough, when they won promotion from League One. They went into the Championship with all the fire of a push for the big league, and look how long it took them.

Support our lads and were half way there

27.) We ARE losing a vast amount of money a season. Whether it's £5m I don't know but I do know that the running costs and maintainance of keeping out old lady stadium are astronomical.

The pitch has struggled to take each year since the flood. Parts of the ground are near deralict. Water pipes and electric cables need maintainance daily.
You have the wages of everyone that works to maintain it and contractors costs.
The scoreboard breaks all the time.

And to top it all off we have to pay astronomical cost for policing at games

28.) The poster who says we should get off DJ's back because he has not been backed should just look at his signing record to date. Mattock, Lee, Taylor, Corry, McCabe, Rodri, Pecnic, Mayer, Magoma, plus several players that have been signed and have gone into the development squad have all been signed since the end of our promotion season. Only one of those mentioned, Magoma got on the pitch last Saturday. When we won promotion we had a good team and the fact that we won automatic promotion proves that. If Jones had spent the money he was given on three or four quality players instead of eight of the players mentioned that he doesn't play we would not be in this position now. The problem with Jones, having listened to him on radio is his arrogance, he believes he is right no matter and if things don't go his way it is not his fault.



14 Sep 2013 09:01:40
Well Matty fryatt as been told to go out on loan. I think it would be worth a punt.

super owls si

1.) Agree he would be a good signing but I think lita is well on his way to Hillsborough and as for Billy don't think its going to happen

2.) More possession than us more shots on target than us and 1 player less than us, a tortuous season looms

3.) Dear Ed, let me star this debate please: This is in no way a reaction to today's results, only reflects the reality of our club and the standard of our players. We faced a team has not won yet, 10 men and a dismal second half display. Simply because we don't have somebody tp put the ball in the net and no other one can creat or assist in scoring! By the way O'Grady scored again, just what he did for us in the start of last season before keeping on the bench. NOW we are desperate for someone like, but we let him go for whatever the wrong reason, MM or DJ may have personal differences which makes the club comes second in their priority. This is just an example how our club is being run now, one of the lowest budget in the league with no decent effective good number of players in the team. I said it before and I'm saying it again
It is very disappointing and frustrating situation that we the fans are not recognised for our good support. The worst even we are always asked by MM and DJ to be patient. It is a long hard season ahead with no proper investment in good players.

4.) They won on the first day of the season, are you not bored yet?

5.) Signed centre back George Swan on loan from man city, meant to be a good and upcoming talent for dev sqaud, shame we can't sign anyone for the first team!

6.) Yeovil have won, they beat Millwall, we were rubbish, from the start the game, the crowd it was like the last game before Christmas. Cannot see how without creativity in midfield and a half decent striker we are going to have anything other than a struggle all season. By the way I am a fan of Dave Jones but HIS players are letting us down.

7.) MM must feel like a rabbit in the headlights. Fair enough we appreciate him helping us during our hour of need the the job at this level is simply way too big for him. We need a take over from someone that's got the drive and the wealth to back it up and we need it NOW before we end up back in league one with even less revenue coming in which means even worse players being brought in.

8.) Yes, wouldn't it be great if a fabulously wealthy non-megalomaniac WTID decided to hand over all his money so we can buy a new team! In the meantime let's get behind what we have got because like it or not this is our team.

9.) Is that the same O'Grady who scored 6 goals? Just what we need then.

10.) 1 win in 12 against a team who had put their feet up. top manager that Fat Jones bloke.

11.) I agree O'Grady was and is good enough for this league, his scoring record shows that (Barnsley manager said today that he is his best player). OK we let go for an unexplained reason but not only that we haven't replaced him like for like either. The club interest should be above anyone else's personal differences. Where are we going from here, please somebody tell me?

12.) Today was disappointing but we are only 3 players away from having a decent team in this league. CB, CM, CF. Were not going to set the championship alight this season but its only 6 games in. We were shocking up until new years last season.

13.) Dj out this is the worst football I have see for years we are more than 3 players away and a new manager needed now

14.) Creative mid-fielder and a striker

15.) I keep reading on here that we need to get behind the team and back the manager, I have to ask were you not at Hillsborough yesterday, over 22,000 Wednesday fans (the biggest game in the Championship) were behind the team when we kicked off and then we were treated to one of the worst performances I have seen for a long time, even worse than the games between Rotherham, Burnley and Millwall, we were shaky at the back, over run in midfield and non existent in attack. It looked in the second half that we were playing with 10 men instead of them. People keep saying we don’t have the biggest budget but I would bet a pound to a penny that it is bigger than Yeovil’s but they played like a team and they made us look dreadful. They played far better than we did, they knew were each player was and passed the ball to them, they ran for each other and harried us and they deserved at least the point they got and on the day were far better than us in every department. Jones has been in charge for 18 months now and in that time he has brought to the club 30 players either on loan or signed permanently and Kirkland and Gardner apart, the rest like Maguire, McCabe, Corry, Magoma, Taylor, Zayatte not to mention Bothroyd, Sidibe and the rest have been at best a let down and at worst downright awful, yesterday there was no cohesion, method or tactics, they played like eleven strangers, we hoofed the ball anywhere, usually to a Yeovil player and they passed the ball around us.

I can forgive a lot but I can’t forgive the lack of effort and enthusiasm that was evident yesterday, the players on the pitch yesterday are much better than that performance so question has be asked as Jones lost the dressing room because nobody seem to want to play for him or the shirt yesterday.

I await to be called negative, I think it is the only word some posters can spell.

16.) Well said. I am a fan of Jones but he can't seem to motivate his players. Megson instilled what it means to wear the shirt but without the play. Jones/Gray really need to look at the team & get rid of the players with no heart,

17.) How can you criticise maghoma. the guy has hardly kicked a ball for us. maguire, mccabe an Corry have never been given a run of games. also maghama picked up an injury early doors. otherwise your post is accurate. mik

18.) Maghoma looked lively in the 10 minutes he had there was only jj showing passion Antonio/helan need dropping

19.) Please get Antonio back on the wing-hes almost invisible whilst playing as a striker

20.) This isn't a rumour: Yeovil had the majority of the possession in the second half playing with ten men.

21.) Mik, I said that the players brought in by Jones with exception of Kikland and Gardner have been at best disappointing and at worst awful and I stand by that. Whether those players are disappointing or awful is the fault of the player or how they are being handled and managed is the crux of my argument because I also said that the players at the club are better than the performances. Jones prides himself on getting the best out of players but apart from the end of our promotion season I haven't seen it and on yesterdays performance it is evident they are not playing for him.

22.) Well its the fault of the manager in the case of the players I mentioned. they've hardly bin given a chance so its hard to judge em if we've rarely seen em. mik

23.) Lita is not coming to hillsborough said on his twitter "it's not an option"




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26 Oct 2013 16:32:43
Am I missing something here on the banter bit people saying how rubbish we was I take it they didn't go I thought we played well and the real fans who was there with me thought we played well. Barnsley 48 per cent of the ball Wednesday 52 percent Barnsley 2 shots on target Wednesday 4 and we should have had a penalty it was bad referring again you carnt fault the the lads today. And any real fan knows form doesn't matter in a local derby match. Proud owl today

super owls si

1.) Are u takin the p--- I was there an the 1st half we were total garbage. Yes we were better in 2nd half an yes we should Av ad a penalty, but if you are pleased with that performance you are very disallusioned. You are either very young an can't remember the great players we Av had in the past or are easily satisfied with wot you call football. Anyone who enjoys our style of fooball must be easily satisfied. I've watched us since 1955 an believe me we are rubbish. mik

2.) We were terrible for 60 mins. all this talk of you can't fault the lads is utter garbage. no one in the first half could pass to a teammate. we improved after the goal and should have won in the end but those with the blinkered view that were going to be safe with jones in charge are as crazy as their beloved daves tactics.

3.) For an hour we always second best and passing awful

The fans singing "You don't know what your doing" were absolutely spot on

This Manager is clueless he has lost his way and needs putting out of his misery

4.) Thought the problem was Barnsley worked like Trojans, closed us down quickly, didn't let us settle. It was unlikely they were going to keep that up for 90 minutes and we managed to get back in the game and could have won it with a bit more luck.
However, a great manager once said you have to EARN the right to play. Mr Jones clearly hadn't impressed that upon his team as much as Mr Flitcroft did. JR

5.) Think you hit the nail on the head there mik, some of our supporters haven't been lucky enough to see the quality of players Grace our pitch, players who wore the shirt with real pride and gave 100% in every game they played in, the sad fact is I don't think I will ever see it again in my life time but hopefully our younger supporters will get to see a proper Wednesday squad that fights for every ball truly loves the club and its supporters like the players of old, players that had real quality and were a joy to watch. wtid

6.) Thanx 4 that m8. Mo I don't think i'l see it in my lifetime either. let's ope the development and academy come good. However I feel the worst if we play the same style. That went out with Wimbledon. uto. mik



25 Oct 2013 21:05:41
Ticket ready shirt out ready. come you owls 2. 1 Wednesday first win of the season.

super owls si

1.) Amen to that! I think we will sneak a win too.


2.) Barnsley 0 super Owls 3
Johnson 2 Fryatt 1

Half time 0-2



24 Oct 2013 09:40:26
Says in the star that mm doesn't think the Chinese takeover is going to happen there's a shock and it also say he stay committed to doing the best for the club if true get rid of jones then. Also says he trying to get 3 players in ha it will be for the development squad

super owls si

1.) He said two or three players in that means two and a defensive midfielder so you no that's that old man who as been training with us and guess what another goalkeeper lol what a joke. We are

2.) Your a joke.
Even when the chips are down, calling your own club a joke is pathetic.
Either your a Blunt, or grow some.

3.) Sick of reading/hearing about how much all you so called fans hate MM and want him to go. Is it just me that is thankful that he came in and steadied the ship, bought a few players, got us up into one of the most watched leagues in the world and made us an attractive club for investment again? So what if he wants to make a profit for his troubles, he isn't a fan he's a business man and I don't begrudge the bloke for making a few quid out of turning us around (or at least stopping the decline). You all should be properly ashamed of yourselves, you're an embarrassment to our great club and truly are fickle. How many managers, coaches, chairmen, directors have come and gone? How many of them did you sing for from the stands (if you even go to games) and how many of them did you then turn on? At some point you have to wake up and realise that we have it better now than in the past decade or more, we are financially viable, capable of staying in this league, in no danger of going into administration again and are attractive to money men looking to take the club on to the next level. But then again, you will all sing the new owners praises as your new messiah, chant the new managers name as god then start this silly circle all over again when we begin to have a bit of a struggle in the league.

I for one am thankful to MM and I believe we can play our way out of the relegation zone. Know why? Because Sheffield Wednesday are my team and ill support them through thick and thin, regardless of who is in charge! We can win this weekend! We WILL win this weekend! Get behind the team you pillocks! Support the team not the owner/manager!


4.) ^^^ Well said that man! 100% in agreement with you! WTID!

5.) Totally agree with above post well said WAWAW

6.) Don't worry lad`s we are very much in the majority. All the neg`s on here want everything today, won't wait like spoilt kid`s, it will be ok remember these thing`s take time! WAWAW

7.) Well said, it great to hear from some of out proper fans not the doom and gloom merchants that seem to post vile un-wanted personic comments, I for one have nothing but praise for mm and give nothing but total support to my beloved club wtid



22 Oct 2013 11:43:08
Anybody fancy going to hillsbrough and standing out side the kop with some banners to see if mm will tell us the truth about the takeover and to see why dave jones asnt been sacked yet I've known mm to sack mangers for a lot less

super owls si

1.) Great idea Si.
Make the banners and we will see you there.

2.) Assuming that the takeover is under discussion, it is unreasonable to expect Mandaric to discuss openly what is a very delicate negotiation. I too feel the frustration and impatience of not knowing our future, but if MM were to publish details before arrangements are secure, the potential buyers would regard that as a serious breach of confidence. No basis for sound business.



10 Oct 2013 09:32:12
Please tell me Iam hearing things I've just got of the train in Leeds and a group of people was on about Peter risdale and somebody else trying to buy Wednesday. Please tell me I was hearing things.

super owls si

1.) If your going to tell Porkies at least make them feasable.

2.) Ignore the poster, he's jumpin on bandwagon about Ridsdale, who is banned from football

3.) 10 Oct 2013 15:46:47
what a load of rubbish unless he is American or Chinese which I think he is neither.




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Thank god chopra is of to blackpool. what's this I here about jon stead please also don't be true

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