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11 Dec 2013 14:41:30
Holloway is the latest manager to turn down the club. Mm frustrated and set to appoint gray until end of season.

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Going down then! Useless MM!

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That I can believe he'll give it gray just so he doesn't have to give any transfer money to a new manager, wish he would hurry up and sell up.

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11 Dec 2013 15:27:38
Alex mcleish at club now b done deal by end of day

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Hollaway latest manager refused? whos the othere? apart from warnock that was mm doing anyways. >? uto xxx

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Really hope not maccliesh, he's not right all. Di canio, Pearce and gray better options by far.
Love the club and have supported loads of managers I wouldn't have picked, so will be there no matter what.

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11 Dec 2013 18:06:56
I really do hope not he is more useless than DJ we need as maher in that's got fight new ideas and passion

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11 Dec 2013 18:09:13
Sorry manager blumin predictive txt

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12 Dec 2013 00:03:04
MacLeish new manager I we'll could av been worse good luck

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Please not mcleish

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What? ^^^^

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Why do most people believe holloway will keep us up, he couldn't keep leicester up in 2008, whoever the manager is, I hope we all get behind him and show our support


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My "what?" comment was aimed at the "MacLeish new manager I we'll could av been worse good luck" comment by the way, just to clear that up. I just don't know what that comment is meant to be saying.

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I hope Gray gets the job I backed him at 40-1!

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MM waiting to see if certain Premier managers get the boot and he will go for them. Usual for PL clubs to get rid of manager if not happy just prior to transfer window. Allardyce is obvious one but others possible too.

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Don't want alladyce an all his dozen or so of his so called specialists

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12 Dec 2013 17:57:57
answer me this if we were taken over by someone would they have Gray as manager, the answer is no because he is a number two at best, so after another weekend of we played quiet well but lost again, please mm get us a good manager signed up Mr. C

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Allardyce would be perfect if we could afford him but we can't, he's had experience in relegation fights and come out on top more times than not, but like I said earlier whoever gets the job I hope we all support him and our club


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MM says he wants a winner so that should rule MacLeish out. Think Alladyce is past his sell buy date.

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You all wanted jones out, an are now blaming mandaric people are turning job down?! makes no sense jones was in a job because that was best option we had

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If Allardyce is is the answer it must Av bin a stupid question. Like a previous poster said, he's past his sell by date

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12 Dec 2013 22:43:46
ur all wrong suart gray has got the job

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Holloway would be my first choice baring that maybe Phelan or Appleton. Purely for the fact that we can't go out and get the best players so decent coaches to get the best out of what we've got.

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Why leave a stable good team at west ham to manage us? uto xxx

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All MM does is buy clubs dirt cheap to sell on at a profit. He will sell to anyone if they offer him a profit. He does not care about the club
He is a mercernery.

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11 Dec 2013 12:52:11
Change of topic. does anyone know if we're trying to bring fryatt back? Also what's happening with Madine and the club haven't heard anything for sometime. Thanks

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Nothing can be done about Fryatt until January, however Fryatt was an unused sub at the weekend so I don't think he coming back unless things change at Hull.

Madine will be out of jail in eight weeks and he is still a Wednesday player. The new manager will make what to do next, Madine's contract runs until the summer.

It was said by S Gray at the weekend that there was a lot going on behind the scenes at the club make of that what you want. Let's make one point, MM has been critisied on here for talking up a take over but I can find no evidence of that, he has said very little. Most of the rumours have come from the press and on boards like this. It's the same with names on the supposed manager short list only the name of Warnock has come from the club and that was after MM and NW had agreed that it wouldn't work. So until there is something concrete I don't think we will really know what is going on.

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Says in the Daily Fail today that Bruce wants to bring in two strikers in the January transfer window so I wonder where that leave Fryatt.

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