26 Nov 2015 14:49:41
Will Marsh, attacking midfield player, signed on loan from Liverpool.

1.) 27 Nov 2015
27 Nov 2015 20:25:22
Should be good hopefully but if we're loaning out of there academy get Allan young brazilan kid he's the next big thing coming through there ranks.

2.) 07 Dec 2015
07 Dec 2015 15:44:58
Rumours of a new ground doing the rounds again. Even a workmate from Nottingham said he'd heard about it. Apparently 2 sites nearer to the town centre have been earmarked making access easier in the hope of attracting more fans.

3.) 08 Dec 2015
08 Dec 2015 18:57:15
who on earth would spend 1 million on a new pitch and however many £ on the screen and surrounding area of pitch if they was gunna up and move somewhere else. I think this is someone trying to play tricks and wind us up. UTO.

4.) 08 Dec 2015
08 Dec 2015 22:39:27
Maybe if we filled Hillsborough on a regular basis.

5.) 09 Dec 2015
09 Dec 2015 07:45:46
Logical place is 96 acre site on Shepcote Lane - derelict and right at side of motorway plus plenty of room to park.

6.) 09 Dec 2015
09 Dec 2015 13:22:03
That would be excellent for the residents of Tinsley and away fans.

7.) 09 Dec 2015
09 Dec 2015 20:38:59
Well I'm only going by what I've been hearing. True or not that's what's being said. Someone even said it on talk sport last Friday and that it's rumored to be happening in about 3 or 4 years time.