11 Sep 2015 08:49:33
According to Football League World, Wednesday are considering taking Chelsea midfielder, John Swift, on loan. He had an unsuccessful four games with Rotherham last year but then had a successful loan spell with Swindon.

1.) 11 Sep 2015
11 Sep 2015 11:56:39
My reply to that is well he can't hack it in championship but he can in league one we don't need midfielders

2.) 11 Sep 2015
11 Sep 2015 17:23:22
We shouldn't really need anyone. We have signed enough new players in all positions, if we are going to sign 'better' players why the kid in a sweetie shop approach.

We've signed three strikers, yet still 'desperate' to sign the right one. So, let's stop signing the wrong ones then?

3.) 12 Sep 2015
12 Sep 2015 09:27:54
If it was a problem in midfield I would take a punt on Kevin Nolan (free agent)
but really we need Jordan Rhodes if we are going to splash the cash
young than McCormack and better score rate.

Jaro is the future one to watch for me going to be worth more money as he progress,s in the championship.

4.) 12 Sep 2015
12 Sep 2015 10:40:29
What we've got now is a very balanced squad. CC saiD himself "a player we bought has changed postion to the one we bought him for, we've been missing someone between midfield and attack" I recon we gunna now play 4-1DM-3M-1AM-1CF obviously of those 3M two are wide attacking roles matias and Wallace summat like that. With Lucas on his own with forestieri support in AM role to me that's reading between lines what CC said it fills that role without changing too much of the current dinamic we use.

5.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 10:27:11
None of the above names mentioned will be coming here to work under CC because at this rate he'll soon be down the road. I can't help but think how well we would be doing had a good manager been brought in and given the funds that CC's spent.

6.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 11:03:58
Can't see Mr. Chansiri putting up with this for much longer. He's invested a lot of money, which has been ill spent, for virtually no return. The two major culprits seem to be Messers Roeder who appears to buy just for the fun of it and Carlos the Jackal who does not understand English Championship football.

7.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 12:12:16
Forget the striker for now . its more important we sign a new manager before we drift too far apart from the top.

8.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 12:20:00
I agree Strad wasted loads of money on average (at best)players, we have one of the biggest squads in the championship and would struggle to win even if we played all 29 in the same match new manager badly needed.

9.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 16:20:34
The defence has got weaker each game we have played. Heard quite a bit of unease in players and team spirit which was so strong has started to falter. It was inevitable we would struggle you can not appoint two serial failures in management and expect to produce a winning team. Chansiri will be reluctant to admit he has dropped a real clanger in management selection but the quicker he removes current incumbents the sooner recovery will begin. It would be a bonus if he got rid of Bullen as well as he was always weak link of previous coaching set up.

10.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 20:21:16
You guys hit the nail on the head! We should clean house now and just fire everyone and start from scratch. Oh and let me ask you this if we just start firing people before they really have a chance to do anything exactly who do you think is going to want to come here and I'm talking players and staff. So we get rid of everyone and then what? You people are unbelievable.

11.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 22:25:25
Same old same old panic kicks in look at our team man for man it's stronger than last season get a grip guys. Derby aren't performing yet they a promotion contender. It's the start of the season for crying out loud. American owl seems to always have his head screwed on (I'm hoping the above comment was sarcastic American!! Lol) c'mon guys be realistic we are not gunna get promoted this season of table I'll be happy. So far get these new players championship experience we are a gunna get relegated then excitement kicks in more next year. Trust me. We are expecting too much too soon UTO!!

12.) 13 Sep 2015
13 Sep 2015 23:12:19
Maybe we need to see if Milan can buy the team back then atleast our expectations would be back to mediocre and we wouldn't have anything to complain about.

13.) 14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015 04:27:17
I get it everyone expected more and havnt gotten it but we've been saying it for weeks now to just have a little patience.

14.) 14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015 08:03:50
I agree with you 🇨🇦, but at the same time, CC's philosophy, formations, style and tactics may work in other leagues, but it sure ain't working in the championship.

15.) 14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015 11:15:54
Our goal tall average is one a game, just like the past two years.
There are ten teams in the Champs with a better strike force at the moment. They know if they score they get something out of the game. Most of the other teams average a goal a game,so figure it out for yourselves.Lots of losses and draws.
Our Captain is on a one deal! most of the others are 3 and 4 year contractys, CC does not know who to play at right back, the number 1 goalkeeper is still injured 15% with
of the season gone, and it looks like he decided two weeks ago he needed a new left back. These are reasons we are leaking goals. plus last year we were set up defensively. This time we have told the world how we intend to play differently before the season started, and without the firepower to do so. let's see what happens when by Xmas we are on 20 something points, and it hits the fan.
Roeder and company will be ducking and weaving, CC will be safe until then, but any sense of a relegation scrap the he's a goner before the new year.
You can play what you like or who you like but goals win games, we have not done that convincingly since we brought in on loan Prem players. Just for the record we do not have time to play around any more if they mean business with promotion for the 150th Anniversary.
My feeling is we will get one or two big named strikers in on loan and rapid.

16.) 14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015 11:21:49
It's not working . YET! Only one? I have why didn't matias start he's scored 2 in 2 that's my only question lol. American owl seems only one speaking since just have patience guys people are jumping the gun just cause we've signed 15 doesn't mean it's going to happen over night 2 years in the plan 1 year to consolidate and 1 year to push on. We are introducinga few unknown to the championship give them some time etc watch next year we will be a force!!!!

17.) 14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015 11:24:31
Also my above comment should say WE ARE NOT GUNNA GET RELEGATED!! Stupid phone didn't mean to type it wrong.

18.) 15 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015 00:38:12
All I'm saying is torment yourselves all you want and complain about this and that but it's not going to do any good. These things take time and if it doesn't work out there will not be a change for a while. Chansiri is most likely not going to change a whole lot especially 6 games into the season. New players new system and so on and so on and so on. So just ride along and see what happens or be a fair weather fan and bail. But everyone is entitled to your own opinion but if your going to come on here and spout off a bunch of panic crap expect to get some backlash.

19.) 15 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015 03:43:21
I don't believe we are relegation fodder I mean I suppose anything is possible but I don't believe that is going to happen.

20.) 15 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015 09:28:25
I agree completely American owl sorry mate I might be reading wrong but I'm not disagreeing with you I'm trying to sort of mimic what your saying but in my own words lol I few miss types on my iPhone and it's changed the sentence completely lol. Too judge the team so soon is wrong I agree in giving time. This year consolidate the next push on. We are not going to get relegated at all. I'm glad American owl is saying the same as myself more people need to be more realistic. UTO

21.) 15 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015 11:47:15
Well said AmOwl, just keep telling it how it is!
I'm afraid that just a minority of our fans are symptomatic of todays society in general? - For them its all about "me" and "now"!

22.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 00:44:24
For all the Football Dinosaur's
Tonight was yet again another good reason why we need two strikers and rapid. These things take time, you have to be patient,wait and see, they have to jell, as some keep saying, please do me a favour get real and say something remotely concerning football for a change. I can tell you one thing that's not the speak at the end of a game these days.
He still doesn't know who to play at right back, I think he's found his left back,as suspected in my last post our Captains days could be numbered in terms first choice C/B, and you can get ready for several more draws and losses.
I said earlier Stevie May was a goner and would not get in the dug out, on that occasion the do nothing, think nothing, say nothing dinosaurs were out in force protecting the theory that if you post, make sure you don't talk or think football,and to avoid all statements that would appear not to be waving the blue and white flag, and supporting the latest feel good story. Looking to fall in line with the latest cheerleader who sees nothing, says nothing, writes nothing of any reference to football played by the mighty Owls. For Gods sake think for yourselves.
Telling it as it is would be fine if it was remotely accurate, but give us all a clue as to what you are so against, before the flag comes out again and the cheerleader kicks off with all the delightful elegance of a B Movie script, but not really. The backlash felt like a bad beating with a damp lettuce leaf at ten paces. So keep it civil and refute what's been said not try to refuse the right of a person to make their point. The team incidentally will come good, but please don't keep saying 2016/17, and that's the optimistic ones.

23.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 11:03:48
Nurse. Nurse. NURSE

24.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 11:40:16
Hi Brghton Owl

Is this the Elvis come album.

Or just a random moment of madness.

25.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 15:13:27
Think we could do with a striker,who couldn't? No need to all the doom and gloom,I went to Bolton game and we played fairly good,should have scored 3 goals,matias missed a sitter and others shot when should have passed,but winning ball back,attacking straight away and creating chances were all there,once our current strikers gel and all that we will be top 8 I believe,not ready to promotion yet,but on the right track.

26.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 17:57:33
Terry Dactyl here, one of the football dinosaurs? (-keeping it civil?)
Like a stuck record I'll repeat the same old tired (common sense?) message, worded slightly differently, but I guess it will still not be recognised by the members of the "now" brigade.
We have a new coach and 15 new players, it will take time and we do have time.
We have waited 20yrs just to be able to be justifiably optimistic again, what's another few weeks/months? We are making good progress!
Football wise - We can all see the problem is converting chances and scoring goals, so sorry no observation points to you for that! Defensive errors will always happen, you can only work hard to try to reduce them. The constructive and creative side of our game is coming together I believe. Admittedly, I would play differently, pick other players perhaps, if I were the coach, but like you I'm not!
The Chairman has very publicly set the target and he will do his very best to get us there, but I'm sure all sensible fans recognise that there are no guarantees in football, the last two games are good examples the best side didn't win!
I'm sure he will do whatever needs to be done, because at the end of the day, regardless of what we think is needed, he is the only one that can do anything. But if he chooses not to spend loads more of his money on what the fans want him to, then the fans will have to either live with that, or go and support another club that promises the instant success they believe they are entitled to.

27.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 18:38:36
You have described perfectly why we need a striker
Three more goals in 7 games played, two points from second place.
The other option is do nothing leave it as it is, one point from bottom three.
There's no panic though this season is just a dry run for 2016/17 or maybe 2017/18 no rush. If that's good enough for the dynamic faithful so be it.

28.) 16 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015 22:18:57
Like I said South we all know what we need! But what we also need is patience, understanding, and a grasp of reality.
Those "dynamic faithful" fans who understand what they are watching, fully appreciate where we are in football terms, the quality of the current squad and what is and isn't achievable, and where we are in our development. There is still work to do, a lot, but work takes time.
Whether you and others like it or not, its one step at a time, and the Chairman has already spent nearly £10m on the team in just weeks, that's a massive first step in anybody's book!
I've said all that's worth me saying on this thread, so its sign off from me, I'm out!
But I'm sure the patient, supportive, "dynamic faithful" you refer to, would like to hear your alternative solution to how you propose to obtain all these wonderful goalscoring players that you crave? Because we are all under the misguided illusion that we will have to wait for the Chairman to solve the problem by spending more of his millions? But if you know another way?

29.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 01:16:31

You remember the previous guy you were raving about,Land of Backfire I think, remember him. He was the one you said was the Mega rich boy to solve our problems, did he ever pay for the shirt deal. He needed time to transfer the money I remember you saying, conspiracy by every one against him, the press in France had an axe to grind with him when they reported none payment. Cash in the ground but none in the bank as I pointed out plus several other indications. So if you don't mind I will take no lectures with your track record on anything of any importance. Your judgement has been awol on the major shouts. I took the flack for not towing the line from you and others after smelling a rat. Had you got your wish Hillsborough IMO could have been a trading estate by now.
You remember your stance with Stevie May another one of your poor calls, I told you is fate early doors, you wouldn't have that either.
This bloke is a serious player he will get the right people in, if you listened for a moment you might understand the bloke, instead of making it up as you go along. This is a business and this bloke intends it to be a serious runner before the 150th, so get wised up and think it through for once, and come up with only logical solution. This squad does not have 70 goals per season in it, that number is required he will fund that not me him OK. If you spoke to him about one or two years steady building you would be out of the door faster than you could say Azerbaijan.
The present form puts us on 40 points in May, so watch this space. This will improve but not to the satisfaction of the chairman, and when it happens I will be knocking on your door. That's the answer.Just remember 2111110 not good enough he will sort it pronto, long before you wake up ready for the 2018/19 push.

30.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 02:01:31
Yeah I'm pretty done with this conversation as well cause it's just getting old. Are things not going well hmm you are a genius to point out that fact. Could they be better hmm sure. Could we use a striker? Sure but do we have the one you want no so get over it. If you don't think things will turn around then we'll sucks to be you I guess. So just be disapponinted and keep complaining.

31.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 08:31:09
Not a post South, just a reply in order to be polite, because I keep reading you saying don't make it personal? Others can judge?
So if I can briefly summarise what could easily be mistaken for your bitter rant - you don't after all have any alternative but to be patient, like the rest of us stupid, ignorant dinosaurs, and wait for the Chairman to sort it out? Thanks for the wisdom.

32.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 09:44:06
Yes others will judge, but not the click of tick box jury you seem to attract.All things to all people sums it up nicely.
That bitter personal rant you are trying now to peddle is fact as you well know, so why don't you tell AM OWL exactly what you said about the guy regarding the failed take over, and how you put people down defending him, like your trying to do now on other matters.So stop looking for sympathy and take the hit. You have on this occasion again jumped in on my comments and tried to chastise, I didn't ask for that. Then you say you have had enough, really. Then others jump on board and poke their nose in with vulgarity and vile language, and then you pat them on the back. So I retaliate and you find that difficult to understand, its all about judgement and reality. Some people have a problem with that

Its a good game you play with the dinosaurs angle, that will get you a few more ticks I suppose but I don't give a toss.
but I suppose that's symptomatic of todays society in general, they want all their ticks in one basket.

33.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 13:40:01
Relax South for your healths sake please.
Wheres that nurse with the "chill-pill"? (LOL!)
Any comments I make on here are are not directed at anyone in particular, except when a comment is addressed to me BY NAME as yours have been , then expect me to respond - always politely , always factually, and never personally.
As for tell AmOwl? . you really are bitter if you can remember something I may have said nearly two years ago better than I can, and refer to it now totally out of the blue? Where did that come from?
But does my opinion really matter that much to anybody? Does anybody care?
I'm sure AmOwl has his own opinions, as you and everyone else does, thank God! - and long may it continue!
Finally, just to set the record straight, and clear up another inaccuracy of yours, I hate the tick boxes!
If you actually follow my posts as closely as you claim to do, you must remember an "actual published discussion" that I had with one of the Eds on here quite recently, many will remember it I'm sure, where I suggested we should do away with them? I personally don't see the point of them, much less encourage anybody to use them.
I don't use them at all, if I disagree I post why, and I wish everyone else would do the same, there would be many more contributors and different views.
I have only responded for the sake of accuracy again, and because you addressed me directly again! I have no wish, and never have had, to cross swords with you or anybody else on here. I just comment and post my opinions as I see fit and hope that adds something to the debate.
Agree or disagree I honestly don't care, but for whatever reason you've tried to make it personal? I don't know why but I hope you now appreciate its not what I've written, its what you think you've read? If I or anybody else disagrees with you its not personal, its because they have their own opinion which is different to yours, and that's allowed isn't it! Why take or make it personal? Move on!

34.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 13:47:51

35.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 16:59:37
Your right Howler, peoples opinions do not matter except when they distort the truth, avoid the facts, and display a selective memory recall.
You asked me about being bitter on the matter below, not really its just called memorys. No pills needed, every one gets one. I'm not in the business of taking patients medication so just hang on to them.
I remember the failed takeover from several peoples posts for and against. I thought at the time you were in particular in fine voice challenging people regularly with reasons why it would happen, you can't remember but it went on for two to three months. You posted from memory twenty or thirty times. All ways demonstrating why it would go through, and why others had got it wrong, you should be really proud of your efforts. Lots of facts supporting your argument, never in any doubt.Two years ago was the most significant time on this site for most people,regarding the clubs ability to attract the right person, it was the only show in town, and you remember nothing in spite of being in the thick of the debate. I for one am happy to give you the full benefit of the doubt, and hope you improve soon. I only brought it up as I thought it was a good guide as to your ability to form a sound judgement now, against your previous attempts. I was having problems with this on your recent posts.Every thing became perfectly clear, after saying you could not recall that highly charged period regarding your comments and conclusions.

So let's leave it like this you just take it easy get your memory back, and maybe if you improve, we can all have a re run on your interesting well thought through conclusions regarding the failed take over, that would be nice. I on the other hand will go on holiday for four weeks in the near future and try to forget the previous week. Its paid for so no offers please of extensions. Cheers mate.Up the Owls

36.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 20:19:21
Enjoy your holiday South , I'm looking forward to mine!
I don't think I've had them yet? Might have though? I can't remember!
As for re-runs on events of two years ago - I really do hope you're joking? (But I suspect you're not! - Aarrgghh!)
Life really is too short and I'm honestly not worth all your sleepless nights!
As I said earlier you should move on mate!
Happy Hols!

37.) 17 Sep 2015
17 Sep 2015 23:29:03
Hmm, well, umm, yeah ,sure, not sure where all that was going but I'll just end with go owls I guess.

38.) 18 Sep 2015
18 Sep 2015 11:09:20
Haha, brilliant.