30 Jul 2015 17:34:09
Kenwyn Jones on his way to hillsborough on a season long loan.

Hope this is true think he can do the job for us. UTO

1.) 30 Jul 2015
30 Jul 2015 20:15:24
I've just read that the deal for Lucas Joao will go through today and the fee is only €1m (£750.000) not the reported £2.4m.

2.) 30 Jul 2015
30 Jul 2015 20:55:58
Well from what just read May is on his way to Rangers?

3.) 30 Jul 2015
30 Jul 2015 23:14:06
I hope May does really well for Rangers.
Things just didn't work out for him in Sheffield and I would prefer to see him bang them in for a team that I love (Rangers) rather than a team we could be challenging with in the Championship.
My heart bled every time I went to Hillsborough last season expecting him to bridge the gap, but he didn't.
It's quite possible that the tactics, environment and club just didn't suit him.
Only time will tell.

4.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 08:59:08
He is a footballer every other occupation is expected to deliver he does not because he is out of his depth.

5.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 12:10:43
That's just one opinion of Stevie May .
Gordon Strachan, other respected people involved in the profession, and many fans have a different opinion?
Only time will tell whether he failed last season because of his own shortcomings or because the role he was asked to play in the team perhaps didn't allow him to play to his strengths?
We had a very limited squad in lots of ways and because of that we went through the season with lots of square pegs in round holes. This season should be a much fairer test of a number of the players in our squad, let's reserve judgement and give them all a fresh start before we condemn them .

6.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 13:42:04
With all the forwards we are being linked with who will be going??

7.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 14:21:15
Good afternoon Howler

Why would someone as football savvy as SG not allow our most expensive player to play his natural game.Why would we buy him to fail himself and the club.

The truth is he scuffs to many clear cut chance and there is no denying he has had plenty of chances, even by his own admission.
I said last Winter he cannot find the room he got in Scotland, he cannot getaway from defenders, they are better in the Championship. He cannot out jump defenders.
I say again take a look at the goals he scored in Scotland.
24 scored no bodily contact of any description poor goalkeeping, that type of football, not in the Championsip.
It just seems if things are not working the standard opt out clause is give him another season,when the first take over hit the buffers then give him more time its just the press having a go,when the guts of the team changes we need time to gell. If only every problem was to sit it out you would never need a manager.If every solution meant doing nothing what a peaceful football club it would be.Everyone gets another chance, nothing changes.
The other thing is if this new guy does not make it work by January he will be gone, we don't have time i'm afraid.

8.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 20:48:34
Not kicked a ball under the new regime yet so we've got plenty of time South - IMO.
Football is littered with once write-offs who have gone on to make good at another club - under another manager - in another role. Even by us! - just look at Vardy for instance!
Like I said it's your opinion and you're entitled to hold it and I respect that, but its not an opinion that's shared by everybody, including some very football savvy people.

9.) 31 Jul 2015
31 Jul 2015 22:44:07
I am sorry to say we don't have any time left. We are not running a none profit cooperative. This guy wants Premiership football in 20 months. Stevie May cannot in your wildest dreams take us there, He is a striker, He needs 20 plus goals for a Premiership dream, no way will that happen.
The time has run out, this new owner is in a different time Zone to all other owners of the club. He is spending heavily, and quite frankly Stevie May is living on borrowed time.
Things are moving at such a pace they cannot even announce on the official Wednesday site what I believe will be a great player for the club.
I will take 4/1 Stevie May is a gonner before February. That obviously means he continues to under perform.

10.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 07:32:23
Things are moving at such a pace they cannot even announce on the official Wednesday site what I believe will be a great player for the club.

Are you saying that there is a huge transfer in the pipeline or do you mean there is a relative unknown being pursued who you believe will be great? UK or overseas?

11.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 08:19:26
Hi Beauchief

No I refer to Lucas Joao, Has bags of pace, ball control, two good feet, and scores with his head. He looks a very good signing.
I was just pointing out that the club is in a big hurry.
And passengers will not be the order of the day.

12.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 09:41:56
Morning South.
Just following on from our earlier discussion and picking up on your "passengers" comment.
First of all a reality check, our current position is we are in the Champs trying to get up in to the Prem. so the calibre of the majority of players in our squad will obviously reflect that.
We need a sizeable squad to get through the 50-60 matches we "hopefully" will have to play this season, I'm sure we both agree.
Not every player in the squad will have the ability to get in a top side, in reality probably very few of them would at this stage!
But equally in a team game at any level, just because you don't make the first team regularly does not make you a "passenger".
I think we possibly now have 4-5 players who could arguably retain their place in a Prem. squad, but even they would be likely be "passengers" to use your terminology. Simple fact is we don't have any "world class" players!
So my point is we are hopefully on a journey, and we will be relying at times this season on each and every member of our squad, even if they only manage to get a few minutes game time. So let's be respectful and supportive of every one of them please - even those you class as "passengers".

13.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 12:13:16
Good Morning Owler

Respect for free, no place In the cut throat world of professional football,this is the real thing, we are heading for the Prem
That means no more give more time for this, wait for that, its perform or out you go.Sorry to sound so positive, but respect with me is earned not given free gratis.A squad of players that earn respect will get us out of this league
That is the only way we will get 90 points.
I realise you are a patient cautious wait and see type,but deep down we don't have the strike force. May cannot perform at this level,we don't have time to play games, so get someone in who does better than May in front of goal.Do you have a problem with that.
I made the comment regarding Stevie May and the quality he played against Scotland, but you choose to ignore that, surely if I am correct that is core to this story.
The longer the wait the longer it takes. I made the comment passenger,as he will be a passenger in the dugout most of the season. We need drivers not passengers. We can't wait forever. SG finally got it with May.Why can't you

14.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 13:04:34
Hi South, I did read everything you posted and answered it, not point by point perhaps, but in general terms its all there if you read it.
If you read again you will see that IMO very few of our current squad would make the leap, and it is a leap make no mistake, to the Prem.
So why single out individuals? We are going to need every one of our squad this season , including the ones we'll be signing in January as well to improve the squad again!
Promotion is a process over time, not a single event. I would suggest to you that if and when we get in to the Prem all the players you now rate - you will be calling them "passengers".
Its a process of progress and everybody plays a part to the point where the best now will eventually become the worst, that's the reality.
To answer your 'May in Scotland' point specifically - he can only convert the chances that were presented to him in the league he was playing in, can't he?
The "24 chances with no bodily contact" is frankly irrelevant, I could argue that was because he had found the space, shook off his markers? that's a positive not a negative isn't it? The quality of defenders & keepers may not be up to Champs standard - but you can't deride him for that can you.
All he can do is what he did very well (at 19-20yo!) put them all away.
I'm not denying he has his flaws, weaknesses etc but so do all our players, and all the rest of the players in the world for that matter, no footballer is perfect so why single individuals out, its a team sport.

15.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 16:24:45
Hi HOwler

We had the worst goal scoring record last year that cannot continue.In Scotland He didn't shake off any markers they were AWOL to say that is not relevant is a waste of a Saturday afternoon,he had all the time in the world,outpaced defenders free shots on goal. None of these luxuries available in this league, therefore he now looks average.Thats my point so get rid and buy someone better, stop trying to defend the undefendable.Im not after May, but want a much stronger goal tally NOW.So If you want to hang around another year hoping he comes good fine, by that I mean he gets in the starting 11 regulary scores one in two/threegames, I would be delighted but that IMO will never happen. Perhaps you could explain to me why you think it will, on the basis of what you have seen of him to date.Is it his speed,his ability to win headers.Crisp and accurate shooting both in and outside the box, his physical presence,his choice of ball distribution,holding up the ball up, or his ball control. Positioning when not having the ball, converting one on one situations, what it.Just stick to this player otherwise we will be going on forever. Yes its a team sport but earning points through shut outs not goal scoring is dour, boring, and shows the clubs lack of moral fibre to correct a mistake made recently when desperate for a goal scorer,the defence deserve better.

16.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 21:16:20
Even if we had Van Persie last season he wouldn't have scored more than 15 because if there's no service you will not score goals. Simple as that.

17.) 01 Aug 2015
01 Aug 2015 22:12:48
Hi South,
Sorry but this is my last post on this thread, I'll just ask you to read my posts again.
I'm not defending Stevie May particularly not in the way you mean anyway, I'm just saying its wrong for you to single him out!
Its a team game! There weren't just 4defenders and a keeper responsible for last seasons record defensive shut-outs, it was the whole squad.
Equally if we didn't score enough goals you can't lay that at the door of one player - its the teams responsibility.
How man chances did Atty miss, or Maguire, or how many goals from midfield, or from CB's?
They all get the credit and they all take the blame.
Finally you shouldn't presume to know how patient or impatient I am. But regardless of whether I am or I'm not patient - MY team will get promoted on exactly the same day as YOUR team. UTO!

18.) 02 Aug 2015
02 Aug 2015 00:24:18
Thanks Howler

I can see your situation regarding describing Stevie Mays qualities.
I too have that same problem.