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09 Sep 2013 20:47:48
martin taylor set to go to Brentford on an initial one month loan.

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Not happening until we get more cover at the back. DJ wants rid of him as he has badly underperformed since coming here and he was supposed to be sold in the transfer window but that was pulled when Gardner got injured. For him to go we will have to sign another central defender, Spence was signed to be Taylors replacement so need one more.

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Was Gardner not injured after the window closed?

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I doubt it, he's on huge wages! So, they'll be delighted to get shot for the time being and strengthen the forward line

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Martin Taylor has gone on a months loan to Brentford, confirmed by Sheffield Telegraph and other news sources. Surely this means someone else is coming in? As leaves us with only 2 recognised centre halves?

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Taylor gone but we have someone coming in as the 2nd poster said. I've not heard any definite names but that we are looking at a young centre back from one of the Liverpool clubs, my betting is from Everton but we will see.

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09 Sep 2013 19:07:29
My mate who lives in London and supports Arsenal told me today that he's heard from a few people of late that a former female director of Arsenal who recently sold her shares to the new majority shareholder is set to or has approached Milan Mandric about a takeover.

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This is Lady Bracewell-Smith who sold her shares for about £120 mil. Would be a nice thought like but I just can't see it, her family as had a very very long association with Arsenal.

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Milan Mandaric has a net worth of £75-80 million. Now, no disrespect to Lady Bracewell-Smith but in this day and age £120 million to buy a club and buy players just isn't enough (that is if she was/is interested in SWFC). We do need to "change up a gear" and get some major investment into the club so we can get challenging for promotion instead of relegation battles season after season.

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I heard this one about 2 weeks ago about Lady Bracewell-Smith being in talks with regards to the purchase of SWFC. If this is indeed true then let's just hope that her ambition is to take us forward and put us back where we belong!

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Nina bracewell smith is worth 280Mill. According to the rich list. that's enough ain't it!?

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It's more than the prince as got. His net worth is £70 million. Just because he's got a title doesn't make him a billionaire. Even Milans net worth is more than his.

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09 Sep 2013 13:22:31
Butland deal agreed and will sign when window opens. Lita also to sign again agreed several weeks ago and money as already been put aside for wages. DJ also hoping to add two further signings after MM agreed to free up some much needed funds.

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Believe this when I see it uto xxx

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Correct seeing is believing!

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Agreed mate

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We were told we had to get players out to get players in so who have we got out?

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Obileye is at scunny on loan trial etc uto xxx

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09 Sep 2013 11:00:52
according to daily mirror we are chasing lita and sharp on loan. we are also def going to sign butland on loan. must admit don't quite see the point in that one unless kirkland is going!

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Window is closed kirkland is going nowhere, butland might be coming for competition but why would stoke let him leave on loan to sit on bench, bit of a strange rumour

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Maybe kirkland has a minor headache family problems or illness or minor injury to get cover for? uto xxx

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Chris Kirkland is have back problems that why Butland is coming in. Lita is coming in on loan to but not billy sharp wages to high for us Southampton want 100% of billy wages to be payed and Swansea want 50% of Lita wages

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