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09 Sep 2012 18:06:07
Could not believe Ranger hung on and waited when we wanted him in summer. I suppose he thought would be given a chance in first team. A rare talent and probably given wrong advice by agent.
Now injured looks as if he did us a favour.

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He was crap

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Thanks ranger saved dj from making first ever mistake! He would av been sh*t taking up wages n giving nowt back. He allowed us to go on and get real players like bothroyd an RODRI.

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Nile ranger is not crap im not sayin we should have got him back but he is not crap by a long shot!

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Some people on here do not realise a good player when thye see one. This could be realised by some of the suggestions that have been made as to who we should sign. Could I point Ranger was first choice over Boothroyd by DJ.

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I liked Ranger, very pacey, just needed to find confidence in front of the goal and DJ seems to be the type of manager that can instill that confidence in his players. Wherever DJ's been as long as i can remember, hes always had goalscorers, i don't think thats luck, maybe having a bit of money but mainly i think its his man-management skills.

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Ranger is not worth e risk he is too crazy off the field to risk him possibly finding his form on the field if you are going to be as aggro as he is you need to back it up with good games and goals not worth risking what we have achieved so far

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I believe ranger is good enough for lower premier league never mind championship, once given a good run and match fit. Plus he's only young. And I think dj knows more than me and all of us on here. And he wanted him so that says it all

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Games and goals huddersfield he had the pace to get there and composure to stick it in, none of our strikers would have got onto that.... and promotion game his goal sealed it. played in the premiership none of our strikers that have played this season have..... well see what bothroyds like. he earned himself a five year deal at a team like newcastle. played for englands under 21s. other premier league teams were interested. people that say his rubbish need to have a think about it he has great potential. but i believe we have the strike force to get us out of this division now!

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Are you crazy he is crap 71 games 5goals in league and u19 England games 12 and 1 goal league if lucky

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He's a league one Player at best

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If hes crap why has he played in the best league in the world?

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Better than madine

doesn't say much though

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"If hes crap why has he played in the best league in the world"

There's been plenty of really bad players that have played in "the best league in the world"

And Ranger is one of them. He was never a regular and never will be a regular in any team in the top flight because he simply isn't good enough.

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Madine scores goals, Ranger does not.

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09 Sep 2012 17:48:15
Ross Barkley won't come on loan unless Everton get clearance for Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe, who they want on loan.

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Ross barkley will be in on loan next week will be before friday match

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Total rubbish he will be in before end of next week

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Don't think everyone are getting him because he hasn't been granted a work permit

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Dave jones doesnt want anyone now

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Barkley is coming in on loan it's in local Liverpool papers

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09 Sep 2012 16:09:54
have we signed joe garner from watford, reason being ive just been looking at wednesday squad on
sky sports and he's in squad.

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No ! , and theres not even a mention on Sky Sports - just don't get why people would just post lies & rubbish like this? Get a life -please !

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It was a f**k up on the website a few people have seen this. but we havnt signed him

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Your the one posting rubbish pal, if you click on the championship then on the
wednesday icon and scroll down to squad near the bottom it clearly shows his face and name, so before you give grief and be rude have a proper look.

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More than likely sky have messed up.

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I saw this on team sheet at palace said we were starting with joe garner up front bit he had jay bothroyds number so probz just a mess up

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If you look on our page at sky and look at last game team sheet it does show garner as starting up front . so whoever put original post was right but its a sky error. people are so quick to judge

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I saw this, and thought have i missed something checked quite a few sources and tbh just think sky sports messed up, they even had him down as playing in the Crystal Palace game.......

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09 Sep 2012 11:00:22
Everton manager David Moyes is prepared to allow youngster Ross Barkley to join Sheffield Wednesday on loan.

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Really, who would have guessed?

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