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09 Oct 2013 16:31:56
Please god no. I'm working in Rochdale and it says in the local paper that a local businessman by the name of Jeff Shears is rumored to be negotiating a buy out of Sheffield Wednesday football club along with long term friend and business associate Peter Ridsdale.

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I too have heard this at the Brighton game last week. If this is true then we're finished.

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It's true. Even the stock market are linking Ridsdale with SWFC

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Is that the guy that turned up before

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Noooooooo! Going from bad to impossible.

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More posts by Weed or Trigger. Go away and get a life.
Ridsdale was barred for 7 years in 2012, so not even a half baked wind up. Really tired of your posts pretending to be wednesday fans, most of garbage you write can be seen by any sane fan as nonesense.
I no longer visit site regularly as more posts on these pages by non wednesday than wednesday fans.

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09 Oct 2013 18:45:08
and that was Geoff Sheard anyway!

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I saw Geoff Sheard cleaning the windows at greggs the other day

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Ridsdale has done enough in his career to suggest that he ought not to be allowed near a football club. In fact, he ought not be allowed - full stop.

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Well you've had DJ from us so you might as well have Ridsdale as well.


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Pity we can't let Jones go and use his wages to finance Fryatt. After all we don't need a manager because we haven't go one at the moment!

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09 Oct 2013 14:26:23
The Leicester Mercury says Sean st Ledger has bin told he can go on loan to regain fitness. I fear the worst here. We should tell Jones we Av no hospital beds available here. mik

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This site and the wit of posters gives me more smiles and belly laughs than anywhere else. Hospital beds: nice one.

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