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09 Oct 2012 22:35:38
Just heard a local lad been for a trail with Sheffield wenseday called steven Whitworth off Rotherham was a academy talent at Chesterfield one for the future :) !

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10 Oct 2012 10:44:30
Let's all get a grip few year ago we was down an out going one way MM came in turned everything around gained promotion changed manager which was needed and spent money do you honestly think es going to let the massive slip back down there let's all get behind the team and leave mm to build on the success already achieved If you don't like wot your watching then stay at home and leave the true supporters to support the team & manager

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All well and true but that had nothing to do with the original post.

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Who the hell can disagree with that comment about mm

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Agree to disagree

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Dwayne covey seen in Hillsboro again

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Whos dwayne covey then? uto xx

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Probably the guy who posted !

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09 Oct 2012 20:13:45
Understand there is no immediate plans to part with Dave Jones. However feelers are being put out and I am told the managers of last years 3 promoted rChampionship teams being considered. They are all struggling and if any one of them loses job theu would be front runner.
Martinez of Wigan is apparently top of current list and another manager on radar is Brendon Rodgers who is under pressure at Liverpool.
lets hope Jones turns it round as if a manager does this usually a recipe for success but can not blame MM for having a plan B.

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The most believable thing about that is you said mandaric had a plan b, yes for sure there is more chance of him bein manager than Rodgers or Martinez

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Rodgers? Martinez? I want some of whatever you're smoking kiddo

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Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. End of.

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Ha ha martinez or rodgers. get a grip.

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What are you people on?? Is your life's that boring you have to post constant drivel on here!

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So how is life in the fast lane?^

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09 Oct 2012 17:40:02
Frank Rijkaard with an as yet unknown English man as his number two. Only stumbling block is other than MM and Paul Aldridge the rest of the board want to appoint either Glen Hoddle or Alan Curbishley. A new man will be in place before the game against Leeds.

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Obviously made up, there is no board for MM to debate with - he can do what he wants, when he wants !
The management team are all appointments, employees who do as they are told.

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Other members of board? Name them only oneother member has been appointed by MM. One thing for certain is Board will be united. Therefore this post is tripe.

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Rest of the board louis walsh, Gary barlow and Tulisa constapalinos aka dave allen

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More likely Ken Barlow.

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What a load of rubbish dave jones is going , going to take us up thats the only place he is going. where were you so called fans in the black days of save our owls etc, most of you who moan are not owls just glory hunters .

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Come on owls fans have been called some things in my time as an owl. But never glory supporters.

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Calling anyone who associates themselves with this football club a 'glory hunter' is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read on this forum. Absolute class!

Its the ROtherham fans who are glory hunters! damn them all!

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09 Oct 2012 15:34:53
So- it's out: MM to support DJ with more cash and more opportunities. It's incredible !

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Should know by now, whatever MM says or however certain he sounds to the media, he may actually be on the case for another manager anyway

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Yah I see DJ is impressed with Barkley and wants to extend his contract. Whoopie.

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Pity he didn't support Gary Megson with some cash and appreciation of what he'd achieved when he sacked him.

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So he should , some of the wednesday fans need to wake up and realise we arent going to win the league or even promotion , we will consolidate and DJ will take the club forward, All the doubters need to look at the league table at the end of the year and be realistic , we will survive and then move onwards and upwards

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I can't think of any fan that thinks we will get promoted, so they must be awake.
I'm glad your crystal ball shows us surviving this season, it makes me feel so much at ease.

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Your where you should be in the league anyway, who do u think u are man Utd, your only Wednesday & you've always struggled to stay up!

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Man Utd are in the premiership and we are in the Championship, so no, we don't think we are Man Utd.
Anymore intellectual questions?

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Yes. Why do you think your massive? You are a small club, you think your as big as man Utd & your all off your heads thinking your a great team, your going down like usual, Leeds will batter you next week & it will be a great laugh, stop thinking u should be top of league, your where u are because your garbage! Not won in 8... Dear god!

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I see you've not answered my question, because I'm right! Were all blades arnt we

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Firstly, nobody at our club thinks that we are a great team, although its nice that you keep comparing us to Man Utd. We simply hope for progression and wish to one day reach the same standards that we once achieved.
With regards to been 'massive', since we have been in the lower leagues for the last 15ish years and considering our fan base, attendances and facilities, compared to the surrounding clubs we actually fit that bracket.
Finally, the term 'massive' is often used to wind up you Blades and in your case it attracts you like a fish to water, since you react with rants and tepid insults.
Hope that answers your latest inquest?

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I see the guy who was asking the questions did a runner. Maybe he is looking up the bigger words on Google?

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Yes Iv just googled massive & Sheffield Wednesday are not there, then I googled small rusty bucket club & it come up with Sheffield Wednesday! The only ones doing a runner are wendys out of the league, down down down!

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I Googled Scrapheap Challenge it it replied 'Bramall Lane".
Our ground has always been picked for major events by FIFA, has yours?

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I googled 'Financial House of Cards' and 'looming disaster' the word McCabe came up.

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It seems us blades have been doing a bit of fishing ourselves, it seems as though Iv attracted fish to water by winding u wendys up, I googled big pig farm & it come up with swilsbrough... Sorry hillsborough!

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To be honest the only person getting wound up is yourself.
Your futile ranting doesn't carry enough valuable weight to bother anybody.

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It's bothered you otherwise u wouldn't reply! Wabaw

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The only reason I am answering is for the humour of you making a fool of yourself.

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Well it's Sheffield Wednesday who are making a fool of you & rest of fans! I can't see you getting out of bottom 3. I'm just telling the truth! Were all wendys anrt we! Utb

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Yah, you are telling the truth for the current situation. I imagine that you are they same guy who constantly came on our site blabbing 'mind the gap' all last season?
So yet again you will be setting yourself up for a mighty crash when we get it together and the Blunts bottle the play offs, as usual.

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So you think the mighty blades will be in the playoffs? Thanks Wendy that's nice of you, I think you wendys will go down because your garbage & your manager doesn't know what he's doin, we will be crossing the gap at end of season, up for the mighty blades down for the garbage wendys!!!!!

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I personally hope you do scrape it into the play offs. It's always good for a laugh.

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I hope you wendys go down that will be a better laugh, blades will go up automatic! Easy peasy lemon squeeze

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Another mature, educated comment from one of our misguided Blunt friends !!
Thanks a lot for that, would you like some more jelly & ice cream before your nap ?

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I know mate, he is so easy to lead down the path of rant.

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