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09 Nov 2012 22:10:25
No building of attacks from midfield, no sign of creativity.Again relying exclusively on Antonio to beat his man - and then what ? For G's sake get a coach who knows how to do the job ( I hesitate to mention the manager)

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Time he went. Enough is enough

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You talk rubbish mate we have only just come back into this league it will take time it will be a good season if we stay up

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How much building of co-ordinated attacks did you see ? How much passing through midfield? Even my wife could see the gulf in class

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I agree mate, even though I dont know your wife, obviously !

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We wouldnt be in this league if it wasnt for DJ and evans getting sent down THINK ON

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You seem to be forgetting it was Gary Megson who put the promotion squad together on very little money, and managed the team for the first 3/4 of the season taking them into playoff positions - just before DJ came in and took the glory.

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All these fans of djs must want days out at clubs like Crawley next year it would be a good year if we stayed up but our performances and form obviously say without a change we WON'T stay up

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Watched the after match interview so can someone tell me what DJ was watching when he said "we were in control".

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It takes time to adjust does it? Why does it not take other promoted clubs in the last 5 years time to adjust? Some people need to get real. Jones has not got a clue - oh but don't worry were too good to go down ? I heard that before in 2010 and 2003. Jones out and now.

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I agree with most of what you say but only a few clubs have done really well when promoted, I know norwich and southampton - but we changed more than half our team from last year we got rid of our experienced players and now we are paying the price. DJ swallow your pride and admitt some of the players that got us out of the Lge 1 are better than what you have brought in PLAY THEM - eric the owl

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I wouldn't be surprised if MM has someone sounded out already in case we keep on losing...
Redknapp short term fix?
Megson unlikely I would have thought.
Adkins out of Soton by xmas?
Who knows. All I know is it's gone t**s up and something must change.

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09 Nov 2012 17:10:44
every game will be like a cup final soon from a worried owl GULP

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Jones has got to.go . No idea 4 1 4 1 who's he kidding . We r turning in to a laughing stock fast

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Rumour has it were a football team. Oh dear oh dear. So poor its scary.

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Sack him now wrong team selection yet again no threat no pride no passion no quality from his poor signings to much youth no champ experience do I need to continue jones out or we are down mark my words

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What's he talking about .( tv interview) the guy looks clueless . nobody in this league plays that system with any sucsess. Middle of the park is none existent the toffee man never touched ball in 2nd half . Send him back now !!!

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One up front again whats that gonna bring when they hd woodgate at back boothroyd on wing it just doesnt make sense who is there to bring in ? Maybe tudgay perhaps

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Not sure Tudgay would improve things tbh

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Jones has been harping on about us never having any luck. Well we had some last night with Madines offside equaliser and guess what, we still got humped.
He has run out of excuses now and is blatantly our of his depth.

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It started off being unlucky but now we are playing crap.
We have players who are inconsistant or lack the quality needed.
DJ brought in players who he thought would do a job but they haven't.
Just admit you made some mistakes and bring some more players in fast.
Rodri and pecnic are players who have a bit of quality but he's ditched them before they had time to settle but stuck by bothroyd who's playing cos of previous rep alone.
Midfield is far too young and inexperienced.Individually good players but you can't have 4 of them playing at the same time in this league.
We have the basis of a good team but need 2 or 3 experienced players.
Players like wilson,worthington,palmer,nigel pearson.Not fancy dans but players who hated to lose and gave 100% every match.Players who can shout and ball and make others play.

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I agree with your principal, but the players you mentioned where top flight players, three of which internationals, despite not being flare players.
There is no way we could attract that quality at the moment.

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Well yeah you're right but they are the sort of characters we need.
There just seems a lack of character and players seem to take losing too easily.

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I do know what you mean, because last season we had an abundance of work ethics and character. Its difficult to have that cohesion when a successful group of players are split to accommodate dross.
I still think that Reda and Lines where influential on the spirit we had last season, so lets grasp at that straw and look forwards to their return. Although, I am sure DJ will ruin that as well.

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09 Nov 2012 16:10:45
Lots of fans trying to defend Jones , just wondered if they could make some sense of DJs loan strategy for me.
Enough been said already about Bothroyd !
Now talk of Madine going out - we cant score, hes only 20 goal season striker on books, never been given a run in side , unlike some even tho they only scored 1 ?
Similarly Maguire - fanfare signing by DJ, never given a chance, would have been on loan at Pompey now if he hadn't got injured in training day before.
Rodri - Loan in , another fanfare signing, option to sign if he settles ?? He scores class goal on his debut, then struggles to get off the bench. Hardly going to persuade him to sign for us is it?
Beevers - we've been leaking goals all season, only tried him the odd game but hes obviously not ready for Champs?? He goes to Millwall , string of clean sheets , scores a goal and they climb up table ?
Then you have Barkley, stuck with him in team despite poor performances, gave him time to settle, to grow in confidence, to feel wanted, lo and behold he starts to produce! Only difference is Everton are going to get the benefit long term , and what do we do with all our own fed up and disillusioned players then.
It must make some sense , perhaps somebody could explain?

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Jones says Madine is going out on loan so that he can bring in another striker who can score goals. Now let me get this right he is sending out a twenty goal a year striker who is not getting into the team because Jones prefers a striker who is on loan, is 33 and has never had a good scoring record and who's chances of scoring is only marginally better odds than me becoming the next Pope. You have asked can anyone to explain what is happening, no point asking me I have a logical mind and there is no logic at Hillsborough this season

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Thanks for your like-minded reply.
Perhaps somebody can apply a different sort of logic and make us both look stupid?

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DJ has boxed himself in. Swelled his squad with average players and now if he wants anyone in he must ship out players others want-i.e.the decent ones. Rank bad plannning.

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I reakon your about right mate Jones has boxed himself in with no where to go.

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09 Nov 2012 13:48:57
Madine to Swindon on hold til next week because if we loose tnite DJ gone. Mandric won't back up a loan waiting for outcome tnite. Harry help your mate out

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It's almost worth loosing to get rid of clueless Jones. The problem is he has an excuse against Boro and some of the better teams we are shortly to play like Leicester, Forest and Cardiff. The damage to us has already been done loosing to some poor sides earlier on.

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I agree dj shud b sacked how many more games av we got 2 lose b4 mm says enuf is enuf ya sacked his signings average been poor apart from Antonio who i fink is fantastic i go 2 all the home matches n nearly every game they run around like headless chickens i knew we wud struggle wives the bad signings he mad most of them r way past there sell by date come on mm pull ya finger out n buy sum quality players in Jan b4 its 2 late n get Owen coyle in

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Owen coyle or Gordon strachan we need a manager wiv pride and has got balls

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09 Nov 2012 13:47:48
There is controversy at Hillsborough ahead of tonight's match at Middlesbrough after what appear to be a leaked draft of Dave Jones's post match comments appeared on line. In the comments Jones says the club were unlucky and would have won had they converted some of the many chances they created, he then goes on to say things will get better if the club carries on as it is. A spokesman for the Owls could not confirm if they were genuine but died admit that these are the same excuses Jones gives every time the club loses and it is likely they are. The spokesman was able to confirm that Jones is seeking to bring in another striker to partner Jay Bothroyd. He admitted however the search was proving difficult as finding a player as poor as Bothroyd in the same price bracket was proving difficult. It is known that while Jones feels it is understandable a quality player like Bothroyd only scores once in a handful of games he has become increasingly disillusioned that Gary Madine has failed to score at least two goals every time he comes on as a substitute. The Wednesday boss feels that this reflects that Madine is not Championship standard and hopes to ship him out soon. The spokesman refused to comment on reports that Jones is becoming increasingly unhappy with Portuguese midfielder Jose Semedo. Jones is reportedly appalled by the determination, commitment and spirit shown by Semedo which is spoiling the team spirit which he hopes to create with signings such as Martin Taylor. According to the reports it is only a matter of time before Semedo is sent on loan to some tin pot lower league team.

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What a load of Bobins.

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Nice one, I like it! It appears that those replying may be better off with a spot of ironing rather than irony.

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Steaming !! .. is that ironing enough for you ? (LOL!)

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The irony is, not many true owls would find anything funny about the situation we are currently in.

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Sounds genuine to me.

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What dross!!

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Dross ?? ---- Its a very clever joke ??

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Get a sense of humour fool.

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Feel a whooping coming tonight

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09 Nov 2012 09:17:52
has anyone heard whats happening with koumas,do we know if he is going to sign

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Why would anybody be interested in Koumas ?? He must about 60 now !!

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He is 33 years old,and in my opinion if we could get him to 90 per cent fit,i still think he could do a job for us

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I bet your the one person that thinks Bothroyds doing great too !!

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No i dont,but the last time i looked i was allowed to have an opinion

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You certainly are Jason

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Same old rubbishe on here. Any1 got any news we dont already no about?

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Koumas has left the club! lets just say he has "other" interests that come before football.

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09 Nov 2012 08:13:48
Jones has totally lost the plot, Madine's gone to Swindon on loan to free up funs to bring in a loan player. Why the heck didn't he send Bunty Bothroyd back he has been a liability since he came. At least Madine has a future and wants to play.

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Somebody has said a few times that Bothroyd would cost DJ his job, this might be final nail.

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Where have you seen this, Ive been on official site can`t find owt there. You can`t blame Madine if true cos he not gonna get more than a few minutes here and there, Only one player guaranteed a start even if he come on with one leg Bothroyd.

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Found his level

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Madine cant keep out of trouble.

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Madine not good enough for championship! An if him goin to Swindon makes way for Cameron jarome to come its a no brainer! An bothroyed will come good he's a class player for this division! An I can't wait til he does to shut the people that clearly ant got a clue about football up! The fans slagging him off are proberbly the majority that didn't come to hillsbrough last season!

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SWINDON fan Madine deal has fallen through won,t be joning swindon on loan ! he is in the sqaud for tinghts game might even start !!

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Madine's switch to Swidon has been put on hold till next week when he is expected sign on loan.

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08 Nov 2012 23:48:43
darren bent on loan rest of season not getting games at villa, hes happy to come from a very good source down at villa park

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I smell pork ? surley we arnt going to believe this are we ???????

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