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09 May 2013 20:44:19
Ebanks blake wolves striker coming to the owls

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Isn't he out with a broken leg

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Ebanks Blake broken leg is actually in ankle region so nasty.

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Some persons need to look up on web his current state of health. A ad break.

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09 May 2013 13:21:37
Wednesday linked with Darren Carter at Cheltenham and Drew Surman at Norwich. Top midfielders in my opinion.

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In my view Darren carter won't be good enough in the championship even though he's played in it before and I don't know about surman

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Ebanks blake rumours doing the rounds a lot

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Think both below average at Championship level.

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Ebanks Blake had serious ankle break in April. broken ankles take time to heal would not be ready for August, so think dodgy rumour started by ill inormed.

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09 May 2013 12:40:26
chaplow could be off to wednesday in the summer. hard working midfielder with a decent pass. probably be about 500,000 as he is not wanted at southampton

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Thought milwall signed him? uto xxx

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We won't be paying 500k for a player!

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Paul McGowan has been in talks with Owls and we are currently favourites for his signature,

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Would love to see McGowan sign. Great, little player.

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Not even worth 500k. 100k max

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Contract is up in the summer, if he signs it will be for free. And he is every bit as good as Paul Bryson, and Derby want £3 million for him. He can play up front to unlike him, so that makes him more important. And can come up with goals behind the striker or strikers. And has vision to see a pass and be the play maker.

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Surman is a class championship midfielder. Would be happy with him

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09 May 2013 10:30:28
Grant Holt to sign for SWFC in the Summer. Not wanted by Nrwich, they believe they need to get rid of him and other players in order to improve their squad and push for a top 10 place.

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Why would he? He was told he was not good enough for Wednesday years ago and was let go, Eating humble pie now are we.

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As long as we don't bring back kim olsen i'm happy lol xxx

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Think holt would be a top signing to partner lita just cannot see it?

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I would love to know were some of these people get there made up transfer news up let's face it 5000 grand for a southhampton midfielder and grant holt back u guys are living in a dream land

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The same grant holt who was a transfer target for Liverpool last summer? Can't see this happening! He'll go to a premiership club

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From Leeds

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09 May 2013 09:40:09
SPOTTED: Craig Conway at Middlewood, Cardiff Winger! Had a root around and it appears Matt Phillips is going to sign for Cardiff from Blackpool, allowing them to release another winger. Conway could well be on his way to S6

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Seen as more of a wing back than a winger at Cardiff. Good defensive qualities and "workmanlike" in covering back. Infrequent scorer.

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Really? uto xx

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Decent winger but is that the position we really need?

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Conway has a great early cross on him to. Saw him play starting out at Ayr United, and he did well at Dundee United to. He is more of a winger than Phillips, he does not rely on kicking the ball on and running past full backs with his pace. He has skill to dribble past them. Phillips is more of a through the middle striker for me. And is not best suited to the wing, ordinary in his Scotland games so far.

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He is part of mackays plans!

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Wingers are exactly what we need. If we sign Paul McGowan who is a midfield play maker. Who has the vision to switch play and get the ball out to the wingers. Plus he can play as a striker, or behind the front man or men. Just hope Leeds do not land him or Charlton.

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That Conway won't come he's a massive part of Cardiff plans next season

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09 May 2013 06:32:40
Don't know if you lads know but the rumor going round here in Leicester is that David Nugent is off to Hillsborough this summer. Good player when fit but prone to injuries.

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If so give a chance, kirkland was the same but has played well! uto xxxx

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Would love this to be true

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I know this is a rumour website but as if leicester would let go one of their top scores's and we wouldn't be able to afford the asking price. If I am wrong and u r right then I would welcome him

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