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09 May 2012 21:50:26
b.marshall on loan next season, antonio to sign jj to leave

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I,m a wednesday fan and to tell u all the truth i,m fed up about marshall rumours .forget about him 1, he chose leicester cos he was greedy,2,we,ve had better players over the years and we have,nt cried about them like we have him,forget and move on

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I doubt Ben Marshall will come back, and even if he did it wouldn't be this early seen as he just signed for Leicester.

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Marshall's playing well for Leicester recently, they wouldn't want to loan him out anyway! But let's forget him and move on! Tbf, don't think he moved to Leicester out of greed, don't think we even made an offer for him...

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I agree with the comment above,
Plus he's been leicester best player since January so they would not let him go anyways
Pointless rumour

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I am aware Ben Marshall would return to Hillsbrough tomorrow and prefers Owls to Leicester. The above comment implies greed on his part, this is wrong. He would not sign a new contract at Stoke and had to leave if he wanted to play football. Leicester met Stoke asking price, Wednesday did not. Remember our Chairman was at the time being prosecuted by Inland Revenue and you can not blame him for not wanting to commit £750,000 at that stage when he faced prison if found guilty. If he does arrive it will not be on loan (at least at beginning of season).

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Nigel Pearson sees Marshall as one of his key players for next season. Any rumours that he's coming to hillsborough are false. If Antonio comes it won,t be for a while Reading are under no pressure to sell and they will wait to make a decision depending on how sucessfull they are in the transfer market. Due to his performances a season long loan may be considered by reading

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Why would marshall sign back here on loan when he's in the leicster team. from what ive seen he's already scored some pretty good goals for them. stop makeing BULL.S up , many thanks :D

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I'm an owl living in in Leicester, There fans don't like Marshall think he is not good enough, rumour is only bought him to piss Mandric off

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Why is he picked most weeks then?

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A player may be picked and play but does not have to be a fans favourite. Marshall not keen on Leicester not certain why but know he has not settled. He is friends with a few Wednesday players and still keeps in touch with them.

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Antonio and Marshall on the wings. Would make i nice combo for any championship side

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Sorry but someone of you need to get over promotion and have a think about how good our side actually is.

Few of our players stood out in the league this season, Megson built a League One side, IMO will need vast improvements and investment to compete in the Championship

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When Jones took over he said there would be "a revolution" in the summer to bring things to his way of playing. Genuinely believe he has found more talent than he thought was there but I suspect at least 8 new faces likely. Can only see 4 of current squad getting a start if he gets players in he wants.

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We met leicesters offer for marshall, but he could'nt turn down champ footy, which at the time we was not in the driving seat. He shud of stayed till end of season on loan. His loss antonio has done more in less time UTO :)

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09 May 2012 21:44:19
Antonio said he wants to stay at Wednesday hope reading want to sell him

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He may be thinking this but has not stated publicly yet.

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It would be great to get Antonio, DJ has already enquired so now as always its up to the parent club....

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Antonio as said in public he wants to come, he stated at the award evening sunday night

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09 May 2012 18:19:53
Why are people saying judge isnt good enough as he played in league 1 this season, every player we have played there this season! if your good enough your good enough full stop.

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Totally agree and would fancy Ritchie too

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Ritchie is a different proposition to Judge. Some players you know will struggle at an higher level and Judge is one of those he always looks rushed. Ritchie always seems to have time on the ball and that suggests he can play at an higher level.

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Judge is only 20/21 if i'm right, patience will come with experience he definately does the right things though

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09 May 2012 16:24:22
Our lasses dad told me Wednesday trying to bring kenwayne Jones back on season long loan but dunno how try this is but he doesn't get a sniff at stoke

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Doubt Kenwyne would want to drop down to Championship. And Pulis said in January that Kenwyne wasn't going anywhere, but that might have changed by now. Hope like anything it's true, but I can't see them letting their 27yo £8m record-signing just go out on loan with very little chance of making it permanent.

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09 May 2012 14:04:46
Antonio deal almost done

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Hope a deal can come off as he wud be a great asset, but as yet he will be with Reading for pre-season

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Well he isnt that good

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09 May 2012 13:55:30
Just heard this:

Madine has already been sold to Ipswich for £3M.

Rhodes coming to Hillsborough after play offs!

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Are you having a laugh, I am rolling around in stiches, 3m for that and why would Rhodes come to you when West Brom are sniffing around him??

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Wednesday will not sel madine! why get promoted and sell your best asset? he's improving loads just needs to calm down of the field

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Not a chance, of rhodes

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Rhodes wud be great 'if' Huddersfield fail to go up... But if higher profile clubs come in he'd prob go there, wud be nice if his dad cud pull a few strings seein as hes part of our staff!

As for Madine goin 'HAHA', he aint goin no where, just had his bail conditions switched so he can attend the celebration tonight

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It appears Trigger and his disgruntled pals are back on here posting rubbish.
Never mind, we are promoted and they are not. Nuff said.
Also, I'm sure we will have the last laugh when the Blunts a knocked out by Stevenage in the play offs.

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Madine has a court case in July for Assault and ABH. Who would buy a player with this hanging over them? Therefore absolutely stupid rumour. Rhodes will leave Huddersfield if they are not promoted. He lacks pace which rules out Premiership (if he had pace his record would have meant he would have gone at last transfer window) and means goalscoring in Championship will be harder. Hence price will be nowhere near some of figures quoted.

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Why would Rhodes come to us, they might go up yet

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Plus West Brom want Rhodes, njot a chance will we get Rhodes dont talk rubbish

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To answer the previous posters question - "Madine has a court case in July for Assault and ABH. Who would buy a player with this hanging over them?" - Wednesday bought Madine when he had a case of arson pending! He may have been found not guilty (or maybe acquitted, not sure) of that charge, but least not forget that he also had an previous conviction for assault, for which he was sentenced to 250 hours community payback.

I sincerely hope that we sell Madine this summer. He is an arrogant, disruptive, horrible s**t, who is more of a liability than an asset to the club. Talk such as "he is young, he will calm down, give him a chance" is short-sighted nonsense. His behaviour will only get worse over time. Does anyone credit the likes of Aaron Ramsey (same age as Madine) with being a model professional because he is young?, so the suggestion that a player should be excused from appalling behaviour simply they are in their early 20s.

Bottom line, Madine is just not that good anyway. He was 5th top scorer in the division, but compare his number goals scored as a proportion of the overall number of goals scored by his team and he is way below the 4 players above him in the scoring chart, and indeed many of the players below him.

Why is that significant? “ because in a high scoring, successful side like Wednesday have been this season, should you not expect a more from your leading striker? He does not even offer much to the team beyond the goals he scored (I could accept that from a player like Rhodes, who scored 46% of his teams goals, as opposed to Madine's 22%).

O'Grady is better at holding the ball up, winning flick-ons and generally physically bossing opposing defences (he was at League 1 level at least), Lowe is far better at getting behind defences, working hard to force mistakes and, crucially, at scoring (much better return for minutes on the pitch this season). Don't get me wrong, I don't think either of the above are the answer to our striking needs for next season, but at least they are good professionals who give their all.

That cannot be said of Madine, who has had criminal charges hanging over him for much of his short time at S6, who was out injured¯ with a broken toe (widely understood to be a fighting injury¯ from his exploits in town) and who undoubtedly decided he was not going to put a shift in after Megson had (quite rightly) had a go at him for his indiscretions (remember the 4 or 5 awful and plainly lazy performances before Jones came in?). The Owls need at least 2 new strikers for next season, probably 3, which is a tall task to get 2 or 3 good enough on the money which we will have available “ Dave Jones, please take anything you can get for Madine now to boost the coffers and avoid this person from further bringing bad news to the door of our beloved club. UTO, WTID

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Was it u who madine punched??theres obviously an underlining problem here.madines our top goal scorer and the youngest off our strikers and majority of our squad.hes highly rated at this level a lot of clubs would love his services and he's only gona get better!

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Madine will stay, may end up being fringe, but will still stay, i think rhodes would be up for Wednesday, he was at the final game and his dad works here already, however would only come if hudders DONT get promotion

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09 May 2012 09:21:33
Emile Heskey set to sign for Wednesday on a free.

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Keep dreaming pal heskey will stay in prem.or a team relegated from prem.. fact {Ed020's Note - sunderland are sniffing around him as are leicester, both have major money}

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Wouldnt want him.

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I can see him goin to leicester because he use to play for them but as i said above he'll probs stay in prem,
And who ever put i wouldn't want him but have not seen him play i admit he's not a goal scorer but he creates alot rooney even said he's the best striker he's played with,

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Heskey is a shadow of player he was. Also has injury problems. If he signs for a Premier team will be pay as you play deal.

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His wages would cost too much

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Give me the money I'm better than heskey

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A shadow of the player he was? When has he ever been a player?

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Heskey should change his name to carpet. He spends long enough laying on the ground.

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09 May 2012 01:50:33
Anthony Gerrard centre back of Cardiff rumoured to be joining Sheffield Wednesday

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Not bad but rather have someone else defo not Alex Bruce.. maybe if he was like his dad Steve Bruce then it would be a different story but he's not.

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Gerard not regular first teamer at Cardiff and notwanted by club. This is agent trying to get his man a move. Apparently well down Wednesday list of potential recruits.

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