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09 Jun 2013 18:12:22
Sheffield Wednesday keen to sign released stoke player Jermaine Pennent.

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We desperately need a striker who will score 20+ goals next season some1 like jamie mackie or Carlton cole and a experienced centre midfielder to play along side our young uns like Rory delap or dean whitehead or Jamie o'hara and a solid defender to play at side of gardener like shaun st ledger and charltons jonnie Jackson would be worth spending Sumet on

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Hull want him

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Carlton cole! Are you mad?

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Yes Carlton cole he's big fast strong good in air and would be a hit in championship. If you think otherwise then your the 1 who's MAD!

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09 Jun 2013 23:11:07
Guess we going for the freebies then lol and Davis would be more then welcome in my eyes born and bread and to retire in the city where he was born

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Don't want him so don't get your hopes up any time soon

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Paying for "names" got us sent down from prem. Some people have short memories. Chris brunt unheard of ok no messi. But did the job at the time, we don't want names to sell shirts we want guys wanting to prove themselves to us and themselves. Helping us as the massive and them as a player.

. They are what we want. not names wanting a wage for fxxk all.

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U don't want him? well it ent up to u lol we won't sign carlton cole wages will be to high, jonnie jackson is a midfielder but would like to sign him! scores goals, would also takes norwich striker vaughan he is a prem player would score goals at champ level when fit, who cares if we sign freebies, there are some quality freebies out there if they come in and do the job who cares no risk involved!

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Carlton Cole and Rory Delap either would be a dusaster. Cole failed spectacularly when West Ham were in divsion look at stats. Delap legs gone completely you would need to push him in wheelbarrow.

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We couldn't afford Cole's wages

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Pennant, are you mad!, been on £3m a year, will want at least £2m over three foure years now, not a hope, bottom end premier league for him

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09 Jun 2013 08:57:21
Apparently were close to signing Davies and kilkenny. And were also looking at a striker called malonga from Cesena.

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Who is Kilkenny?

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Who is signing these players?

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Kilkenny makes a nice pint

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OMG Kilkenny!

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Yeah Neil Kilkenny from bristol city.

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Who killed kenny?

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All I am going to say is so far I agree with the people that are making sense. Those that are saying we have made no decent signings so far, are you forgetting we are only in June? But I'm not here to moan and b*tch to other people. I just wanna say I hope the rumour about that Bradford lad is true, he seems a top striker.

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09 Jun 2013 00:03:38
Italian rumours site reports ourselves and CFR Cluj are looking at Dominique Malonga, a French/Congolese striker from Cesena who's just completed a season on loan at Vicenza.

Closer to home the Sun are dredging up the Kevin Davies rumour again.

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100% Kevin Davies as sign a one year contract with us

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It's not just the team that needs to improve, we need to improve the ground because the average attendance in the premiership last season was 35, 975 and our average was 24, 078 with the biggest gate only 31, 375 according to figures on tv website. We would struggle to achieve even the average premiership attendance if we leave things as they are, but that goes for all the clubs in the championship because we had the second highest average attendance in the league, only Brighton beat us. Ground improvement would be very expensive and I doubt if attendances would improve enough to warrant such expense without reaching the promised land of the Premiership with the phenomenal money that would bring from TV. Is it worth that expense being spent while we are still struggling to stay in this league?

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Well you certainly found a good argument to your post.
let us know how you get on.

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What an absalute garbage post about our stadium! Ares is bigger than 50% of the teams in the prem at min, stoke, west brom ect, get a lot less than we do now! If your gona post somthing, post sumthing usefull,

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09 Jun 2013 16:29:26
Stadium post = pig fail

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Same points any other season wouldn't have been "struggling to stay in this league".
nice try though cocco.

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Rather have a good team and have a good few years in this league and push for prem then sort ground

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What a load of crap that post about average gates! Prem is only 35k because 3 grounds have a capacity of over 60k and they are nearly full every match. Prem average crowd would increase if we got back there!

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Can't even afford a decent score board never mind ground improvements

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We have the 10th largest ground in the country

just sayin

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