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09 Jun 2012 21:44:06
Wednesday will battle it out with 3 other championship clubs for Keith Andrew.
Also if antonio deal falls through, Barry bannan of Aston villa could be drafted in on loan

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Bannan gets a game at villa

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Andrews would be a quality signing, perfect compliment for Semedo in CM.

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Andrews would be a good signing not quite premiership class but a top championship player

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09 Jun 2012 21:14:06
joe mattock as signed for us. dj wants 1 more center half 2 midfielders and 2 strikers. source dave jones himself in a interview. and said madine is staying !!!!!!!!! fact

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Lets hope its an attacking mid, 2 fast creative wingers, and someone who can compliment madine - a younger ryan lowe for example

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If it was Rob Stanton interview think he implied more than above. You can expect 7 or 8 more to come in before start of season.

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DJ also said something interesting about Mattock during interview that he had not spoken to him for 10 days before he signed which suggests the club are doing a lot of business that we havent a clue about only speculation Mattock not mentioned until a couple of days before he signed

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Who would u choose to start though , reda or mattock?

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DJ only needs to give his wish list out, the money men do the negotiations!

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Reda over Mattock every time.

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09 Jun 2012 18:33:24
Those who have listened to DJ interview with Rob Stanton. Do you agree when Harry Maguire name mentioned and that he was a SWFC fan there was a little chortle from DJ in the background.
I wonder if the rumours regarding him are true, one person who gets some good info told me we were negotiating for him and Butterfield, also saw it on here, I had doubts but begining to believe.

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Harry Maguire did an interview where he actually said the words, "I didn't really support a team to be honest, I lived in Sheffield, I followed both teams but didn't really support anyone, Obviously I am a Sheffield United fan now." Therefore can all the lies about him supporting the Owls go to bed, PLEASE? If he comes to us it won't be because of support, it'll be because of better football, or higher wages, which is what all players go for.

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09 Jun 2012 17:42:04
Madine for Antonio plus 1 million coming to the Owls.
Source Twitter

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Don't get rid of Madine!

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Id take it

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Just been confirmed as a fabricated story, no truth in it at all

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09 Jun 2012 16:37:26
Are we still interested in Gary Roberts?

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Great player on his day shocking when not do you take a gamble or not

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He's going to mega bucks millers

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I think we should take a gamble on Roberts it's not like we'd have to pay a fee and he can create goals aswell as score them.

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Millers were after mcdonald and robets but cannot afford wages i think it was on rob staton's twitter, how can they not afford that? In agreat position now UTO

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09 Jun 2012 15:35:26
apparantly all southampton fans not happy as lee barnard could be coming to us on loan for season dont know if true or not but surley hes proven in championship also antonio to sign next for 800,000 are the rumours flying around hillsborough

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09 Jun 2012 14:36:15
Jacob Butterfield will meet with Wednesday officials next week. No premiership club have responded to enquiries from agent so looking at Championship options. Fee will be alot lower than Barnsley want.

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09 Jun 2012 14:10:57
Barnsley boss keith hill is planning a 350,000 swoop for owls striker Chris'o'grady

Source: daily mirror page 66

Also we're planning 3rd bid for maguire

Source: the sun

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True from what i´ve heard! Keith Hill was his manager at Rochdale and rates him highly. id take 350k for him, we paid 400k and that goal against the pigs was worth 50k ! and the 3rd bid for Maguire was confirmed by Staton on Twitter. good info mate and with sources aswell! nice one better than half of these tools posting utter s+++

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09 Jun 2012 11:55:19
Wednesday to make a third bid for maguire.

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Hope not he's pants

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No more cash for Maguire his price has to come down.
Next two signings will be centre halves, Gardner still likely, other target under wraps will either have played at Championship level or young player with substantial potential to play at this or higher level. Hobbs is aname mentioned along with H Maguire.

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Have made a third bid for maguire*

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Source ? Website twitter eg

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The sun newspaper

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09 Jun 2012 10:34:18
Anthony Gardner and Chris McGuire both to finally sign next week. Wednesday have also set their sights on highly rated youngsters Gary Mackay-Steven (Dundee United), Daniel Kearns (Peterborough) and Tom Bradshaw (Shrewsbury).

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I went to Aberystwyth University when Tom Bradshaw played for them. He was defo a cut above the rest of the pitch and he was only 17 at the time. Not a great league by far but he blew the others out the water.

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All good young prospects and 2 of the 3 are possibilities ?
But Kearns is happy, highly thought of and signed 3yr contract with Peterborough - no chance.
Leads me to think this post is probably a stab in the dark ?

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09 Jun 2012 10:20:35
Ogrady set to leave the owls
Source: swfc newsnow

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Marvin Emnes to sign for Wednesday from Middlesborough? I hope so, he's the striker we need, fast, skillful and a good finisher. If not I'd love to see Jozy Altidore at Wednesday but he would cost AT LEAST 3 mil.

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Jozy Altidore was useless when he was on loan at Hull.

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09 Jun 2012 06:51:41
Macguire to sign (he was at hillsborough yesterday) , two premiership sides interested in gary madine, one of them is reading! Wednesday still very much in the running for antonio, expect developments during july! Anyone following twitter check cecil nyonis tweets, he says to antonio "see you at training bruv" make of that what you will!

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7th of July,

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Maguire and Madine rumours nonsense. If you believe them you probably also think the national side will win the Euros.

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Madine has a court case in July no one will bid or buy before this date, so rubbish.

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Why would Premier League clubs come in for Madine when he hasn't even proved he can play at Championship level, give your head a bang sunshine.

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Rhodes and powell ain't proved themselves either dummy, it's called buying potential

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Rhodes......Powell but to name 2 recent examples of players recieving interest from Premiership teams.............Its called buying prospects, I think you need to be giving you're head a shake

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John stead from huddersfield to blackburn a few years back. why wouldnt a prem club take a punt on a L1 proven striker? Its not going to cost them a lot.

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Nick Powell to Man united as well

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09 Jun 2012 01:13:34
With mattock, kirkland and lee already signed. How many more players do you all think we will get and who? Personnaly I think we need 1-2 cb's 2 wingers 1 cm 1-2 strikers and poss another gk. Gardner, koumas, antonio, mackay-steven, treacy, ranger, maguire all names I have heard and all seem realistic.

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I doubt we'll be interested in Koumas and I think we need at least 2 new strikers maybe Maguire or Ranger and a proven goal scorer at Championship level.

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DJ is working his way through team sheet, firstly goalkeeper (No 1 position) then right back (2) hen left back (3). Next will be No 4 so either centre back or midfield depending on how he numbers his team.

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I was told 8 - 10 new faces for first team squad. Think it will be 2 CB's especially if Beevers leaves. 1 CM is a certainty. Two wide men if JJ stays otherwise may be 3. Two strikers on assumption O'Grady leaves. He wants cover in every position. Latest signing suggests Bennett, Reynolds and Daniel Jones will all be allowed to leave.

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Not sure how others feel but the signing of Mattock to my mind shows real intent on getting out of this division.
Reda Johnson was one of our two best outfield players last season and when he was missing it was noticeable. Also when Bywater was signed thought he improved team and results certainly improved. I suspect many Wednesday fans were comfortable with these two players in the positions they played last season. The fact that DJ has brought players in who play in these positions indicates he wants to improve the team in all areas, so I suspect side will be improved throughout and no one will have safe berth.

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In Star report indicates Jones looking for 2 centre backs. Also stated he will be now turning attention to midfield and attack. We will have new starting XI on day one of new season.

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09 Jun 2012 00:11:40
Joe mattock signed on 3 year deal maguire to sign when the transfer window officially opens

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08 Jun 2012 23:47:14
How come Wednesday can afford to buy players and Leeds can't .i would like to see sw well this season and I hope Leeds can do well to.

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There are a couple of reasons for this, number one, we don't have Ken Bates in charge, we have a chairman who likes to spend money improving the team not the ground/own bank balance.

And number two Leeds are in the middle of a takeover so are unable to sign players, or sell players for that matter until talks are complete.

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I do not share your opinion with regard Leeds doing well would like to see them relegated but think this is unlikely. For years Wednesdays hands were tied with debt, now this burden has been lifted we are once again free to sign players who can boost the club. This will in turn bring back those fans who were disillusioned with the continued downward spiral. Mandaric realises you have to invest to raise the club to a level where he will be able to recoup his investment and pass on to a wealthier person than him.
Leeds have been taken over by a complete opportunist whose sole intention is to make money and to do this without substantial investment. He was lucky at Chelsea in he had two individuals who came into the club pumped millions in and made him a rich man when he eventually sold his shareholding to the second of them. I presume he hoped lightning would strike twice but once you have pulled this sort of move once you can not do it again.

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It isn't easy to say about them but it probably would be good for Yorkshire to have Leeds plus us and the piggies in the Prem. The problem with Leeds is there fans. No sooner had Leeds issued a statement about potential investment and loads of them appear on the net bragging and rubbishing other clubs and talking as if they'd already been bought by a billionaire. this at a time when very little is known about any potential buyer or investor. Theres not much I'm grateful to Dave Allen for but thank god it was clash of the egos when Bates wanted to buy us and he saw him off.

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