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09 Jul 2013 22:39:48
Kenwyne Jones move is not happening. DJ says he can't see him wanting to move down a level. He Is telling us to remain patient!

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This is our year! Look at body language of mnm and dj. They got somthing up our sleeves. Hmmmm. Role on 2nd of august.

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Floro did well and DJ has stated two more development squad boys are to join in next couple of weeks. Telegraph report

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Never mind development squad what about the team of today.

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Kevin Davies has signed for Preston, so that's another one off the list.

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10 Jul 2013 11:37:14
Who scored against Stockport

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3 more arrivals at least before kick off.

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Here here. I agree we should build a development squad, but people are buyin season tickets in their thousands. I'm pretty sure a majority of these people are thinkin mainly about the team of 2day, not 2morrow. mik

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10 Jul 2013 12:06:15
Yes Davis joined PNE on two year contract, oh no Howard? Mr. C

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Antonio, Taylor & Maguire all scored against Stockport

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He chose 2 years at PNE rather than 1 year at Hillsbrough. Big risk offering him 2 years when he has had quite a few injury problems.

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Glad he has gone to Preston.
He was a Snorter and wouldn't have given 100%

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There's definatly something brewing down at s6. Got a feeling were going to bring some decent players in.

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09 Jul 2013 17:30:19
ive heard we are signing billy sharp 800k and treacy 200k davies free helan 500k and norei nortey. possibility lita too chalton if not we will sign him instead of sharp

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Sounds unbelievable so it probably is don't get you're hopes up my fellow Wednesdayiets

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Think this sun gone to your head hahaah

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Sharp's a pig and won't play for us

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We won't spend that type of money.

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Don't know anything about this young Chelsea kid, but the rest I would be happy with. Like Helan, good prospect, Sharp will score goals, don't really care if he use to play for Utd. Thought Treacy looked quality on loan but a mate of mine told me he had a lot of off the field problems?

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Billy Sharp is a definite no. Treacy is not even under consideration. Hence sounds made up.

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Sharp is fat and slow. He also IMO plays better on small pitches like at sunny scunny not on the large open spaces of Hillsborough

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Treacy is good with dead balls but didn't do much in open play for me. Not very tricky and not very fast and that was Div 1

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Milan says clubs 5 mill a year down?, i reckon werth spending 5 million to have a blast at the top with players we got already and who knows, there no favourites in this league so werth a bash, uto

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Nortei nortey would be for dev squad, he was in the team against dinnington and not Stockport

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09 Jul 2013 11:44:19
I've been told we should have 1 more signing before Sunday

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Boring boring wednesday were gona strugggle again no strikers carnt believe we've signed 1 player uner a month to go {Ed052's Note - The window has only been open 9 days}

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Iv been wishing the weeks away as everyone always says there's a signing 2mora or end of week getting fed up like? uto xxx

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Same old tight fisted mandaric well miss out on the better free agents and end up with hAs beens again

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Looking that way

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Here is old faithful Negative expert speaking to himself again.

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It's only the 2nd week on July. Most of the big spenders are only just starting to sign players. Be patient

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You watch mate

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Get a grip!

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Give at a rest abusing MILAN you got short memory, he got us promoted our development players are coming through, where would we be without the man. MILAN WALKS ON WATER.

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I put this headline because this is what I got told so its not me I'm just spreading what I got told

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I could predict we're bringing a player in before Sunday, we are due a signing, it doesn't take someone supposedly 'in the know' to know that

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09 Jul 2013 09:13:58
Read we are battling Fulham for signature of Phil Bardsley.

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How can you deny when its on a site?

plus its a rumour, anything is possible? uto xxx

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There is at least one fan of another club who disagrees with everything that is slightly pro wednesday and agrees with any negativity. This has been situation for 2 years. He is clearly missing something in his life other than supporting a decent team.

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Buxton to CB then

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Anyone who behaves like that in a Casino and basically taking the mickey out of people who work hard but struggle to make ends meet, I don't want anywhere near S6, hope to god we don't sign him, no matter how good he is!

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Tricky to get him if Fulham are in for him, more money and premiership will be hard to turn down

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I only post about things the I have read in an article. I don't really understand what people are disagreeing to? Is it that they don't want the signing to happen or that they think the rumour had been made up?

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09 Jul 2013 15:39:18
why on earth do we need a right back or left back? got 3 for each already

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09 Jul 2013 15:45:55
antonio won't leave me and mi mates talked to him at owls in park

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If he talked to him at be park it must be true, if he goes now I will sue x

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