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09 Jul 2012 23:08:14
Chris Humphrey Motherwells speedy winger reported to be in Talks with Wednesday ,Blackpool also said to have had talks with the player, source radio Sheffield

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Would be great asset. Seen him and he is proper quick and can cross a ball too. Go get him if we can.

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Not for me looks decidedly ordinary. Opta stats show nothing special.

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09 Jul 2012 19:48:51
according to southend site, mohsni was absent from first training session, rumoured to be in sheffield.

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09 Jul 2012 19:11:18
Antonio going to huddlesfield! I'm gutted, we needed him!

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Source ? Oh yeah you havent got one

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Evidence of this?

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Joker! Who told your sisters dog who has a friend who did martial arts and played cricket and heard it on the bus back to dogsville. Time waster!

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Your a pig fan are'nt you.

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Where u heard this cos it not true

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I love how the blunts come on here trying to wind us up over signings, why can't they sort their own team out first ? oh yeah - they can't sign anyone can they, no rumours about players going there zzzz

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Its plausable, Huddersfield paying over the odds on new players. It'll all end in tears.

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Could be true, but don't see why he would go there, he knows our club, and we are more ambitious to go up! I believe he will want to come back here!

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What is there at Huddersfield that we can't do at SWFC! We can match them on transfers, better fan base more ambition!

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Only plausible to the Blunts - they've been swallowing rubbish for years.

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Don't ever call me a blunt or a pig, were all Wednesday arnt we! I'm only telling u all what radio Sheffield said!

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Money, Huddersield will pay more, simple

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No chance

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09 Jul 2012 16:30:54
paulo regula passed medical and signing to be complete by friday

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Waiting on international clerance for regula and amado. Will train with the squad tomorrow .

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They are from Portugal which is an EU Country they don't need international clearance!

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Call me ignorant, but why do they need international clearance, I thought there was free movement within the EU? {Ed046's Note - The football association in their country need to release their player registration!

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I see Ed, cheers.

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All players from a different footy association need international clearance. Check the problems rangers players are having trying to sign for English clubs. International clearance holding up proceedings.

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09 Jul 2012 16:01:03
looks like batth isnt coming back this season as hes looking for a house in the midlands :( uto

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Can we PLEASE forget BATTH - BEN - (ALF) - etc!
Lots of thanks to them for the past, but lets look forward now - - move on !!
Half the problem is a lot of fans aren't old enough to have seen decent players wearing our shirt , and there have been many, but its been a few years now!!
So when an half-decent player like Batth etc comes along the younger fans think they're brilliant ??
With the squad Dave Jones & MM are now putting together they probably wouldn't get in the team of the future anyway ?

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(same person who wrote the first) if batth is wanted for wolves y shouldn't he be wanted by wednesday? hes young, played well last season and is only going to get better. he would be a better buy than a player that is comming to the end of his cereer and is mor likley to get injured. i think u need to be more realistic about transfers. uto season ticket holder for 13 years.

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Fully agree with response, overall team was not good and DJ said revolution was required in summer when he first took over. Only real top thing we have is team spirit which is good but will not get you promoted on its own.
Marshall was good and probably has a future but his impact was due to us not having had a young promising player like that in years and can understand why folks latched on to him.

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Batth is horrendously overrated anyway, too immobile to cope with serious pace

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To original poster, I did say Batth was half decent so we were interested for a time, naturally. Same with Ben Marshall.
The point I'm making is he's not leaving Wolves, Ben is at Leicester, so WHY is every other poster on here still lusting after them like dogs on heat ?? Move on !
There are far, far better players than those around and hopefully you can look forward to seeing some of them in the blue & white in the very near future.
When you been going to Hillsborough for over 48yrs, and seen some quality football for a lot of that time, you don't get carried away that easily.
Keep buying that season ticket, and in the next 2-3 years you'll see some proper footballers running rings round Danny Batth in his gold and black shirt !

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I thought he was good.

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There are better players but we cant splash the cash on them......

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Come on lads ,forget batth and marshall,dj is trying to build a squad capable of mounting a serious challenge and dont worry antonio will sign for the owls and dont make me laugh,antonio to huddersfield thats the best joke ive ever heard.we,re all wednesday arn,t we.up the owls.

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The guys opinion that really counts is DJ and you cannot say he has been chasing Batth like his other targets which suggests he does not rate him as much as some on here.

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09 Jul 2012 14:25:04
According to his agent (Adam Milner) , Ben Pringle has had a medical today and Dj is expected to announce the signing this week in a deal worth around £450,000.

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I saw him over at Hilldborough over the weekend. Couldnt miss him (hes the only yorkshireman with hair redder than mine) - Andy Denman

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Either a pig or some deluded toy town fan

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Haha dingle denman

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May be true, but no chance for that much.

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So when is dave jones back of holiday. {Ed046's Note - The players return for pre-season training tomorrow so you would expect him to be back now.

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Thought he was from Newcastle?

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He is mate.

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09 Jul 2012 14:19:18
According to sources close to the striker Alan Lee has turned down a lucrative contract offer from Sheffield Wednesday as he has "Set his sights higher than the owls". Ben Pringle has also commited his future to Rotherham in another blow for the Owls. {Ed046's Note - What is your Source for these rumours?

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Do i smell bacon i think i do {Ed046's Note - Oink Oink.

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Looks like work of Trigger, Labotomy gone wrong.

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09 Jul 2012 11:00:24
heard rumour that dj is looking at bringing in david goodwillie to pair upfront with madine

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Not too sure about him, looks like another cast off {Ed046's Note - He is only 23 years old and Blackburn paid 2 million for him last summer. Not really a cast off and even if they were to sell him i doudt MM or DJ would stump up anywhere near that amount!

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Not gonna happen.

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Only seen him on tv he did not look fit and did not look interested.also he did not get picked a lot which suggest he wasnt up to the job even in blackburns poor team.

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