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09 Jan 2013 16:56:52
Dave Jones is going to try and resolve his striking woes by bidding for Swindon Town striker James Collins. This could be completed by then end of next week.

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Dont talk daft, Madine doesnt play enuf so he no chance

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Madines not cut for the championship yet. he's been given more of a chance than any other striker.

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Best move we could do is to sack Jones and try to bring in Ray Wilkins, He's worked under some great managers at Chelsea so knows what's needed and could probably get some decent cheap players in.

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So many of our so called true Owls ?have ruined this club with their constant moaning and bitching? yet they can't understand why we are in this desperate position. ? ? ?
Every time their mutiny? ? ? has removed managers and players and things have never got any better, yet they still continue. ? ? ?
It was exactly the same with GM. ? ?
Stability is the key as is the essence of time? ?

Lets focus?

On positives and ?

Help the club? Rather than hinder it??

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Appleton for a month or two anyone?

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Bring in the CRAB ?? do you want us to go down ??

Sack dj yes ! but no crab please !!

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Had a go at Coventry and didn't do anything. Only goal machine I know that doesn't score madine. Like to see a new face up top.

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09 Jan 2013 15:54:47
well it looks like Buxton's proposed move to QPR is close to being finalised then - bit gutted, always a favourite of mine. Can only assume that DJ and MM have someone in mind to fill the void.

Gutted Owl.

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From what we know of DJ he'll be trying to swap for Bothcrap, but MM will just want the money .
The fans are stuffed either way.

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Where does this info come from?

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I would hope so. We can not afford to be bringing players in that are not better than we let go.

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What the heck really weres evidence like ?

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How do u no this before sky sports or sheffield star?

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Probably a swine post.

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Sheffield star don't exactly have their fingers on the pulse, nor do SSN for that matter. I thought it was general knowledge now that this move was on the cards?

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For last post to say general knowledge it has to be same bloke as 1stpost who is obviosly a blunt or weed.
Why would QPR want Buxton?
No disrespect to Lewis but I'm sure Harry could put his hands on 5 better right backs in as many minutes.

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I speak to alot to Wednesday fans and most of them agree with me that mm should back us with quality players or sell club and let somebody else buy club who would invest and get a gud manager who can put pride into
our fantastic club

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Thought Lee looked pretty good there could think of better and worse players to go

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Think we would all like an ower with plety of cash? Think Milan would like to sell.But where are the potential buyers?

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^^ unfortunately Trigger has been reading the posts on here and has put the pieces together. The same old rants, from the same old culprits. Well done, true Owls, making us even more of a laughing stock.

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09 Jan 2013 20:19:14
And all the jones fanboys which are probably the same person keep saying stop moaning everthing will work out fine.
Bottom 3 poor team and we probably wont sign anyone this window as had been banded about.
No nothing to worry about. Keep smiling.

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Fact of the matter is, we will not sign or sell anyone till after Saturday, I'm thinking mm is giving him hull game to see what happens and if we don't get a result he will sack dj. No point in letting dj spend money if he will get sacked in a few days as who ever comes in will want there own players.

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10 Jan 2013 00:12:20
I can't see any support for the Buxton rumour, sounds like a load of 'pig swill!' I like Buxton as a player (he's a steady performer for us) but he is not even top end of the championship good let alone premiership standard,

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Fact of the matter is ! that we wont sign anyone fullstop ! because MM & DJ are just hoping to finish top of the 4 team league at the bottom of the table! and we all know that we will go down by at least 3 seconds of the season and someone like bristol or barnsley will nead to score 10 on the last day and they will !!

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Christ with all this negativity we may aswell volunteer to be relegated

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True. Try telling gramps and his FB friends that though.

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09 Jan 2013 10:49:35
Nick Powell joining on loan by the end of next week. Richard Chaplow looking for a move away from Southampton with Wednesday, Brighton and Huddersfield interested.

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If Nick Powell goes anywhere it will be to Posh with Fergie Jnr.

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Chaplow wouldn't be bad.. As for Powell I think we need experience at this level more than a progressing talent.

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He'd be class i think, Barkley and Powell, that would be scary. Unfortunately though, Fergies not going to send him on loan to us with us being in a relegation battle with his son's team.

Don't think Barkley will be allowed to return as i think he may be in Moyes first team plans for the second half of the season.

Ah well we can only dream...

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09 Jan 2013 00:10:36
Heard a very strong rumour we are to sign david goodwillie from blackburn. Whether this is a load or perm i dont no but something is happening.

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Just been listening to Ian Right and Alan Smith on the radio. They both agreed that Dave Jones must have something written in to his contract that prevents SWFC from sacking him. Maybe the pay off would be too much. Looks like no matter what DJ does we are stuck with him. If this is the case then who ever offered him the terms of his contract is to blame for what is happening at our club.

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Rodri going to Everton

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But yet jones doesnt play him, shocking!

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Rodri isn't playing coz he is unsettled, he also struggles with the language, just what we need in a relegation dogfight according to some deluded fans

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Sure he'll feel more settled in Liverpool, just like Barcalona !
I struggle with scouse?
All this proves is Rodris only problem was that DJ wouldnt pick him - like many others?
I posted weeks & weeks ago that Rodri would be another Cantona moment for the Owls, and even if this move doesn't happen I still think we will regret not giving him a chance.

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09 Jan 2013 13:01:44
Jones wants workers.He thinks rodri is a luxury player.
We dont just need workers we need some craft.
Rodri speaks enough english and hes unhappy with where he lives in Dore on a building site and also joining a poor team.
One day he will be a good player and we will look mugs.

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I heard that radio conversation between Ian Right and Alan Smith and what they said was absolutely spot on. When they said instead of building on last years success we just wanted a year in the championship for bigger crowd revenue and parachute payments next season after we get relegated I realised that maybe we have the wrong kind of owner aswell as the wrong manager. A new set up is now required, one that has the clubs success and future at the top of the list. We don't want to continue to be a toy for an owner to get himself media coverage and the fame we want an owner who wants what we want.... Success!!

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What parachute payment if we get relegated. You on this planet lad

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10 Jan 2013 00:27:55
Rodi is not even worth a place on the Worksop Town bench. We should sew him under the trades description act because he has never been a footballer. He is the Spanish equivalent of James O'Connor: no pace, can't tackle, can't pass, can't finish. He runs around like had headless chicken with no idea of what to do.
He is destined to go the same way as so many other player's that have passed though our doors over the years like Michele Di Piedi & Francesco Sanetti to mention a couple. Face he is CR*P.

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