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09 Dec 2012 14:29:45
Fans always blame the manager, but this time I do think were right to do so. Jones makes truly bizarre decisions and then tells everyone how good we are and it's just bad luck.

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MM needs to take a look in the mirror too. Yes he saved us and yes we are truely grateful but does this mean we have to never mention Milans mistakes or expect better guidance from him. Just because he picked us up while we were in bits does not excuse his running of the club when we can all see that the current manager needs binning and the sooner the better. Just because Milan installed DJ in the hot seat does that mean we have to sit back and watch him manage this club so ineptly that we are one almost certain to go down this season after the hard work that was done last season? My suggestion to Milan is bin Dave Jones right now (today) this minute and get us a manager that knows his arse from his elbow, a good player from a bad one, a good transfer target from a damp squid. A manager with a blood and thunder attitude that demands all 11 players give everything and nothing less. A manager that doesn't stick with a player in the hope that one day he may control the ball properly let alone score (sound familiar?). A manager that brings the players together for the fight, a togetherness that's been none existent all season. A manager that picks players that care as much as the fans do. Over to you MM.....

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"Wise Old Owl" well said mate it is what I and a few other old lads have been telling everyone

Pride and Passion thats what our players need, and someone to lead them into battle because I tell you this we are in a huge battle to stay in this league.

Milan must privately cursing himself for allowing DJ let the playing side go downhill so poorly and quickly

If the players put a shift in they get dropped and if they do sod all he sticks with them, so what does Milan expect

Jack Charlton told the directors exactly how it was.

Dave Jones tells Milan what he wants to hear and for now he sems to accept it but for god's sake wake up and smell the coffee Milan he is going to cost you a fortune in the end, you will have to pay him to go has DJ knows he his due some pay off and will not walk away

He says he can turn it round but can anyone see any light at the end of the tunnel

It will stillbe our team when they have both left Hillsborough so until then keep smiling at least we support the best
team in Sheffield

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We need a good man manager.
A man for the future who will be there for years and bring young players through.
I think Alan Curbishley myself but some don't rate him.
We shouldn't have got rid of Megson.We would have been in playoffs and i reckon we'd have gone up anyhow.
Even if we didn't, we'd have walked league one this year.
This season we'd have been going up with a strong foundation but as it stands ,we're going down.

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Totally agree with your comments on Megson.
MMs hasty decision to sack Megson because - "we couldn't afford to miss out on promotion" - will probably result in us being in Lge1 two years later !
Megson would have built and progressed, ironically what Jones keeps saying he does best ??
However not sure about Curbishley, I can see the similarity with Jones.
Big reputation with not a lot of evidence to support it.
Only been at two clubs , a promotion and a relegation in there, both London clubs too so never worked in North, not sure at all.

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Difference is though he worked on shoestring budgets.
Ok jones has this season but in the past he's had money.
Curbishley has a good reputation for bringing youth players through.
We did years ago when Jewell was in charge but they all seemed to disapear to the likes of leeds and the blunts.
I remember beating wimbledon and utd with really young sides.Future looked great but we were massively in debt if i remember.
Anyhow i understand Curbishley isn't everyones cup of tea.
Keegan is a pie in the sky name but christ if he was to come the players would get a lift i'm sure.
Long story short, jones needs to be sacked tomorrow.
No one could do a worse job, even Eustace :)

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Totally agree , change desperately needed, in fact a few weeks overdue.
If it was Curbishley , I wouldn't complain , and fail to see how anybody can do worse than our Dave !

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A manager that demands the players sweat blood. Gary Megson, Martin Allen, someone in this kind of mold. A manager that demands pride & passion nothing less. A manager that the players respect and the fans feel in touch with. Someone who's the opposite to Dave Jones.

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MM's made two bad decisions, sacking GM and appointing DJ. A new manager coming in will mean he's paying three managers salaries, (DJ's on a three and half year contract: it won't just be torn up), so the short termism has to stop and that may mean MM realising he has to be little more flexible in how he deals with his managers although you'd have thought he'd have learnt that by now. Of the names mentioned as coming in I can't really see any of them being right for us. And who of any standing and ability will want to come in and sort out the mess we are in. It may take some time to find the right man.

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I think Curbishley,Coyle or Davies or even Megson back would be good enough to get us to premier league.
Not sure how they would fair once we got there but i think they would get us there and thats the most important thing.
Any of those couldn't fail to improve the current situation.

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09 Dec 2012 10:35:25
Been to the club shop this morning and spoke to one of the gate men that I know slightly, he says that Jones has been called to a meeting with Milan and Aldridge. He says that he thinks the meeting is today and is not at Hillsborough.

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Milan probably rang the gateman first to tell him what was happening ??
Never met a gateman yet who didn't know more than the chairman about what's happening at the club ??

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Ha ha the good old man on the gate.
They see everything

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It's part of the job description .... check the ticket - open the turnstile - spread the rumours !

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Jesus I was told the same by the burger bar man outside The ground, must be truth about it. Said that MM came to him and ordered a Hot dog and a half a pounder with cheese with chips and a diet coke, then told him that DJ will be gone by this week, and don't forget the burger sauce, then farted and left. You all heard it first guys

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Get di canio in only man 4 job

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Not again ? He would be a bigger mistake than Jones !

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Di canio,brat chucks dummy out walked from us as soon as he could and a faschist would be the end of my club days,hate the man with a fury.was in stand when big jack was intrested and mate said come on jack take us on ,you would like that would you which myself and a few more said yes,That man saved us going to the wall the football was not pretty at times but got better and still some of my happiest times were when jack was manager,what i am trying to say jack had respect,and was a good coach ,WHEN jones has gone we need someone like it we missed the boat with mcarthy,ipswich will be up in 2 more seasons with him milan speculate to accumulate next season if we go downwhat will it cost,7-9 million crowds will drop apathy will set in.Thought long and hard next manager.curbishley.or a certain yorkshire lad keegan come to mind but feel in the end milan will go for a yes man,we really are at a crossroads,we should have stuck with signing a goalkeeper,a center half,midfielder,and striker,quality signings a spine to build from instead of some of the signings we have made that struggle to even get on the bench,I hope jones can turn us round but if we lose against barnsley it could be too late.

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Di canio left cause dave 20 face richards told danny yes man wilson to get rid of him cause he want the england chairman job thats why di canio left wot bad days they were & thank god blunts av him now & i don't even want to talk about richards the both r a joke

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What you say may be true but Di Canio is an unexploded bomb with a short fuse and always will be !
I dont want him anywhere near Hillsborough again and I know the majority of fans will feel the same .
But he shouldn't even be discussed for the job !
I've said before that the SWFC managers job is one of the toughest in football, and only a handful of people have ever been up to it !
After only 18months as a manager in lower leagues Di Canio is definitely not up to it ! Apart from all the other reasons !

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I believe Di Canio was looking for a way out regardless of Richards.
It was his opportunity to move to London and maybe more money.
He is a mad man and he will fall out with players and cause all sorts of hassle.
Wouldn't like to see him back

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I can understand everyone's nerves about Dicanio as a manager, I'm impressed with what he's at Swindon though. I'm not asking for him to be appointed but it really gets on my back if folk dis him from his playing days.

An absolute legend!

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Mm get him out and is shower of rubbish striker both on cloud cuckoo get DI CANiO in

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I said about Di Canio being a mad man.
He is lol but yeah he was a legend.
But i believe he didn't want to stay because he was on a sinking ship.
I wont hold that against him but i don't think he is the sort of manager we need.
Thats why i wouldn't like to see him back.

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Di Canio left because he got no support from SWFC at the time, Dave Richards wanted his cushy job with the FA and warned anyone involved with the club via a Memo I saw years ago that under no circumstances was anyone from SWFC allowed to speak to Di Canio or the press and him and the Media Team controlled all posts saying they had been trying to contact him etc, you can read Paolo's side in his Autobiography. We basically hung him and to dry and left him to it to make sure Dave Richards chance of getting the job with the FA didnt go up in smoke as he didnt want us to be seen publically as backing what Paolo did, hence Paolo not coming back and going West Ham in the end

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Di Canio is going to paint a different picture isn't he.
I think they could have treat him better but i think he wanted out anyhow.

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09 Dec 2012 09:39:11
Good old Dave !
Quotes from yesterday ..... The only way we get through this is to stick together - there is no I, it's all about we ...

Then when asked about yet another defeat he says ..... Well I didn't give two penalties away .... I didn't push the ref ! ....
Nice to know you take your responsibilities seriously Dave

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Need Megson back. Remember dave jones went up with Gary megsons team. Llera, semedo, Antonio, Marshall where all signed by Gary Megson and they where/are all quality players. Now dave jones has put his own team out look we've got pecnik,bothroyd, sidbe and loads of other crap player. If Gary Megson comes back he won't let this happen to our club because he's a true blue. He's got lots of passion and he can actually sign some quality players!!!

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Gary Megson will not be allowed past security or across the threshold until MM is gone.

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Megson won't be back while MM own the Club.

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More to the point, Megson madei it clear that he would love to come back .... When MM had gone !
They fell out because of false promises made by MM and his refusal to support Megsons very reasonable requests for more sensible investment.
The story will be told one day ?

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Yeah but would mm rather be stupid and risk the future of the club just over some argument hmmmmmm no he wouldn't because he we get relegated the value of the club will plumit down and let's face it mm wants a lot of profit from this club

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Dont be so nieve !
Do you really think men like MM turn round and say "I'm sorry Gary I got it wrong" ? (Even tho' he did !)
Thats why Jones is still here, because if MM sacks him hes admitting he got it wrong !
BUT we all know he was wrong anyway, and sooner or later hes going to have to get rid of him .
I'm sure he knows already that he should have done it sooner but HIS pride looks like costing him a fortune , and us .. OUR pride !

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It was the wrong decision at the time, but the run of wins Dj put us on and promotion means it was the right decision.

The wrong decision is how much time he's giving Dj now. If mm chokes up 20k per week for a player, why isn't he asking to get something in return?

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I see megson knocking around, as i don't live too far.
Next time i see him i'm going to plead that he rings mm up and buries the hatchett for the good of the club.
He's a completely different bloke to the way he comes across in business mode.

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Er i've spoke to him quite a few times,good bloke.
He is different to how he is on tv and radio.
And it would be better for the club if he came back.Even warnock would be welcome atm.
So why tick disagree?

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09 Dec 2012 06:55:56
I've got an awful feeling that MM is blinded by the DJ light for some obscure reason and that he will not be replaced until its too late. Its as if MM is in some sort of trance.

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Not at all, powerful rich men are never wrong .
He knows it was the right decision to sack GM and put DJ in charge ?
Trouble is he's prepared to wait while it's too late and we're relegated rather than admit he might just have got it wrong !

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How can you have any faith in MMs judgement now anyway?
Next manager could be worse than DJ ?
He's obviously NOT going to invest in the team !
Perhaps the sooner he gets what he wants FOR the club, the sooner we the fans get what we want FROM it ?

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