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09 Aug 2012 19:33:31
Heard from a good source that DJ will announce a 1 year loan deal with Kenwin Jones!

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Love it to be true, but can't see it at all

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Would love Kenwyne Jones, but I doubt it will happen.

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I posted that 3weeks ago and everybody laughed

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Here we go again recycling players who previously played for us. Think there must be half a dozen folks just keep placing same name over and over again and all absolute rubbish.

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Can't see this happening. Wish it would

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He is signing for aston villa

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The good source is?

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It's DJ Campbell who's coming on loan

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DJ Campbell is off to Blackpool for 1m.but also has to take a cut in wages source the sun

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Would Absolutely Love Kenwyne remember him in 2005, legend of a player very underrated.... but it will never happen.. wasn't he one of Stokes biggest transfers?

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09 Aug 2012 17:06:46
I've heard Wednesday might be signing Gary teale back please hope this isn't true

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I've heard pixies live in mushrooms. Probably same chance of both being true. Stop posting drivel

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Can't see this happening - not been Championship Level for many a year!

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Just been told by my Scottish work colleague Teale in talks with newco Rangers

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From who? Gary teale

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Teale had trial for a Glasgow old folks home 11, but was considered too slow ;-)

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09 Aug 2012 14:40:46
According to reports at the beginning of July a portuguese player called Paulo Regula was having a medical and ready to sign for Sheffield Wednesday. Since then nothing has been reported. Do you Eds or any other wednesdayites know what the result or what the latest is regarding Regula. I know we signed Digio Amado but Regula was also set to sign.

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Davd jones said we signed pecnik instead and this is on back burner now

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Dave Jones himself said that deal had been put on hold, presuambly because we had other targets in mind - maybe McCabe?

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Dave jones said the deal is on the back burner and doesn't think it will go ahead

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Jones said we stalled the deal and were trying to get other players instead

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Dj said he put signing on the backburner to look at other options

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Dave Jones said a couple weeks ago that that he decided against signing him.

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DJ put him on the back burner having concluded other signings. There is an interview with Radio Sheffield somewhere which confirms this.

Presume our interest has ended now

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DJ said that he didn't want him anymore to radio Sheffield!

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Didn't pursue our interest in him any further, he probably won't be signing

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Dave Jones said that this transfer was now on the back burner. Think after we signed McCabe.

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Wednesday backed off as they thought better fish to fry.

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Been put on the backburner the regula deal we may revisit it at some point. Ed you heard anything about liam lawrence signing? A pompey fan told me he believes hes s6 bound?

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So just to be clear then has Dj put this deal on the back burner! Jeez!

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If you didnt know, DJ has put this deal on the back burner

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09 Aug 2012 10:44:28
Just read on another site we are signing Lansbury and Lita.
Lets see if this is true. Take Lansbury not sure on Lita.

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What Site was that you read about the signings. Looked everywhere no mention on any sites I have read. Cheers

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Just found out from TalkSport. Lansbury is a wanted man. QPR, Swansea and Blackburn are ready to offer 3 Mil+ for his services. Cannot see Lansbury coming to Hillsborough not in a million years as a loanee or full transfer. I presume he would want to stay in the Premiership. Regarding Lita this would be a bad move. He has passed his best, like Kitson, Harewood etc. Cannot see DJ looking at these sort of players.

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Ricardo fuller to be unveiled tomorrow pm

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Can't see DJ looking at these players ? Harewoods on trial last time i looked.

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I wish fuller uto

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Doubt Fuller will sign, as much as I would love it, he may still be trying to move to an established championship team. I would have expected someone like Bolton or Blackurn fresh from the prem to jump at the chance of signing him tbh.

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I'd rather have a young sharp striker. Not a 32 year old who has lost his legs!

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We need pace after Marshall left we hve no fast wingers yes JJ but we need nother one uto !

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09 Aug 2012 09:47:51
"Rangers boss Ally McCoist has reluctantly accepted that USA Internationals Maurice Edu and Alejandro Bedoya are on their way out of the club on free transfers" - could we be looking at another raid north of the border as we do like a good free transfer ? LOL - source:SSN

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Might not be the same but actually saw a black Range Rover with EDU in the number plate the other day on London Road

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Nothing wrong with a freebie mate. If I remember correctly Brunt and Whelan were freebies?

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Both full international midfielders

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Could happen especially with Chris Lines getting injured as DJ has said he could dip into the market

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Wrong we paid a transfer fee for burnt and whelan

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Brunt was released by Middlesborough after being told he wasn't good enough to be promoted from the Academy. Turner signed him on a free transfer.

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09 Aug 2012 09:44:46
Danny Batth to Wednesday on a full transfer.Hasn't been given a squad number by Wolves and wont be playing much first team football.

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{Ed046's Note - Danny Baath has got squad number 25 at Wolves}

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He said he wanted to stay and fight for a place in team. which is only fair considering he supports wolves

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Quite clear when manadaric interviewed they would not be pursuing him, get the feeling thought to be not quite good enough for Championship.

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No, he's good enough for the championship and he's openly said he is going to play for a place. Add to that he has a squad number and this post looks to be absolute codswallop. Manderic stopped chasing him because it was clear he didn't want to return. Fair play, he wants to play for his own team.

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09 Aug 2012 08:34:04
how did the trialists perform last night,were any of them good enough to earn a contract

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Harewood hat trick rest played well

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08 Aug 2012 21:40:30
Swfc will confirm signing of Simeon Jackson before start of season after failing to land Jay bothroyd an dj cambell

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Garbage pal

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Simeon Jackson, hahh! I know theres rumours but then this old tripe!

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08 Aug 2012 21:29:16
good summer so far in friendlies and transfer market -- but who is responsible for new web site -- I've stopped using it , am I so incompetent or is any one else also struggling with it ?

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Not just you pal...its shocking!!

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Nowhere near as good as last year's. Why do folk think they have to update what is working well ? It is very muddled !

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Fully agree it is a shambles, the drop down menus are poor and if you use touch pad virtually impossible to use. Also it is too dark though permenatly in twilight. Problem with player Mandaric interview has never worked.
Also tries to flog you player, goods etc even if you have them. An absolute shocker.

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I dont like it either. Very hard to navigate round the site!

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The SWFC website is one of the worst I have ever used! Who the hell signed that one off? Needs changing ASAP & someone needs sacking!?! Love using the site for news but no more! D {Ed046's Note -

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I have emailed the club to complain , if more do that we might get it fixed ?

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It isnt SWFC themselves all football league teams signed up to a company who have revamped them. It is very poor indeed but at the same time something SWFC dont have much say about due to the contract in place

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Im pleased my feelings towards this absolute shocking mess isnt just with me. I used to have the swfc as my homepage but have stopped that from now on. I find the new site virtually unusable and how its passed accessibility I will never know. Im a web designer and know for a fact I could do a better job than that. Its like a first year uni project!

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Have you tried looking at it on your mobile - impossible! {Ed003's Note - They have made an announcement that the sites are having problems and in turn these give feeds to the mobile apps and are hopeful that all will be well by the start of the season,don't hold your breath, I find the new sites awful,just my opinion,oh and if you subscribe to the mobile app I would get in touch for a refund whilst it is down}

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08 Aug 2012 20:17:51
who's sweets center back playing against killie for owls tonight and who's.Dawson on bench?

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Gill swerts and Cameron dawson. Swerts is a Belgian international who plays right back playing for feyenoord and Dawson is academy keeper

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