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08 Nov 2013 14:43:20
McPhail to sign till end of the season in Jan

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We can't afford him

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How can't we afford him already paying his wages and there is no transfer fee

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Taylor, McGuire, Lavery, McCabe and Coke from first team squad plus two or three from the development squad.

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It won't be coke going. Please use your brain. Coke is going 2 be used. Corry will b the 1 going out.

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Persuading them to go may be difficult

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I use my brain and I listen to what is said, Jones said that he wants to get four players out on lone, he also said that he has had enquiries about Taylor and Coke and it is up to the powers that be, as who goes out on lone. We have to be careful with the wage bill and DJ says still wants to bring in a couple more players so some players will have to go out on lone. If you listen to what is said in interviews and digest the information given it is amazing what you can learn.

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Knew last week was a 1 off, can't wait for dj`s excuses, too cold maybe

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He played an unchanged team this week so how can it all be down to dj? Do you think he sets his team up to not have a shot on target?

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Well he has done in other games, example being not starting with a striker, as I say, last week a 1 off

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Dont think jones said that. Why would he let coke go out when he's been using him. U sound as bright aa dave jones!

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That was djs downfall he played the same team and same tactics so all derby had to do is watch reading game and see where they went wrong and be better, hense us not having a shot on goal! uto xxx

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08 Nov 2013 12:16:37
Dave jones as said on radio sheffield he would like to get 3 or 4players out on loan to get some 1st team action.

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Lavery. corry. any other suggestions. ? uto xxx

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McCabe and Lambin

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Lavery should be in 1st team squad, he's scorin for fun. Even though we paid 300k for Maguire jones dunt rate him. He was in derby's 1st team squad an playin games. so wots the point of loanin him out. he bought him when he was playin games but dint play him now. So he won't play him again after loanin him out ffs. mik

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You may be right mik but would get him off the wage bill at least. Brommers

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08 Nov 2013 10:09:55
DJ enquiring about Wilfried Zaha joining on short-term loan to gain match experience. Heard directly from Nick Powell (former Man U, Crewe & now Wigan). Leeds Utd & Newcastle also interested.

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Lol that's hilarious

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I've heard David Moyes does tend to ring his loanee players up discussing transfer issues

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No chance

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The enquiry is true, my nephew is on Man U's books and told me about it as he knows Zaha. However, it won't be Wednesday at the moment.

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The enquiry might be real but it is a really cheeky one. Zaha will go on loan to a premiership team, I heard he will go back to Palace.

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No Moyes won't discuss his transfer policy with players but the players will talk amongst themselves and to there friends.

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