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08 May 2013 19:33:56
Marlon Pack has been in contact with dave jones and will sign a two year contract in the next couple of weeks you heard it here first

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I hope not! although he might be ok in the lower leagues? he certainly isn't any better than what we have had in our midfield for the last 10 years! which is average players that can't thread a pass to a striker to save their lives!

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McCabe is very good at threading passes through but rarely gets picked

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Mccabe is still learni g his trade! we can hardly make him the midfield general now can we! you obviously never watched waddle or sheridan then?

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Pack is an excellent, elegant holding midfielder, and by far the best League Two player. Wouldn't be against him signing for Wednesday.

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Darren Barr is better than him, and free at Hearts still only 27. Could do well if we go in for him. And can play right across the back four, every team needs a utility man. He is a Scottish international good passer and strong. Be better having his experience as a winner, than signing some guy from League two. Who has not played in any top flight, against quality teams like Celtic.

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I watched Waddle and Sheridan plenty but get realistic we will have to gamble on developing promising young players like McCabe, Corry and Maguire these lads need to be playing regularly.

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Re Waddle and Sheridan: if we are in the Field of Dreams, remember Quixall and Kay? Now there WAS a midfield, though we didn't use the word "midfield" back then.

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I'd go with Sheridan and Waddle.

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Who would do the tackling?

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Neither of them two. Probably the defenders and holding midfielders.

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08 May 2013 16:37:08
21 year old Sebastien Hery who was in our development squad has signed a 1 year deal with rochdale

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His name is bastien Hery not sebastien hery

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Close enough :)

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08 May 2013 16:35:58
This is a bit left field but it's something I've been told today so I suppose this is the place to post it, I've not heard of dave jones leaving but from a friend who is usually not far off the mark I've heard that MARK HUGHES as had a meeting with Wednesday not Milan. Make of it what you will.

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OMG. Hope not - big name, poor record.

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Mmm seems as though Weed still can not let it go. Thinkof most rubbish manager possible and put spurious connection on rumour page.

Heard from good source Prutton and Taylor are being lined up for Leeds.

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And why would we want mark HUGHES it just doesn't make sense at all tbh

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Dont post such drivel, get on your own clubs forum and amuse yourself on there site why should milan sack jones, the development is producing prospects so we are fine with dj at the helm.

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Please god no! he has destroyed every club he has been too he is useless

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