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08 May 2012 13:08:33
Sheffield Wednesday are looking at Alex Bruce as back up in case they are unable to secure the signing of Danny Batth. The 27 year old has been released on a free transfer by Leeds United.

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We got rid of him a few years ago so doubt we want him.

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We got rid of Jamie Vardy and turned down players such as Jaap Stam, Cantona, Cameron Jerone etc so that argument is pointless but I still wouldnt want Bruce as he isnt particularly very good!

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Please point out which ones of those we have signed after releasing?

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Haha that made me laugh

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I hope Bruce has improved. Little more than average for me last time he was with us

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Bruce is terrible - god no

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Alex Bruce only ever on loan so never released.

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Never got rid of jamie vardy pal just turned him down, just like jordan bowery! big mistakes

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Can't believe you compared stam and cantona to cameron ****in jerome!

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08 May 2012 12:21:18
Michail Antonio will be signed up permanetly soon. Wednesday are also weighing up offers for young stars Gary Mackay-Steven, Ryan Hall, Paul Taylor and Charlie Austin. Also contracts may be offered to the experienced Championship level campaigners Grant McCann and Paul Green. A offer should also be made for Danny Batth but if that fails then Dave Jones may switch his sights on linking up again with former Cardiff star James Collins.

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Hope this is true at least in part. McKay-Steven is a talent and left sided forward which is what we need. Austin is also a proven goalscorer at Championship level and we will sign at least one more forward. Green is a good solid hardworking player and again in area we need.

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I have the greatest admiration for DJ's ability to handle difficult players and to get the best out of them, but suspect that Ryan Hall would be a real challenge,even for him

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08 May 2012 10:17:25
Alan judge to be pinpointed as a possible move for around 300k from notts county

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Why are we wanting to sign league 1 players when we are now a championship side. We want better players who can play at this level at football. UTO

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Isn't he the Irish Messi? Paul Merson on soccer saturday said he could see why he was brilliant!

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Paul merson knows nothing

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Judge was impressive against us at Notts County, their only decent player and scores some good goals. Would be a good signing.

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MM has stated that he will give DJ the money for players n wages to strengthen squad to championship level that will take us up, so cant see us goin to lower levels for players

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If they're good enough to make the step up then whats the problem with signing league one players? We've made loads of mistakes before in signing better-known players who haven't performed for us.

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Why not just because they are at a lower level doesnt mean they are good enough, jamie vardy is supposed to be too good he played last season in the conference, wouldnt sign le fondre as he was in league 2 and look what happened to him, if your good enough your good enough full stop, if you hadnt noticed we have a squad of league one players already

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Wednesday have made mistakes signing players at all levels and also had some success. Fully agree there are good players to be found at lower levels. Judge is an ok player and may get by at Championship level but in my opinion will not be part of a succesful Championship side. Think we need players who have that extra something and he just does not do it for me. If he had been turning in great performances he would be being touted round for considerable more than 300,000. He is probably a 150,000 player at best.

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