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08 Mar 2012 12:27:51
Jones is trying to nick Robbie Fowler from under the noses of Blackpool - Blackpool Fan

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Well he did reject a 90 quid per week bid from blackpool lol if we offer him 100per week maybe a deal..? lol UTO WTID

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If we sign fowler im going to slit my throat . come on wednesday , were looking forward not backwards. tell you what id raher have jeffers back and thats sayin something pft

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Does he come with his own zimmer frame

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Why is there all these different names that come on this website and they never sign

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Big clearout in summer. Milan to spend big if we reach championship then a target return to the premiership

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Whos all these muppets disagreeing , are you all stupid? fowler is about 70. come on now , get real

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No he's 34ish mate

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"Milan to spend Big" next joke please!

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What , and you think hes a top striker do you pal? maybe in the early 90's .

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Yh he's top class better than any of the wanna be's we have! Ogrady shocking, lowe shocking, but i suppose maybe madine could be alright if he layed off the booze! Jonesy sign him up Jonesy Jonsey sign him up!

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08 Mar 2012 00:23:57
I've got it on good authority that Stephen Henderson of Portsmouth will join us this week,lord only knows why we need a goalkeeper,but that's what I was told.
My source is my mate who's best friends with beevers.

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John percy also belives were intrested in hederson. Maybe weavers time is up.

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Yh cos im sure all the managers inform Beevers of there targets

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Not at all,he's been to hillsborough for talks & shown around the training ground,beevers thinks weaver is about to retire through injury.

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Just been talking to Beevers down Nandos and he tells me he's the brains behind the whole club and that Milans just a front man {Ed003's Note - Spicy ?}

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The post above is a joke i dont really eat at Nandos!

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