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08 Jun 2012 23:32:40
marvin emnes could be on his way to, don't no how true this is just heard it in the cafe today

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I would defo take Marvin Emnes I think that's the kind of striker we need got pace, skill and can finish.

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08 Jun 2012 21:39:48
Wednesday have sighned joe matock on a three year deal

source swfc web site

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Really think this is a great signing good young full bak

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08 Jun 2012 20:49:29
heard bradford in for JJ

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Really hope so,he's been a total waste of money,let's get some young un in

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Waste of money, he cost peanuts about ten years ago yes he is inconsistent but he's been a good servant to the club.

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Agree with both the above JJ has been fine for what we paid but he is inconsistent and if he goes it won't be the end of the world.

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Waste of money idk how you think them up. he was our player when we got relegated and his hot streak this season helped win promotion and hes exciting which is what we need more of.

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08 Jun 2012 18:45:53
owls to sign mcguire, antonio, amado and mattock. And still there will be more to come within the transfer window.

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Amado allready here

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U mean maguire lol i hope he we dont sign him he has a poor goal scoring record for a striker rather go for someone like blackstock or in the same pedigree for championship level

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DJ must have seen something in him, his form was ok at Portsmouth nothing better.

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08 Jun 2012 17:43:54
Direct from an insider at bramall lane, ask no questions and il tell no lies
Kevin McDonald is to sign for the owls, and trust me the piggies raved about him with good cause!

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He was useless in Championship that is why he ended up playing at titanic.

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I originally posted the mcdonnald thing sorry ppl may not like it ect that's fine! I'm not saying I'm in great favour it's just something I over heard waddle saying to his friend true or waddle talking rubbish!? Who knows.I certainly dont.a/I am wtid and b/I don't answer my own as! I'm not that sad and for the person askin where the info was from read above or learn to read back ie th 7th when I first stupidly decided to tell you what I heard uto

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Still bet we dont sign. also i bet hes not even that good seen as you only have to be half decent to stand out in uniteds team. another thing how many people know insiders at bramall lane because they all seem to be tellin lies so far....

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I have some agreement with your comment but please explain to me when waddle has been anything to do with the inside of the lane?!

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08 Jun 2012 16:16:21
Mcdonald is at at Middlewood rd now! Doing some work nearby, just seen him.

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He plays for Sheffield United. He lives in sheffield... Once I saw Gary madine on west street, maybe he will sign for blades

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Did u see pele too

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And did you see dany murphy as well

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Are we signing evans when he gets out aswell?

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I saw Pele at Hillsborough when he played for Santos against the MASSIVE

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Whiff of pork about some of these rumours.

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08 Jun 2012 16:10:23
Joe mattock has signed, maguire at hillsborough now! This is 100 percent!

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Good early call. Seems likely that maguire will sign when window officially opens as it's not a free. what's your source? Also Antonio is expecting to see nyoni at training so looks like that might happen?

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08 Jun 2012 15:01:45
will mcdonald sign?

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There is one clown on this forum pushing this I suspect he has a red and white shirt.

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08 Jun 2012 14:55:24
Wednesday to sign mcdonald, maguire and mattock next week

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I'm sick and tired of rumours about us signing piggies. There is no reliable rumour linking us to any of them. I suspect it started as a wind up and has got out of hand. We can get better more experienced players and cheaper.

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Al believe when i see it lol uto

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I have heard we are not signing McDonald, also the Maguire deal is way off.

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I'm an owl, but to all the other owls who think McDonald is rubbish you have clearly never seen him play, he's strong, got great stamina and has great vision to create chances. Plus he's young so can still improve, I'd be very happy with him on a free.

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It's a good job there are plenty of rumours flying around because there's absolutely nothing happening at all in the real world. Unless......

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08 Jun 2012 12:18:29
Sheffield uniteds mcdonald looks like swapping the lane for hillsborough, whoever posted this rumour a few days ago, it looks like you were spot on!

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Good signing if true

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Thank you . It was the first time I had posted on here with any information ect as I'm not a person to make rubbish up. I'm sure he will be a good signing

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Doubt it very much where is it then if its happening?

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Curious as an owls fan if this is true pleas tell me where your fountain of all knowledge has come from then.? :) UTO

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Where is it documented that MacDonald is signing for Owls. This looks as if it all has been posted by one person.

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I have heard of people talking to themselves but never answering own questions in writing. Above is proof clealy first 3 by same guy plus other MacDonald rubbish on here.

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Don't you see, it's MacDonald himself posting in here! Just like Michael Owen is posting of a new 5 year contract in Man United's room

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08 Jun 2012 11:04:45
I know it may be old news but it says in today's standard that Fulhams Danny Murphy is poised to join Sheff Weds in a player/coach role.

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Yes it is old news lol. we all know he's about to sign for us. more up to date news required please lol.

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Think he'll be more coach. Very clever player will be a good manager in the future.

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Thia would be a great signing even if its just mainly a coach role! plays the game in the correct manner, but if plays will be up there with best players in the league as he showed his dominance in the Prem last year

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Gardner's wife doesn't want to move to Sheffield, don't know why because she has meadowhall. Heard this in the megastore yesterday, hope it's a lie because he was impressive at Hull but was always injured. DJ needs to bring in some good players soon, Nathan Delfeunso from Villa?

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Danny Murphy will not come to Wednesday you daft? He's rubbish anyway.

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Would love it to be true but dont think we can afford his wages

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Danny Murphy maybe in his mid 30's but he'll still do a good job for Wednesday over a year or two. OTO FTB

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Danny Murphy still has a massive amount to offer as a player, he's only missed a dozen games in last 5years in Prem.
He was Fulham captain last year in Prem.
He is well known throughout the game for his footballing brain and would be a massive influence if we can bring him to S6 ....... fingers crossed !!

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QPR are after him. Can't see us landing him to be fair

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We're a bigger club than QPR and wouldn't surprise me if Milan offered him a bit more for his wages, however Danny Murphy will think to himself 'which club can get to the premier league quicker' QPR have more money but I really can see us been at the top flight in 2/3 years! UTO FTB

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QPR are already in the Premier League and have got a much bigger budget than us.

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Which club can get to the premier league quicker? I may be mistaken but i'm fairly certain that it will be QPR considering they are already there.

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08 Jun 2012 09:08:27
joe mattock to sign within next two days

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Hope this happens good young left back /wing back

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Dj is signing players who he obviously thinks are the pick of freebies that he thinks will take the club forward the ones that command a fee will come later I am impressed so far

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