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08 Jul 2013 22:17:05
Wigan sniffing round Antonio, trying to land him for £1.5m. no chance!

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Hope not, most exciting player in the squad!

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If you compare him to gayle and zaha he must be worth at least 7 million

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Worth At Least £5 mill definitely not less

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Don't hold your breath! If that gets to say £2.5m he'll be gone: remember, bottom line, the Chairman is a businessman and 200%+ profit may well be a no-brainer to him. Don't get me wrong I want Antonio to stay but you've got to separate emotion from business. If its true it will certainly be a test of his commitment to this Club.

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What 1.5 mil for Antonio and 3 mil for Mcquire sounds like blades speek.

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Worth more then that uto xxx

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More realistic price, double what we paid. But I think it's 2. 5 before we should say yes.

That's a lot of money to us.

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Whose worth more than that uto, Antonio or mcquire xxx

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I agree with one of the posts above who said if Antonio rumour is correct this will be a very good test for MM commitment to the club and its success, if a good sale fee on the table! I hope this rumour has no ground to it, we need Antonio!

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This is weed or blunt trying to stir up a reaction do not give them any credit just ignore or let them know how daft they are.

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Are we still on about this old news. Dj and mm both said we had no interest off any club. Antonio will still be running up and down the right for us next season

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If we sell Antonio for 3 million we can buy Ben Marshall to replace him

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He is our most exciting & best attacking player, however I don't think any of us think he is as good as we thought he was going to be based on his Div 1 form. Therefore I think it would be good business, £1. 5 -2.5m would get us 2 or 3 decent bosmans on decent wages. Sometime managers have sell valuable assets to get better/more assets

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To the post above, if you are not happy with how he performed then maybe expectations were too high. It was his first season in this division and he is still quite young. I'm sure he'll be even beter this season as most people need time to adapt to the intensity of a higher league

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It's alright saying 2. 5 will be good business but he has a sell on clause of 25 percent to reading so that takes it down to 1. 562 mill so not much profit there tbh

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If gayle is worth 6. 5 + add ons antonio is worth 12 million

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Good maths with the 25% sell on fee think you'll find it's 1. 875

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08 Jul 2013 16:15:50
jeremy helan could be on his way to swfc, according to skysport news, face competition from wolves tho, mjr

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That is true uto xxx

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We're it say this?

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Helan said he dosnt want to play in league 1 so surely that counts wolves out and paves way for us. UTO

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Read above before posting. The post said according to tv!

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Wolves then cus they got more money than us cus he won't be cheap. Just hope mm puts the money up for him cus it would be a good signing uto

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I liked Halen. But we have signed Maghoma nad giving trial to Kevin Diaz both left sided wingers.
Maghoma can play in other areas not sure about Diaz but is we signed Diaz and halen seems one too many.

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08 Jul 2013 18:32:24
Sheffield Wednesday are leading
the chase for former Chelsea
youngster Nortei Nortey.
The highly-rated 18-year-old left
Chelsea's academy at the end of last
season after a couple of knee
injuries hampered his progress.
Now fully fit, Nortey has a number of
Championship and League One clubs
keen on taking a look at him.
that Wednesday have now moved
into pole position to land the
Hammersmith-born full-back and he
is due to train with them this week.
Should Nortey sufficiently impress
manager Dave Jones, he could be
offered a deal as he looks for a
replacement for Hayden White, who
joined Bolton earlier this summer.

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Yes wolves have parachute payments but there revenue will have dropped massively and states no club can Lose 8 mill in a year which they will if they go around buying players whilst they still have players on massive wages

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08 Jul 2013 19:06:19
but wolves are in a worse situation than us? heard mattock to carlisle

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08 Jul 2013 19:17:18
Competition from wolves?

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I'd take Helan defo! From what i've seen of him he can blow hot and cold but he's got ability and he's young and a bit raw. We need these players who can develop over a few seasons to either make the team stronger or have good resale value above what we pay.


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Joe Mattock to Carlisle? That's an insult to the lad. He's one of the few good natural left footed players around and it's a shame he's not in favour with DJ.

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Nortei Nortey. Were his parents Sid James and Barbara Windsor?

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Having seen a picture of him I can most certainly say they were not his parents.

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As funny as it is Nortei Nortey is a real player - and according to Wikipedia, looks like he was released by Chelsea in May.

Along with Ross Turnbull, who would be a good signing.

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Nortey has had 3 knee injuries in 2 years. When fit he is excellent would get in Wednesdays first team no probem. He is very fast and is good offensively and defensively. We have good record with injuries and keepng players fit. He is definitely worth taking a chance on many young players gets knocks in first coupe of years and then learn how to avoid injury and are reliable.
Interesting to hear DJ say that we had 7 or 8 first year professionals pushing for places last year he said there was none. If we can get a couple playing well in first team it will be great news.

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08 Jul 2013 13:59:41
Heard Diaz has been offered a contract. Not sure about the other 2 yet.

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That would be Cameron I take it ha ha

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Kevin Diaz - French player from Nice

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I am aware of Diaz and the bloke from Monaco but do we know who the other Trialist is?

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Oh my daiz another awesome signing uto xx

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Diaz from Nice is the one on trial, I have seen Twitter reports indicating it was another Kevin Diaz who plays in Holland,
He was the guy who played on left wing.

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Assume this guy is for 1st team not development squad. DJ said out of the 3 trailists, 1 was for senior. Diaz is 24!

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Jonesy has no idea how many there his, its gray who does ringing and fetching them in, jones picks the squad from what he's got, gray does donkey work getting them in,

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It is the Megson fan who has not moved making absolutely rediculous statements again. GM's gone he will not return, just acccept our manager and get behind him.
I draw your attention to Alex Fergussons leaving speech when he told all of the fans to support your manager. It is the only way for a club to be succesful.

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Not sure about trialists - look how poor Pecnik was. Helan is tried and trusted, terrific last season and still young. He would be a big priority for me. Hope DJ and MM feel the same.

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