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08 Jul 2012 23:05:12
New signing to be announced tomorrow afternoon.

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Is this same guy who promised something last Monday and Tuesday

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Thought to be Norris from Portsmouth - looks like Varney is off to Leeds

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Well its Monday afternoon, whats going to happen?

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Probably nothing mate it wont be norris today as there is complications at pompy end so paul walker frm radio sheff has said

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08 Jul 2012 20:11:53
Paulo Regula is set to join Sheffield Wednesday for nominal fee from Portugese top division side Olhanense. He is an attacking midfielder and Dave Jones has confirmed that if wrapped up he will be with the first team squad rather than the development like fellow compatriot Diogo Amado.

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08 Jul 2012 20:08:18
Luke Varney has a straight decision of whether to join Leeds United or Sheffield Wednesday as he has held talks with both clubs in the previous week.

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I like varney and appreciated his work rate a lot, but uncertain of his goal scoring credentials. Maguire is more of a creative striker and I have doubts Madine will keep up the scoring of last season (beginning of).

I also know that maguire got 2 goals from 3 starts at Derby, but thats not conclusive.

Discuss. {Ed003's Note - In recent years Varney has played as either a left winger or the old fashioned inside left so his scoring record should not really come into it,more what he brings to the attacking side of play}

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Agree Ed, Varney had some indifferent games when he was here , but seen him have some great games for Blackpool & Portsmouth since. Assists are just as important , like the pros all say it doesn't matter who scores the goals as long as somebody does !!
Also to add to comment about Maguire, I think he will make a name for himself at S6. He has bags of ability and has come to us at the perfect time in his career, if he settles in OK he will be terrific for the team.

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Like I said I wasn't being negative and I see the contribution players make rather than just scoring stats. I was just pointing out that you can only get an assist if someone puts it in the back of the net. I'd love him to be part of the squad and am positive about what Dj is doing, but would be a lot more comfortable with a proven scorer in the side.

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He doesnt score enough goals {Ed046's Note - But he does have pace which oppostion defenders do not like. This also creates space for the other forwards!

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I thought he was good.

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08 Jul 2012 20:06:58
David Norris has a plethora of clubs to choose from in the coming week of who to join. SWFC being one of them.

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08 Jul 2012 16:59:36
No need for us to be after harewood anyone else agree ?????

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That's the last player we need - useless last season can't improve now at 32

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I think we need another striker maybe not harewood but cog is not good enough

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Would rather see ex piggy darius henderson, or matty phillips from blackpool would be dreaming if we signed him i think him and madine would be an absoulte force!!

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Don't know why everybody is getting steamed up about Harewood - if he's not up to it he won't be offered a contract , if he is considered up to it then I would definitely back Dave Jones opinion over anybody else on here .

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08 Jul 2012 13:29:18
Wednesday after Jose Baxter after he rejected contract

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Good player can't see it, will probably sign for a team in premier then out on loan to a championship team!

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Heard this in one of today's papers

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08 Jul 2012 13:20:11
we are after ishmael miller

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Where have you heard this?

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Forest won't let him go until they have money as there squad is quite small

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08 Jul 2012 00:26:24
We trying to sign biel mosni or how ever you spell it he's from southend and blackpool had a bid rejected for him when I've seen him play thought he was bait c lumsy but in Dj we trust

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Claims that we have put a bid in have been denied. Another wrong rumour.

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Its impossible to say that a rumour is wrong, very few clubs admit to putting offers in for players and to be fair, a rumour is just that a rumour! if it was not then this would be called the SWFC Fact sight, some people really need to take a step back before shooting others down in flames for posting something that they have heard, if you wan to deal in cold hard FACT then take a look at the official site every now and then.

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Don't shoot the messenger, the star put out the story then radio sheff said owls denied putting a bid in.

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07 Jul 2012 23:01:19
Looks like harewood might be on his way, source sky sports news, DJ offered him a trial/chance to earn a contract

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On his way where ? Out or In ? Hope it's out

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I posted the thread about Harewood about three weeks ago now, old news

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Keep up this was announced 3 weeks ago!

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I am not sure about this one, we have the 2 (3) if you count COG big strikers now, I would like to see a box player coming in, someone small nippy and nimble to play off a big man.

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Please let it be out. Mark bright the second 100 shots 1 goal and that was a lucky deflection, nightmare!

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Whats with all the bad boys beig linked with uswe trying to get a crazy gang together dont be surprised if joey barton is linked next and vinnie jones as djs number2!

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Small box player - like Owen?

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Agree with the comment about the crazy gang - we really need to finish each game with eleven men on the field. I know DJ is said to be good with the bad boys, but there is no point in looking for trouble

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