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08 Jan 2013 21:15:35
Nahki Wells to sign for £350,000 from Bradford on three and a half year deal

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Just watching thr game and I think it might take more than 350k to get nahki wells

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I doubt we would have got promoted if Chedward didn't get locked up, no offence cos I hate the Blunts.
It was premature, with a team that was designed for division one.
MM isn't going to put the amount of money that some of our fans expect into our club. But he did help us survive and without him we would probably be a Tesco's right now.
DJ is having a nightmare, but he is developing a youth structure for the future. He certainly does not have the resources. Also, he has tried all the players that people are calling for but it never got any better.
This season we have found a few gems in McCabe, Corry and Lee, however, they do need more experience. Hopefully, Helan too.
We have a large fan base and stadium but we have been a long way from being massive for many years, and Rome was not built in a day.
Rodri was Barca B which doesn't amount to much. Hemroyd and Mama needed match fitness at a lower standard than the premiership, therefore likewise.
I don't really understand why some fans are expecting the massive yesterday.
Yes you can slag this comment, or get over excited but its simply reality... We just are not good enough yet.

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So after playing some of his best games of his career. Out of all the possible clubs he is immediately coming to Sheffield Wednesday. Or have you just watched the Bradford game and decided to put it on here? I think we can guess...

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We were linked with him before the transfer window but having seen some of his displays recently I doubt we will afford him now

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08 Jan 2013 20:45:11
Wednesday to sign Gary Taylor- Fletcher

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Nothing against GTF, but if this happens it would be a disaster because it would mean Jones is staying.

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Don't like to say it but, sadly, Dave Jones looks set to stay

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08 Jan 2013 19:41:33
Nile Ranger to sign on loan till the end of the season

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No, your alright son, I'd rather have Douglas bader..!

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He would better over two legs lol

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08 Jan 2013 19:06:23
Milan, Aldridge and Jones having a meal at St Pauls Hotel in Sheffield looks very un-comfortable.

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Must be oysters.

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Are you there watching them

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Them chairs are a killer

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08 Jan 2013 19:45:18
Wednesday are set to sign leroy lita jamie vardy and ross barkley by around a weeks time lita could be signing in the next 48 hours!!!!!

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We won't be signing anyone until we no save jones future at the club

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Dave jones has got to go .

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Dave jones out. not next week, not tomorrow, now!!!!!!!!! he's murdering our club day by day and milan is sitting watching him do it. what are they up to?? is it a business thing?? we know milan can be fatal when he wants rid of a manager as gary megson found out after all the success he brought us so alterier motives must be at work. what we need is an owner that's screaming out for victories game in and game out and a manager that wants the same. a winning team off the pitch aswell as on it.

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08 Jan 2013 20:46:05
Scissors, paper, stone to see who pays bill

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Hope Milan slips him his P45 with the bill, how long can this go on, clear to the majority I think now that Jones has to go and quickly

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Dave Jones should have been sacked 2 months ago he is taking our club backwards its about time milan pulled that trigger !

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Jesus, DJ has been doing alot of work at the club, last summer was about making a squad big enough to compete. Most of the players bought are young and will need time, this is what DJ does buy young cheap players and bring them on. Patience is key in this transitional period we will be great under DJ just wait! UTO

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The above is MM policy too. Megson fan club do not realise he would not compromise with MM hence relationship broke down and why he spends more time not working than working. Just give it a rest you are just making us look fools in eyes of every other club.

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08 Jan 2013 15:14:36
Alan Lee of Huddersfield to sign for you this week.

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I really hope not. He's a right donkey

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I seriously hope not! What a *** of a player he is!

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Dave jones for the sack I think if Wednesday do not get a win against hull

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Some people eed to realise if you are not given the readies difficult to brinng in quality. QPR heavily sponsored our signing of Boothroyd on grounds he would play if fit. Also Milan will only spend decent money to buy young players which can be developed and sold on. Hence limited money availble for experienced signings, we all knew needed new players for this league and in end we made desperate plunge for Taylor etc as we could not afford others on offer.

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Wednesday to sign Leroy Lita on loan for rest of the season.

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Rob Earnshaw, Leigh Griffiths, Niall McGinn all targets for Mr Jones

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Martin Taylor, Daniel Jones and Chris Maguire all set to leave s6

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It seems crazy to me, got the club at next to nothing, talk of back to the prem or where it belongs to be, money in the bank but nothing to spend!?

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08 Jan 2013 14:06:00
michael chopra to sign on loan after falling way down pecking order at ipswich

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So we want him because he's that good he's way down order at another struggling team?

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Great sign somebody who not good enough for ipswich! Sounds about right

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We could sign the most in form striker in the country but that does not guarantee goals unless the team creating chances which we are not

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I know this is rubbish because a new striker is already in the bag. Alan Lee is signing for Wednesday by the end of the week on a full time basis. Also Gary Madine is going back to Carlisle on a 6 week loan deal rather than as assumed Swindon. I've never rated Alan Lee but he may make a good target man for our speedy wingers.

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08 Jan 2013 13:43:28
Kieron dyer just spotted at s6

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Just left qpr and jump to s6 in 10mins from london to sheffield, yeh sure ;) lol xx

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Lame rumour

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I think he meant Essex, lol

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Yeah he got injured walking up the steps of hilsborough

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08 Jan 2013 12:49:24
Kieron Dyer has been released by Queens Park Rangers. the prem may be too much for him now, but he could do a great job in the championship, dont think we could afford his wages though ?

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If he is not fit enough for the prem then he won't be fit enough for the championship either which is more high tempo. It's only wen u step down to semi pro that u allow ur body to recover and get through games

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I think he could add something to our cause, certainly on some kind of 'pay as you play' deal to protect ourselves in that respect. All dependent on wage expectations of course.

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He's crocked. Too much of a gamble for my liking

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Well i suppose we have the northern general and the hallamshire which would fit nicely for him

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08 Jan 2013 11:51:48
Nathan Smith to sign from Lincoln

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Nathan Smith is a Left back at Chesterfield never played at Lincoln ??

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08 Jan 2013 11:30:41
Wednesday to sign Wigan Striker Mauro Boselli, on an initial loan deal to run to the end of the season. His chances have been limited this season with the success of new signing Kone forcing Boselli further down the pecking order. Also heard a rumour regarding Ebanks Blake, who has become unsettled at Wolves, makes sense with Jones ties with the club, a little uninspiring but better than our current crop of strikers. I would imagine if these 2 were to come in Madine would be off to Swindon on loan and Maguire to Portmouth - Both deals fell through for one reason or another, think Madine would really benefit from the move.

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I'd take Ebanks, he's proved he can score goals at this level. Not so sure about Boselli though..

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Boselli is a brilliant player would love both him and Ebanks-Blake

Think we need a winger and a CM too !

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08 Jan 2013 18:59:36
We should get rid of McGuire and sign a defender and striker who can score goals

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Get rid of Maguire who hasn't been given a chance? Makes sense!

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08 Jan 2013 11:02:06
Sheffield Wed manager Jones will look to bring in Bury playmaker Peter Sweeney in a loan exchange for an out of favour forward

The said forward is stalling on a new contract.

Source Yellow and amber

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08 Jan 2013 11:43:19
No chance not good enough

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Not good enough?

Well that meets DJ's expectations then. I expect him signed in a week

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When on form Sweeney is a terrific player and easily good enough to play in the Championship . Unfortunately he doesn't fit in with Blackwells style of play so he looks certain to leave in January

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Bring in a player from bury you sound like DJ we need to go up not down eric the owl

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He gone to AFC Wimbledon

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08 Jan 2013 10:13:06
Mm in talks over a possible takeover of the massive and doesn't want to invest any more money so sorry chaps looks like a quiet January

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Doesn't suprise me at all. MM has shown his lack of interest in the club by the lack of big money signings in the summer. I get the feeling he wants to make as much profit out of Wednesday as possible. That may be true of most chairman but in this instance it could cost the club a place in the Championship next season. So much for the premier in two seasons. More likely yet another division 1 steel city derby.

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Most fans never embraced MM when he took over even though he saved our club .And when he sacked GM the abuse he took would be enough to P**s anybody off, But he forgave but the torrent of abuse he continues to get from so called fans is getting boring we need him more than he needs us, and if he does sell I for one would not blame him, Just remember not every takeover means massive investment look at Blackburn , Forest, and many others we were lucky to get MM so grow up you knockers see the light and get behind the Team and the management and show how massive you really are.

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08 Jan 2013 15:15:11
See what light.
The stadium lights of oldham.
Thats where we are heading.
No one could spend less than mm and no manager could have made more of a mess.
Whats to get behind.

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Thank You for that Rant

But sorry Milan you have lost the support of the fans because of your lack of investment and continual support of a very poor manager who has lost his way

Put us all out of our misery and sell us to someone prepared to take us further and who has the best interests of Sheffield Wednesday at heart and not just profit margins

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Rubbish all our fans took MM to our hearts - look back at his own reports and see ! in his own words he was amazed at the support given to him from this clubs supporters This family(his words not mine) wot are you on about ????? eric the owl UTO

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Eric the owl lives in Cloud Cuckoo

Mandaric is only interested in pound notes as you will see soon my feathered friend

MM is a sly old fox who will ditch us as soon as he can make his profit!

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I don't think that it is Eric living in cloud cuckoo land.
Your just an a***.

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Seriously it's took you this long to work that out? Pipe dream speech of prem in the next two years to boost ticket and merchandise sales to get back what little money he put in. However, Eric is correct not many people saw past the joy of not going in to administration so rightly so he was heralded as the messiah, a bit hypocritical to turn your back on him just because he's not splashing the cash.

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08 Jan 2013 09:53:34
Someone posted yesterday that Paul mariner was on his way to us. Well he, s just bin sacked by Toronto. He was a top class striker and one of England's all time top scorers.however he, s an unproven manager and not what we want if we part with jones...mik

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