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08 Jan 2012 16:06:37
vardy is not coming to hillsborough, but lewis grabban at rotherham will sign.

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What makes you so certain on both counts?

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The point surely is if Ben Marshall signs for Stoke then we get him until he end of the season - fabulous. But to buy him would mean not only paying out 0.75m to 1.2m (and he certainly is worth this) but more importantly paying him wages higher then Stoke were offering (or he would sign Stoke's contract!) And here lies the rub. There are lots of strengths to the current Wednesday team, but the most important one is the Meggo has got them playing as a team. To bring in one player on lets say twice as much as the rest would disrupt this spirit. This, I think, is the problem - though there is no doubt Marshall is a very good player.

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Very good point, but he is worth his weight in gold.

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Yeah n so is semedo n reda. Never mind that we got man citys all time keeper WEAVER! We do need marshall though but why should he be paid more than them 3?

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08 Jan 2012 13:02:21
Nigel pearson sniffing round ben marshall.
Come on mm splash out before we lose the lad.
By far the best and most talented player we have had for years.
Id also like to take a risk on vardy.
Hes a goal scorer.
With better players around him he would be awesome.
He ripped blackpools defence apart.
Hes just what we nees.
Plus hes an owl.
Who better to have upfront than one of us.
Sgt B

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Well said SIR ! Totally agree, 100% !
But I sense you feel the same as I do ?
I've posted a few times to try to make the fans realise that MM is not up for splashing the cash !! Despite everything MM has said since he came here he's spent less than 500,000 on the team !! MEGSON and co have done ABSOLUTE wonders with the resources they've had. NOW is the time to invest in the team whilst we have the momentum - we all know how long it is since we had this sort of REAL promise in the team. PLEASE SPEND SOMETHING ON THE TEAM MM ! the value of the SWFC "Business" ( which is what he's really interested in ) rests on the success of the team and we have a golden opportunity to do something - GIVE MEGSON THE BACKING THAT HE & AND THE FANS DESERVE !!

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Alfie on loan till end of season from reading.

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A club the size of ours needs backing in the transfer window, theres only so many players we can get in on loan. Now more than ever we need to splash the cash and get some quality in.

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Reg Vardy is a huge Wednesday fan but there's no way on earth he'd come to S6.. not in Div 1 anyway. There's far richer clubs sniffing around him.

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I think he would - although we don't know for sure if mm is interested in him. If he goes to a club higher up the pyramid than us then it'll be an even bigger ask for him to be a success. To join us would be a two league step up - but we create lots of chances and maybe he would be the clinical finisher we need.
As for the money side of it, it depends on his character - or how much influence his agent has over him. Sheffield lad, still a swfc fan, turns 25 this month and has worked hard to prove himself at Halifax and now Fleetwood.
I say get the deal done, throw him in via the bench, and let the wiser heads (ie Lowe, Morrison) help him improve and settle in.

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