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07 Sep 2013 10:17:47
Heard an interesting bit of banter last night. Apparently the only reason DJ was brought in was as a long term caretaker manager until MM could sell the club. This is why he has had little to spend as MM doesn't want to invest too much more when he is looking to sell and DJ isn't the sort of manager to throw the toys out of the pram when he gets no money to spend. Admittedly it has taken longer than he expected to find a buyer but as the financial climate in the world improves then hopefully someone will come soon. In fact another rumour I heard is that due diligance has been done and that something will be sorted by the end of this season (although I hope to god its sooner rather than later)

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With 20,000 fans you would hope so but before Milan took over how long were being told we were getting sold no one was bothered and I don't think anyone bothered now, wish there was though. Does any one think the semi final disaster got owt to do with it?

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Just more anti-DJ rubbish I think (the rumour, not you for posting!). Jones came in because MM didn't think Meggo could get us promoted. It meant MM having to pay double wages. (actually three if you count Father Ted) so I don't think you can say that DJ is there as a cost saving measure.

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It take about 9 months for a club to be take over fully 100% it going be done in the first week in January but can not say no more because my job could be on the line if do

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How would they know it was you, are you the only one who knows, I think not

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I suspect your the same person who has a football agent friend. The agent who wouldn't tell you the mystery striker we're supposed to be signing.

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Why all this talk of lita or sharp who we cleared out?

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It won't happen the first week of January. I'm the person that was supposed to post the paperwork and I'm not bothered about my job. I didn't post it. In MM we trust.

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You have already identified yourself by saying that you are the one responsible for posting the paperwork. If divulging information would cost you your job, you will already have lost it. Sounds like porkies to me.

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Heard its another Saudi prince, king has a massive family, sons, grandsons cousins running into hundreds of descendants. Maybe a bit of extended family rivalry?

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07 Sep 2013 09:28:36
Nathan ake coming in on Loan from Chelsea. He's a ball winning midfielder he's only young but he's hungry and was tipped for big things at feyenoord before Chelsea signed him. source it's on Chelsea's page

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Wat Chelsea page is it on. ? none iv checked, porkies mate. nice try!

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Would love nathan ake as he's looked decent in chelsea reserves and in the odd appearance towards the end of last season for chelsea, almost like a young David Luiz, but. Why the hell would he wanna come to a struggling championship club, bull shizz mate.

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