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07 Sep 2012 15:14:25
Watch this space Madine out loan till jan perm after that you heard it here first UTO!!

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Who is he supposed to be joining?

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Amazing! It's amazing he's still with us to go on loan because according to comments like this he was actually leaving to join [fill in any club you like] permanently for [fill in any amount]. He'll be going - nowhere!

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Watch this space not happening.

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Boro are after him and it's closer to home for him ?

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Load of rubbish. Out of all our strikers he's the best. DJ will never let him go, he isn't daft. COGBA and Maguire are good squad players, Pecnik can play up front as can Johnson, Rodri good to have on load and we have Bothroyd. However we don't own Bothroyd or Rodri and as far as we are concerned they both could turn out to be flops. He'll only think about letting Madine go if we are near the top of the division come janurary and someone else is slotting in all the goals other than him

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No way madine to go anywhere, we are also building a team for the futurend he is part of it STOP talking crap

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Aimlees, worthless post from a Blunt blade. Perhaps "Heard it first" would explain who would consider taking a player when he is to undergo a serious charge at court. Oh perhaps as a blade he does not realise what can happen when someone is in court.

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I smell rotten bacon!

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Madine is rubbish anyway... lets get a million for him whilst other clubs believe hes good

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Great player, shocking attitude. Beginning of season he thought he was better than Wednesday and considered a move. Don't think it would be a major loss of he left.

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People on here come out with some r8 tripe madine loves it at wednesday and never wanted to move

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Back to Carlisle, thats his level

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Get a grip people! Madine is a great young talent. Good feet, tall, decent in the air, relatively fast, ruthless and aggressive. A great YOUNG (22) centre forward, we'd be stupid to let him go.. Remember Grant Holt anyone.. the same was said about him and now look at him.. We need to give our best prospects the time to develop at the club. If DJ can't handle the attitude of players then he's in the wrong job (I however believe he can plus Madine won't be going anywhere).

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Regardless of wether dj can cope with the attitudes, he definitely isn't the wrong man for the job. He's got us where we are today.

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Hate when people pipe up with this kind of crap, the only way he would ever go is if they meet his valuation which would be high because everything the guy above has stated^^!

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07 Sep 2012 11:28:58
No loan signings in unless injuries occur according to Paul Walker on Twitter

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We have got injuries......

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Wouldnt take much notice of that swfc told them gardner deal had fallen through and dj said we wernt intrested in corry. There not giving anything away. Expect barkley to sign.

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That is worrying as problem at full back.

Also why have we got centre back triallist if not going to sign anybody else?

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Who's the trialist?

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Star report said he was unknown.

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