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07 May 2013 11:07:15
Sheffield wed star michail antonio is set for a summer move to local rivals leeds utd after the two yorkshire clubs agreed 2million fee. This will see antonio link up again with former reading boss brian mcdermot. The leeds boss is looking to reshape his squad and see the owls star as a driving forse to challenge for promotion

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No chance antonio will leave

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Don't be so naive. I don't know if there is any substance in the rumour but if there is and Leeds offer him more money he will want to go.

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He is reluctant 2 leave because he is settled but end ov the day money talks and mcdermot is desperate 2 get him. Plus accepting a bid isn't making him feel wanted!

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If we could get Ben Marshall in for the same money, I would take it. Antonio is good, but final ball is often lacking quality. he is still learning his trade though and will be excellent in a couple of years.

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Leeds carnt afford Antonio fact

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Stop going on about Ben Marshall it's not going to happen.

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For 2 mill? Nice try piggy fan, but we paid a mill for him and we wouldn't take any less than 3 mill and that's if this rumour wasn't made up!

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How long is left on his contract? we only signed him last year

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07 May 2013 10:16:17
If Kirkland goes heard that we are bidding for Nicholls from Wigan currently on loan at Northampton

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1. He isn't going to be the replacement for Kirkland, he will be the replacement for Weaver, DJ wanting to bring in young blood.

2. Most likely Bywater will step back into No. 1 slot if Kirkland does leave, until Nicholls has proved himself, or matured as a player.

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Bywater is out of contract this summer if he does not accept new deal (hope he does) we will need replacement for him.

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We've got two or three young quality keepers why couldn't they be our back up we wouldn't need a replacement if bywater goes

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You need a experienced keeper in there. Neil Alexander would be a good pre contract he is 35. And keepers get better bye age, as Rangers have signed Cammy Bell. Darren Randolph the Irish international and Motherwell keeper is out the contract in the summer to, and probably the best keeper in the SPL.
And Craig Samson the St Mirren keeper that won the cup has not signed a new deal. Who has broken into the Scotland squad of and on. Any of these keepers would do well. And let's face it funds will be tight, and these would be good players for free.

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