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07 Jun 2013 22:23:15
Wednesday want Adam hammill. Use to be promising not sure if he'd suit our see ball kick ball style though

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Dean whitehead would be a great addition to our team and would be a free we need a experienced head to be at side of our young uns and st ledger another who we could get on a free and let's sign tudgay back he never wanted to leave in first place hell score us 15 goals a season and give 110 %

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Ogrady has said that if he's wanted then he will stay

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08 Jun 2013 09:26:35
heard connor wickham from star, sunderland echo and newcastle papers also 3 from ipswich being released jay emanuel thomas would be good so would chopra and haven't heard/seen much about lee martin all frees

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Tudgay hasn't scored 15 goals in a season in his entire career, and he seemed quite happy to tell his agent he wanted to leave when Burnley were sniffing around.

He's gone, we've moved on.

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Tudgay never wanted to leave? After we rejected Burnley's offer (Which by the way was an insane move, we should have ripped their hands off as he was an average player at best who had one good season) he did nothing but sulk. He was not interested after that!

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I liked tudgay good worker and that goal at the lane.

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Come on, he was one of best players in the team - but he did clearly stop playing when he decided he was leaving.

I'd take a lot of people back, but Tudgay would be a step back.

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Jay Emanuel Thomas is a good call DJ had him on loan from Arsenal when he was at Cardiff and he did well for them. He also played well for Doncaster seemed to lose way at Ipswich but several have.

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For the last 12 months he did not graft as had previously done was clearly unhappy. I would not want the player he was when he left. His attitude would have to be the same as when he arrived. Not keen on players with such mood swings we took Boothroyd who vast majority thought would be good signing and he was not interested.

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In DJ interview said that 2 loan signings were not a success all rest were ok. I agree clearly the ones who did not work were Boothroyd and Sidibe.

Barclay, Halen, Pugh, Wickham, Lita, Howard, Olifinjana and Holden all had a positive impact.

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07 Jun 2013 10:39:27
I posted over 2 weeks ago we would not sign anyone new until w/c 11/06. Was I wrong? Then I said we would sign 3 or 4 players. Unfortunately I am told the date has now gone back and majority of signings will occur in last week of June first week of July. Probable we could sign 1 or 2 prior to this but by no means certain. I understand 3 signings are almost certain and it is hoped 6 in total will join. Four of names I heard have not been mentioned on any sites and will certainly create an interest. We apparently had list of 14/15 who we are making attempts to sign but with some individuals we face strong competition. Also expect 3 players to leave over same period.

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Your only saying this, cpbecause of the mandaric interview

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That's all a bit vague. However you can redeem yourself by stating the names of the 4 players you heard and let's see if they create an interest.

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Exactly, spill the 4 names and let's see if they come into fruition!

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If your telling truth what's names, are is it just made up?

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We are after conner wickham
Source:the star

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I accept Mandaric interview supports what I was told, think above has more detail than what Mandaric said.
I am sorry but was advised not to say anything if I did would not be told anything more. Could add the following; 2 strikers, 2 defenders, a central midfield player and wideman appear to be the selected areas for recruits (judging by names). Think we will pay fees for striker and wideman others out of contract.

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Name the players come on all of us could put the same things as you have becasue contract run out in july so players wait till the last week in june to agree contract with other club

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If you piss in the dark you're bound to get something wet

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What tosh the origional poster is talking. He/She may aswell have put we will be signing players this year who all have names and played football before on a pitch

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So this know it all is sayin that he knows more than what Milan is sayin. What a joke, people like him know sod all an are just guessin sn hopin. Makes my blood boil

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Chris McCann, Connor Wickham, Andreas Cornelius, Ross Barclay, Alex Pearce.

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Cornelius is not going to happen he's to dear.

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DJ Campbell

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No chance

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07 Jun 2013 07:42:16
Source Radio Sheffield: attempting to sign 6'5" forward Ivan Krstanovic. I wouldn't have thought he's the goal scorer we need. UTO

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This is a big punt. Not a bad record but unproven in a half decent division

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'He's a big punt', hope you meant to press the 'p' button though at 6ft 5 you could have used the 'c'.

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07 Jun 2013 19:20:28
� very decent division.

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07 Jun 2013 01:10:44
We are tracking Leeds youngster Aiden White. Inside source from them lot

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I'm convinced that 'buy to sell' is part of the clubs transfer philosophy. So I could believe it. Maquire and Correy, anyone?

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No it's a buy young good, cheap, they get good and play for us so we don't have to spend millions

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