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07 Jul 2012 16:30:08
From Reading Rumours:

'Reading have renewed their interest in Matt Phillips. If they get him, Michail Antonio will 100% go to Sheff Wed as he's already stated to Reading staff that's where he wants to go.'

Let's hope so!

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If we meet the asking price for him ...then he will come to us anyway. I don't like Aldridge being in charge of negotiations, had he not messed about so much with ALF he could have been a Wednesday player before Reading even had a chance to type a fax. At circa 700k I think that Antonio would be an absolute bargain, and not a player that you will lose money on. When you consider Marshall went for 1.2m and yet Antonio was just as influential on our promotion, if not more so then it kind of puts it into context. The contribution Antonio made with the late winner v Carlisle for me means that he has paid for himself.

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I have to disagree with above, yes Antonio is good player but he is not the be all and end all. Players like him are available throughout Europe, he has only produced in the 1st division we are not going to break the bank to get him, only at the right price. If not move on to the next target

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I agree that there are lots of player in Europe of same ability. But, he has proven that ability at Hillsborough already and wants to play for us. That's priceless.

Klas Ingerson and Petter Rudi were supposed to be good players until they wound up here.

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700k for Antonio is hardly breaking the bank! tried and tested is what we need, tried and tested.

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07 Jul 2012 12:24:39
three new players set for s6 next week antonio norris and regula dj has said himself to expect a busy week next week

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Be really happy if it happens, 3 good players their.

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Sounds great, but next week meaning 2 days or week after? Dont mean to sound stupid haha, uto

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If sat and sun are weekend - next week starts monday ?

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07 Jul 2012 12:08:26
It is good to see new signings. Looks like an exciting season, but isn't it time we started offloading as well - if we can, that is? Squad beginning to look big

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Yeah i looked aswell our defence looks large but we lacking a lot in midfield at the moment. Only really semedo and possibly jj if he can be arsed up to championship quality.

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Palmer? I thought he showed lots of promise when ever he got game time... He's a star for the future.

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Palmer needs to get out on loan for a season, just to get some proper game time and make an impression. Think plenty will be out soon enough though. Bennett, Prutton, D Jones, COG (sadly in my eyes), M Jones, Weaver maybe to name but a few, exciting times ahead chaps.

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Moving players on will begin once DJ is happy he has the players in he is happy with,I would think enquiries for a number of our players already been made at a guess 1 or 2 will move this week because they are still being paid and eating into the budget some clubs dont want to sign players, until nearer start of season so they dont have to pay them during summer,simple economics

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07 Jul 2012 09:48:24
Swfc have tabled a bid for versatile defender bilel moshni from Southend source: swfc newsnow

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By the sound of him we could have him as a strike partner for reda or llera up front! Southends paul warhurst ive heard.

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Defender {Ed001's Note - he can play up front, he played up front in last season's play offs. He is quick, and tall, so an aerial threat.}

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Watched him on play offs played right wing. Paul Sturrock signed him for Southend and came from same source as Boughera. In fact when I saw him play reminded me of him. Large highly mobile can pass but can do occasionally daft thing. Think would be useful addition.

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Don't believe it guys it's a load of rubbish!

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Its true source its in todays sheffield star

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Trigger the gormless weed or pork as usual with negativity

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No it's not! Paul Walker spoke to Wednesday today and confirmed its not true!

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