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07 Jan 2013 21:07:49
Ross Barkley coming bk on loan fact

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Thats a strange fact - given that Moyes has said only today in his interview that he would like him to stay and grow at Everton.
He is going to wait and see, he may still have to let him go out on loan but he'll decide later in the month?

Perhaps it might not be a fact after all, not yet anyway.

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Milan took the glory for changing manager now whats he going to do, spent no money waste of space

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07 Jan 2013 21:00:01
Chris Maguire wants more starting opportunities or a move away

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Who would blame the kid.

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He would do a good job for us if he was given a chance ?

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Maguire is rubbish!!! what do you people see in him

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We see nothing in him......As we have seen nothing of him...We just don't write him off without seeing him play

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Maguire only player on saturday that looked like he gave a s**t. Chased players down and actually tried to beat players nobody else did !!!!

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Maguire has to be given the chance, I fought dj dropped him cause he had one bad game against Oldham in the league cup, but how many bad games did bothroyd have and still played him, also how many bad games has Martin Taylor had and still played, ridiculous wouldn't blame maguire for wanting to move on, I hope he gets a run tho

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07 Jan 2013 20:10:44
Madine is going to Swindon and Chris lines to brentford both on loan

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Pig alert!

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Wouldnt miss either both league 1 players

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Dont talk wet u clown

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Your either on drugs or need to be!

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Neither are really featuring, so why are some people making out is dogger//...I mean, it might be, but both are realistic.

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Both confirmed as much on their twitter accounts. I like a few others don't really think they are championship players either and wouldn't be missed too much

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Madine is not good enough hes a league 1 player at best .Really hope this is true that he is getting moved out .

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This is bulls**t its just banter between Madine lines and palmer on twitter

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To the poster calling me a clown the 2 of them were good last season in league 1 dont cry but they cant cut this level end of grow up and realise this

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Agreed Madine ain't good enough.

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There is some rubbish posted on here and I wonder at times which planet some of the posters live on. Those that say that Madine is rubbish and a league 1 player at best are talking rubbish. Madine is 22 years old and has never played at this level before; in fact he has hardly played at this level this season. He is still very inexperienced and is learning his trade; he has been employed as a lone striker most of this season which is a very hard role to fulfil just look at Mamady Sidibe he is 34 and with his experience is struggling in that role. Most centre forwards are at their peak in their mid twenties to early thirties Madine has time on his side to learn, O'Grady, Sidibe and Bothroyd will not improve, if Madine is helped he can improve and fulfil his potential. Look at a couple of the other young centre forwards we had, the experts in the stands told us they were not good enough and were league 1 players at best, Richard Cresswell played for us and I remember fans saying he wasn't good enough, but he went on to score a lot of goals, many of them against us. Grant Holt was another that fans booed and said he was rubbish and not good enough, he left us in 2004 aged 22, now look at him. Madine works hard gets into good positions, that O'Grady, Bothroyd and Sidibe don't, he gets back to defend and puts some very good passes together and with more confidence and a continue run in the team will score goals and given time he will be an asset to us. So get off his back.

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Dont know bout what anyone else thinks but i still dont think we've seen the best of madine yet, just needs games to get used to the championship. He's a good young player, we want to keep him and he said he wants to stay here for ages .

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Don't think any body is on his back, it's only an Internet page, for discussing the team.

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Lets not forget Danny Graham too and he is smashing them in for fun in the Prem. Oh and the Cantona saga and Kovovacic too. wednesday are awful at judging potential.

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Madine & Rodri will probably be added to the list as well .
But its not wednesday thats - - awful at judging potential - - its who the manager was at the time. And we've had some crackers over the years.
But for me DJ has moved way out in front in No1 spot, I just cant make any sense of 99% of anything hes done since start of season

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I personally never understood why he didnt let the team who played so well together last season have a go at the championship.

DJ let Rob Jones go and he was a rock for us last season and surprise we now have issues at the back. Madine is a very good player and anyone that has seen him live can see that he has a good eye for goal and a clinical touch. DJ has set him back by not giving him enough games and now his confidence is lacking.

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Great news lita has signed

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07 Jan 2013 18:41:22
Dave Jones has been told he has got to take 3 points from hull to retain his job.

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And how would you know that, don't kid ya self

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If MMs made his mind up which way hes going, which he will have by now, DJ wouldn't save his job if he got 6pts off Hull.
Just ask Gary Megson, derby win didn't help him.

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I love it how fans say dj is going on this day and that day and whith in so many hours if there is no solid proff of this then why put it on ff gets fans mad when people put utter garbage on here !!

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Like this would be made public and Mm wouldn't give a ultimatum he would just pull the trigger like he has done in the past

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Im sorry but call yourselves wednesday fans. If you are an actual wednesday fan you would get behind the team and DJ. And for the last time, if he was to get sack, he would have a got it before the start of january.

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This is a blunt (mind the gap ) wind up dont fall for it

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Dave Jones out

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I see agent Jones is doing a good job !

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Not as good as danny boy swfc tattoed on his arm stick to your own club blade boy

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I bet he regretted that the way Wednesday treated him

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07 Jan 2013 15:45:41
Heard from someone working at the club that Michael Johnson from Man City may be arriving in January, also not sure if theres any truth in the Leigh Griffiths rumour but I think he would be a great signing from Wolves !

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Johnson is a story in his own right, hell of a gamble prob not worth taking.
If hes realised what hes about to lose and matured maybe - but?

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Not too sure about that griffiths, he's a bit of a bell

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Does the person who works at the club not realise Ireland left City a couple of years ago?

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Did anybody mention Ireland?

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I was trying to find where ireland was mentioned lol xxx

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I posted that, hands up I am a bell. Apologies OP.....Brain fart.

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He said Michael Johnson who was in the city first team not to long ago

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Not too long ago? Johnson aint been in the city first team for years. as an 18/19 year old he was rated one of the best prospects and possible future england captain, but let it all go to his had, and became fat and lazy, and injury prone. Wouldn't take the risk to be honest

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Leic took a punt on him couple years ago n they got 6-7 games out of him, none memorable.

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07 Jan 2013 15:25:08
Here's a fact for once. No signings will be sanctioned until MM returns from business trip to Mexico. MM hasn't decided whether to stick with DJ and therefore won't let him spend money on transfers or wages until he talks with the current manager. Expect news on the managers future after next weekend followed by a change of manager or a budget for signings in this window.

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How do you know all this you been talking 2 mm on the beach

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Fiction not fact

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Got told same thing on Saturday at the match by a club employee

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07 Jan 2013 14:33:07
Karl Robinson to be Wednesdays next manager

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Hope not.

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I'd shoot myself if this happened

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I would be very happy, brilliant manager with so much passion

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He was being very complimentary about the club on saturday. I for one thought that might be significant. JR

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He doesn't even like Wednesday!

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Last year he hated wednesday; now he seems to have changed his mind. Just wondered why. JR

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Spoke to Nigel Jemson recently and he said, The only reason that Karl Robinson is holding out on making firm bids for Prutton and Weaver is because he knows that if or when offered the Wednesday job he'll have those players anyway.

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07 Jan 2013 18:12:13
Cos there a team full of our rejects

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Totally think Karl Robinson wants the Owls job! Also strongly believe DJ has to go for future of Owls! He lacks passion for SWFC & always says YOU INSTEAD OF WE which I find annoying!

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I agree with you about the "you instead of we/us" , I first noticed it early in season and now it absolutely drives me crazy every time he says it .
Not sure I'd rejoice if Robinson got the job, but equally when you look back hes done a good job at MKD, and I get the impression hes strong enough to cope here at S6, and you have to be thats why not many have been successful.

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If KR gets the job ill be over the moon, I get the feeling he wants the job, very passionate manager and knows what he's on about, the football that he's installed MKD to play is excellent, he may do that with us

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07 Jan 2013 13:32:21
Double deal this week. Mk Dons want Prutton & Weaver

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Weres your evidence of this ?

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Did you go saturday caus i cant see why mk would want prutton theve already got better midfield players ie potter as for weaver isnt he still injured

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DJ won't let Prutton go. But Weaver needs a new club tbh

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Why don't we sign Stephen gleeson? I think he's a fantastic midfielder, I know you may think I'm stupid but Darren potter has been excellent for mk dons

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You right I do!

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I'd have prutton over potter a thousand times

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But I'd have gleeson over any of our midfielders

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Potter made prutton look like an a**e the other day

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And potter was rubbish when he was with us, just part of being a wednesday player we strangle the talent out of everyone we sign

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Harry was decent and he proved it against us, also remember him scoring a reyt goal against the scuml. But, I remember many fans booing him. Nuff said . FACT.

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07 Jan 2013 08:40:03
There will be no Dave Jones signings this week as Milan and Paul Aldridge are considering Dave Jone's future with the club.

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I think we should just rule out major signings for January because Dave Jones' job is in tatters and I don't think that MM will want to spent money if DJ isn't at the club in 1/2 weeks time, I think it will be loan signings and just selling players and as much as I like DJ I think after Tuesday's performance he should just resign. The only signing that will happen is the CB from Arsenal!

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Won't resign - he will want his compensation

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Dave Jones' job is safe as houses. If he was going to go hed have gone by now. We probably will take the plunge back down this year. But we will be back, and one day we will be strong and ready for the push back to the big time.

Yawnnn god i sound like a reet old fart.

Eff it Jones out !!

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Dave Jones has destroyed what Megson built up bad times again

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Dave jones is a prooven good manager, dont get why lots of wednesday fans want him out . Nower days no club back there manager properly. like it or not we've come back to the championship and were just not fully used to it yet. we need to back him and not be like chelsea and get a new manager 24/7

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So are u happy with returning to league because this is were this so called "prooven good manager" is taking us. His tactics are clueless he should have gone two months ago.

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What bewilders me is that honest, loyal Wednesday fans can look at our results, our position and, above all, our play and still hold to the view that we should stick by Jones. It is not just a question of playing in a better league, we wouldn't do so well in league1 with this side and these tactics.

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He's definately a goner, why else would MM say "you've got to sell to raise funds" when we're in the bottom 3?

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Have you guys been at the match on saturday vs mk dons, just i can not believe what i saw, if not bywater we could have lost that game easily. the way we passed the ball and players integrate with eachother was completely missing, no game plan and no urgency. i saw us against leicester and took friends with me, it was embarrasing! how long will that continue please mm we believe in you and trust you to do something!
i personally hope paulo dicanio will be our next manager ... he has the temper and the hunger to succeed and no player gives less than 100% for him, just see what he is doing at swindon !!! he was the exciting player for the owls in the past and will be the exciting manager too ... i do honestly believe that :-)

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I don't think you're going to get many on here agreeing with you.

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Dave Jones has got to go its as simple as that. Dave Jones OUT.

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We can't get relagated, we will lose money and I doubt we will be back for a long time, we have to stay up

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Well I have read the comment above about keeping and supporting our manager

It looks like Milan agrees

I was hoping the rumours on here were true that today he would be gone, but alas he is still here and still our Manager

I can't see any major signings and I can't see us improving under Dave Jones so looks like back to League 1 next season and financial restraints

So to the guy who says stick with Jones see where it takes us and remember seat prices are cheaper in League One

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Jones is his own worst enemy. Vain, patronising, smug and complacent. His interview on Radio Sheffield was like a silly little game, full of banal dodges to some pertinent questions. He gives the impression that supporters are too stupid to merit anything more than a few platitudes. Maybe he is an accomplished manager. But I've grown to dislike and distrust him. I want to know why his selections have been made, what has gone wrong with players he presumably brought to Hillsborough and what strategy he has for the remainder of the season.

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Yes, not a man to lead men. Mind you, perhaps we are wrong because Bothroyd says DJ is the best.!

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Although i think he should stay till the end of the season i have to say that every fan i know personally, wants him out.
Some fans will still be behind him but for me he's lost so much support i don't know if things can ever be right again.
I've not really known us have a manager that no one really wanted like this before.
Other managers have had bad results and left but most of them left with our best wishes.I don't think jones will.

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Paulo DiCanio will be our best choice for a new manager. He has the anger and hunger to motivate and push players to give 100% ..... Just look what he is achieving at Swindon season after season. No so long They beat the league 1 leader Tranmere 5-0 exciting team spirit and before you know it will be another automatic promotion ...... we need somebody like that at wednesday who has the passion and good connection with the owls in the past ....DO U AGREE FAITHFUL FANS

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I'm not sure.
I think we need someone with premier or championship experience.
Di Canio is still learning and i'm worried about his temperamant.
Maybe in the future but not to save us from the drop.

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PAULO DICANIO IS OUR BEST BET .... Some fans say they want manager with premiership/championship experience, we have one and we had some ..what did they do for our great club??
Paulo DiCanio has what it takes to succeed, you get no messing about with him, straight in the face and straight on the pitch to score and to achieve. Just look what he is doing at Swindon, they are the favourate now to win League 1 ... Magic but no magic just good football
Let us support eachothers and encourage MM to consider this exciting young talent Manager who had a link with the owls and the passion for the club

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07 Jan 2013 08:36:42
Leroy Lita will NOT be signing for us according to radio Sheffield

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Would you with DJ in charge ?

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No I wouldn't and think the current players don't want to play for him Dave Jones has got to go Its like the Alan Irvine nightmare all over again.

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Interesting if you take a straw pole of players and fans of all clubs who they would most not like to play for or manage their clun ad Gary Megson is far and away the winner. I have ever disliked guy but its true.

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I'd welcome him back in a flash, so would most West Brom fans who were around when he was there.

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Megson is the man to save us

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