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07 Aug 2012 16:39:55
Wednesday making a move for former defender Richard wood after jones departure

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Dont want/need him. Didnt want us when he left when we were in trouble now we on the up we dont want him..

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His time is gone

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Were after Stephen Quinn best player in Sheffield apparently. 4 million.

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Drivel. Nowhere near the new standard

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No, wednesday are not making a move for Wood, my source? Richard Wood

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Quinn isnt worth 4 bob.

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Dont want richard wood.(donkey)

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Quinn? I wouldn't open my curtains if he was playing in my front garden,

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Quinn is wanted by 5 Other championship clubs though

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Wood wont be coming back its in the past now but unlike your i dont blame the kid for leaving it was down to bad management n been forced out because of that donkey called darren purse!! UTO FTB

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I smell rind coming from the person who commented we are after stephen quinn, 4 million! i wouldnt pay 4p for any streaky back UTO

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Quinn would be a good signing but 4m is a joke

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07 aug 2012 16:27:04
chopra to sign on friday. heard it here first. uto wawaw ftb

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Be very surprised if this happened, top scorer for them int he.

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Chopra wants to move further north but his asking price of 4 million can't be met. Dave kitson, fuller and bothroyd on loan heavily linked !!

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Cant see it always rated him tho

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How can we loan Dave Kitson if he is available on a free?!?

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Chopra moved for about 1 million last season, so how has the price quadrupled since then? lmao, some right s*** posted on here

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They may want 4m but they wont get that from anyone 1m tops his wages will put most championship clubs off.A good striker on his day but them days are happening less frequently never looks fit and carrying a bit to much timber these days.

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What a load of bull

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Good player but we can't afford him would love to see it though

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Not slagging him off as a player but he is not the same player he was 3 years ago man has real off field problems with gambling as in debt to the hilt has had debt collectors turn upto the training ground. not likely he will improve with a casino round the corner

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07 Aug 2012 14:10:59
its true Wednesday are after fuller its.on news now its in a jamican paper,
fingers crossed would be a excellent signing

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Rubbish. If you actually read that article it's basically a re-hash of rumours on wednesday forums - nothing from a real source. They even say that it in the article.
I do hope we sign him tho, for the right wages.

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The comments in this amaican paper came off this rumours site (check them out). Hence this story gne full circle.

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He's 933 years old

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Yes but if you read the article properly it states it's only talking about rumours from owlstalk and maybe this site... But I'm guessing you knew that anyway but just forgot to mention that point...

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Can you imagine fuller and bothroyd that would be frightenin if only

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Would much rather have fuller

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Interest totally denied by us

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Fuller and harewood big beats upfront

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I mean everyone reads Jamaican papers

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Jamican newspaper? LOL. Dont make the rest of us laugh

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Fuller isnt interested in swfc nor swfc interested in fuller source NN

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07 Aug 2012 13:15:33
N Maynard an S Baldock have been offered to Wednesday only stumbling block is the fee whats bieng asked NM £3 million SB £1million big sam dosent think they have premier quality i.e goals! DJ would take em only if it was a loan deal west ham don't want that, let's wait an see if Dj can convince big sam to let em have them on the cheap.

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Always rated N Maynard

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And then your alarm went off.

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Baldock was not good at Championship level and aware West Ham trying to offload these pair. They will be lucky to get 400,000 for Baldock. Maynard can play at Championship level and going rate for this type of player is 750,000 to 1,500,000, think he would bring something but would not be keen on us spending this sort of money on a player with limited potential.

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No chance then

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Players that are for sale are not "offered" to clubs - that's just stupid.

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Stop talkin rubbish why wud west ham pay around 3 mil for maynard 6 month ago if they dint think he was good enough?

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07 Aug 2012 13:06:12
Richard Whitehead set to sign as goalkeeper coach for the season after resigning from Elster UTD.

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What about andy rhodes who is current gk coach

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One of the best as well.

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07 Aug 2012 13:05:35
Adam Le Fondre to sign on loan. Dave Jones currently after a striker.

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Doubt it he'll get his chance in the prem, had our chance years ago to sign him

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We can never get away from the Le Fondre rumours can we!

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Can't see reading letting him go besides thouroughly deserves a chance.

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Le fonde didn't sign before so we don't want him now

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It's not that le fondre didn't sign, it's the fact we didn't put 500k or what ever they Rotherham wanted for him

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Cant blame le fondre if he wants premier league football, but yes we would want him now...

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07 Aug 2012 09:52:52
Lawrence and fuller to sign before end of week. Fuller wage demands might fall through. Kitson also talking to Aldridge.

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Neither will happen.

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Would love Lawrence!

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Doesn't Liam Lawrence play the same position as Antonio or am I missing something?

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Don't want kitson

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Wednesday have confirmed are not interested in Fuller. This posty absolute tripe.

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Only one I'd take is fuller. Don't want Lawrence, he's a right dirtbag

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Kitson? no thanks.

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07 Aug 2012 07:45:39
At last Antonio has arrived is anyone else excited about his arrival. Its been a long time since i felt this this way about and owls signing, as for Jay Bothroyd would be great but cant see it happening as for Dave Kitson that would be a bad signing probably even worse than de bilde in the 90's UTO!!

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Dont get too excited he's never played higher than the 3rd division

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Kitson going to pigs

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My mate ( reading fan) said Antonio can't hack the championship, I hope to God that I can laugh out loud in his face !

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Lets just hope antonio is good enough what we saw last season was class but its only potential he still as to step up n develope as a player so lets not get ahead of ourselves

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