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06 Sep 2013 16:32:58
Dedryck Boyata to sign on loan monday

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What is one of those? Should we be excited?

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Who? . .

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We won't be getting Ross Barkley back he's just come on for England. some Wednesday fans thought he wasn't as good as Antonio. oh dear ever thought about watching another sport?

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No disrespect to Barkley at all, I am sure he will go on to be a top England player. But it shows how weak the English game is, that a player with 8 starts for Everton and a few loan appearances gets in the England squad.

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iIf this is true about boyata this would be a very good signing for us. Few appearences under manchini for city and a thunk he had a season on loan at bolton too, maybe the year they were relegated, not too sure.

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Well said

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Shouldnt matter how many times he has started if he has ability and hunger to play I would that over a player playing all the time and not bothered if we win or lose

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It's obvious to see he's a talented lad tho, what's the point in waiting 3 years to give him his england debut when he has the quality now, Rooney, messi, beckham, Ronaldo all walked into their international teams, doesn't really make a difference, it's actually more promising than giving debuts to players like Leon Osman, Jay Hemroyd and Kevin Davies

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06 Sep 2013 13:48:16
Talks between us and Wolves for Roger Johnson on loan are in an advanced stage. He was scouted as a possible permanent transfer but we opted for Zayette but now with Gardners injury we need cover and he is the prefered choice

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I have heard Roger Johnson too. Also rumored to be after Jamie O'hara. Wolves have said they don't want either and we may be able to get a bit of a '2 for'

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Roger Johnson is crap three season in a row teams went down with him at the back to slow and he as a drink problem
he as been going to training drunk. he is on too much money about 40k and is lazy

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O'Hara and Johnson are on Premiership wages. Wolves want them out. Would seem highly doubtful they are coming to Hillsborough.

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Why do we want Division 3 relegation fodder cast offs? What, so they're not good enough for Wolves "promotion push" but they'll fit nicely into ours? Is this how far we have come in the last 3 years? Hopeless.

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Lita to sign soon! U. T. O!

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If they're going to any championship club then they will both take a pay cut

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Reduced to clear shelf springs to mind

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If they are over 30 and over 6 foot Jones will be interested. another signing for Mediocre United.

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Give it a rest with the if he's over 6 ft then DJ will be interested it wasn't funny the first time you posted it over a month ago let alone every day since.

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Its the new, has o'Donnell got to Chesterfield thing for this year (que loads of really funny people putting that on the website now). Let the silly Blunt/Weed?Dingle have his fun and just ignore him. As they say simple things please simple minds.

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06 Sep 2013 11:37:23
As anybody else hered the rumour about
Fulham winger kerim frei coming in on loan.?

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No, however were not in short supply of wingers. Now need a Defender urgently after losing Gardner. Heard that Jones will further extend Spence loan has he can play central defence also. Due to lack of funds other Spence will will only be bringing in two other loan signings when window opens a CM and striker

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Think he's agreed a move to Germany or Austria. Maybe wrong, just read it somewhere.

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He's signed for besiktas

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There you go I ment turkey!

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