Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive September 06 2012


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06 Sep 2012 14:31:18
Anthony Vanden Borre has been linked with us today. Had lots of potential, only 24 and played for Belgium

Could be a good signing !

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Great player, but I dont know if I believe he'd be coming. Loads of physical presence, bombs up and down, but can be enthusiastic in challenges.

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Be interested to know where the info has come from?
If its true good news, in as much a realisation we have a problem at right back. Buxton lacks pace and can not cut it against better quality in division and Lee is a mystery. Great build up and then gone missing.

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Where has borre been linked with us today ????

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06 Sep 2012 16:04:02
Koumas to sign one year deal, Bennett to go out on loan to Bury and Weaver on loan to Swindon.

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Jones said fitness still a long way off.

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06 Sep 2012 11:10:44
Strong rumour around sheffield today that Emile Heskey is at Hillsborough now for talks on a 1 year deal

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Really where did this strong rumour come from? OWLS ABOUT THAT!

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Heaven preserve us ! Not remotely good enough

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Doubtful. Still has premiership interest, and we won't pay him near what he would want, especially to sit on the bench. Next rumour please.

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Good enough for the small at S1 but knowhere near good enough for The Massive.

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Rodri, Madine, Maguire, Cog, Bothroyd .... And you think what we really need now is another striker. Not only that but a striker who can't score....

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Think we've got enough forwards lol

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Ye really think we need another striker after COGBA, Madine, Rodi, Maguire, Bothroyd and pecnik if needed. Only pplayer we will sign will be another winger or centre mid unless they getting a player who is for future and will be in the development squad. Anyway Heskey not good enough

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What u on about he'd be a great signin for a year he may not score many but he sets a lot up and is better than what we have tbh

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I agree Heskey is not a prolific scorer but can hold ball up and create changes for the other forwards. He was playing in the prem not long ago and people need to remember we have just come up from league one. He would be a great player for us.

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Too good for this league still

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Would be an awesome signing if it materialises... I sense a bluff though

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Madines not a Striker in this league he's just a nancy boy! Emile would be fantastic

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I think that heskey would fit perfect with Rodri, Bothroyd, cog and McGuire. But then heskey has caused more arguments than any player I can remember. Fans from clubs that he's played for in general see his worth though.

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Dont know what you have all been smoking but Heskey never has been and never will be a footballer

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