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06 May 2013 18:17:11
Crystal place set for a 2.2 mil pound swoop for milkel Antonio to replace wilfid zaha source Ian holloway interview and there will be no bids for Harry maguire and gorge long source Dave jones

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Antonio won't leave. I'm on twitter and If you see a tweet he put on he said can't wait for next season. He will be very good I think next season.
Think we should bid 1 million on Liam trotter from millwall only 23 and is a great centre mid and woud be a quilty signing

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The money they got from zaha i'd want more than 2. 2 for antonio try 4. 4

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I think we should go for ben marshall if leicester don't get promoted. He's fallen out of favour so maybe worth a punt?

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I'm sorry to say we need to give up on Marshall, not because we can't get him, but because we already have players that can prosper in the position he plays in. I agree he did brilliant work last season, and I would have loved him to join us then, but he sold out and went to Leicester in the end, (Which I completely understand) but back to the point, he is out of favour at Leicester, because of how he was playing, L1 is a completely different league to the championship. Work is so much harder, we need players that are experienced, (And hopefully not too old) that have played in this league and know how to get out of it. To which I completely agree with DJ's logic, if only he obtained players that weren't past their sell by date.

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Funny on our pages all year DJ bashes and now all rumours are regarding players leaving. Weare a paranoid lot or perhaps it is someone who likes to see owls fans miserable.

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The latter of the two mate

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Antonio WILL not leave especially down London when his girlfriend is doing her degree in Manchester and they have a baby worth far more than 2.2 million

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Wow! This baby must be good if already worth more than £2. 2M hope we have it under contract with a decent sell on fee clause.

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He won't leave anyway, he loves hillsborough

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Nice reply about the baby's value. LOL!

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06 May 2013 16:36:54
Ins: whelan
Clayton Donaldson

Outs: pecnik

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Hope we get some hard working players that give u there all ava luk at wells from bradford what a good player with a good engine

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Gary taylor fletcher out of contract along with luis boa morte both 30+ but with that type of expereince in the side gary taylor fletcher who help score goals both would be free to bring in to the club boa morte on a pay as you play basis wouldn't say NO

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Apart from chris lines and lavery everyone at the club contracts run out 2014 being the soonest. lines and lavery both run out 2013 if not renewed.

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Donaldson must be made up.

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Hate to have Maguire, he's slower than fishcake

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Not a rumour but I really appreciated the fish cake reference!

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Boa Morte is absolutely atrocious

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Check transfer markt tells u when contracts run out only lines and lavery this year run out

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James McFadden and Kris Boyd are out of contract in the summer, both are goal scorers. McFadden has proven he is over his injuries and is bang on form for Motherwell. Big Higdon the other striker is free to, the SPL player of the year. He has more goals than Hooper at Celtic this year. John Daly at Dundee Utd is free to, can play up front or at the back. All these players would do us a turn, but we are only linked with Paul McGowan the St Mirren midfielder and forward.

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Lavery signed a new deal 10th april

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06 May 2013 14:09:40
Heard we might go for this fellow Pohjanpalo sounds good

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Hope so, scored perfect hatrick in 3 mins, 17 years

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And where have you heard it.

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Can't see this happening as bigger clubs are looking at him, be good if we got him tho.

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We had scouts at game he was playing in (Finnish newspaper) does not say who we were watching. I am not original poster, he may have been refering to this. Reading, Bolton, also had scout present according to paper.
Looked him up and he rejected Liverpool as they would not guarantee him a certain amount of game time in reserve football. Sounds smart kid undertsands you need to play to improve.

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Wasnt he a villain in godfather 3

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06 May 2013 14:05:06
Wednesday to look at George long to replace Kirkland if he leaves and United don't get promoted to the championship

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Every body now - a big Awwww for the pig pen lads! Agent Wilson now deserves a double honour for making them miss out two years running!

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Brilliant, I forgot to check.

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Rather have bywater

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06 May 2013 13:55:30
a friend of mine who went to school with Niall McGinn of Aberdeen say Wednesday have been in touch to see if he has any interest in signing

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What position does he play, midfield?

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Up front he good in spl but whether he been decent in champ idk

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Brown converted him into a striker this year, but he played winger at Celtic and Brentford. Where he never really shined, looks like this year he has improved as a player. And has matured on and off the field.

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06 May 2013 09:01:37
Kirkland off to premier?

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Wouldn't think so who will really need a new goalkeeper.

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Hull want him if they can't afford david stockdale

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Those below who say that, do not go anyway or not to watch as comments bare no relation to facts. Some football we have played this year has been ok. Pitches meant we had to switch to long ball game.
A few of away performances have been first class and there has been steady improvement. Also some of comments have come from weeds or blunts. I suspect it is no more than 2 or 3 fans who post rubbish on here. You can tell from the way articles are written. One clown even pretended to be Cardiff fan.

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They will have to cough up to buy Kirkland and if money was right quite happy for him to leave. If we got £3to £4 million excellent piece of business.
A very good DJ signing.

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I reckon Kirkland has been a star for us this year and I want him in the squad for next.

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How much is this bargain fee in his contract? £500,000 can't be any less

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250k is his bargain buy out clause.

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Have heard the bargain fee is in the 250-500K region. Was one of the reasons he agreed to sign for us that we gave him a buyout clause if a premiership club came and made a bid if he managed to prove his fitness and form with us. However he is happy here having played a full season and would only move if it was a more established team.

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Centre midfielder needed who can pass and score a few goals any ideas?

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