Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive May 06 2012


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06 May 2012 18:07:52
Heard rumours from a number of my sources that we are signing Michail Antonio permanently for £750k and also interested in Derby County's out of contract midfielder Paul Green.

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Weres all these gobby blades fans on our rumour sites sayin were rubbish a said wed be the ones singing at the end unlucky blunts

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Heard the Jordan Rhodes rumour! If we go up (which we have!) and Huddersfield don't, he's coming to us, obviously with links, cause his dad is our GK coach! Looks good for the owls! Future looks brilliant!

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Fairly confident that Antonio won't be in Reading's 25 man squad. Do we need to pay the fee or just wages and take him on loan. He sounds really positive about the move too!

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06 May 2012 15:56:39
there's rumors saying we Getting Jordan Rhodes for £2.5mil and Antonio for £750K don't know how true this is though

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Haha i hope we do get jordan rhodes , hope his dad persuades him but i think ive got more chance of cheryl cole asking me back to her place lol

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06 May 2012 14:37:50
Really surprised at lack of rumours thought there would be a deluge of them.
Understand we are looking for the following;
a goalkeeper
right back
centre back
3 midfileders, creative and wide men (Arsenal player being discussed, and Marshall wants to come back next season)
2 strikers (Vardy)

Plus recruits for development suad which is already in process.

Oh and Mandaric has been chatting to 3 American bilionaires about possible deals.

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So then , where have you heard marshall wants to come back?

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His agent apparently he does not like atmosphere under Pearson, he has been told Wedneday dressing room still good uinder Jones.

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05 May 2012 22:28:26
Max Clayton (leeds) Micheal Chopra and Mark Hudson in plus a winger if antonio goes

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Adam clayton u fool ... no chance

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Adam clayton* max is that prospect at crewe if im right?

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I just hope MM spends his cash and that we give it a right good go. that crowd at hillsborough was AMAZING!

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Greta atmosphere !! Used to be like that - and more - back in the day !! Lets hope this is just the start of the way back to that !

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