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06 Jun 2013 22:34:59
Is thr any real reports on us sighning a goal scorer any names floatin about that aren't rubbish bkowl

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Connor wickham and James Vaughan are most heavily linked at the moment

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06 Jun 2013 20:27:47
Heard from a very good contact that Wednesday are in talks with QPR over the transfer of Jamie Mackie.

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06 Jun 2013 16:45:58
Jermaine Johnson will sign new 1 year deal when he returns from international duty!

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Last week news

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06 Jun 2013 09:33:20
Sheffield Wednesday are close to signing Marlon pack from Cheltenham town.

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Hope not, hid crap himself like lloyd owusu jumping to this level, fakeing asthma attacks lol

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It's the size of the crowds that would be intimidating coming from a crowd of 3000 at Cheltenham to a crowd of 25000 here no wonder they crap thier pants.

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That's what I said, at this level, obviously crowds are bigger,

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06 Jun 2013 08:04:18
Heard it on good authority that Wednesday are to make a bid for Jamie O Hara of Wolves.

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I don't know where people keep getting these names from I've looked everywhere and not seen anything about us signing anyone. Seen a couple of sites saying Wednesday are showing interest but nothing about signing anyone UTO

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He's the bloke they're going mad at because he's said something about them, obviously wants out, someone's putting 2 and 2 together

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Says in papers ohara on 30k a week so I can't see that happening

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Well there's someone who's got an hat with names of footballers in from around world. He just keeps pull them out. I've herd we looking at a young kid called Dean Tombeard from Rawmarsh!

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Also after carl fletcher striker from harchester united!

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To the post I don't know where these people are getting these names from you people who disagree - Fine - but don't just disagree give us evidence on what you disagree with. You make the statement disagree PLEASE where you have seen anywhere that we have signed or are signing anyone, its easy to click disagree this person has looked and seen nothing - what have you seen please tell us all of a definite signing you have seen - ok nothing so don't be too quick to disagree without proof of what you are saying - just silly people who disagree or agree with anything Prove what you say or don't say it UTO

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He thinks he's bigger than this level we play at heard him talk on talk sport

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I just disagree I don't have to write a

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Thats why the site has ed's, we don't need you to tell people how to use the page.
thanks though.

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