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06 Jul 2013 13:15:15
Kevin Davies & Leroy lita to sign by the end of next week.

3 other to be brought in by the start of the season thought to be a def / cm / cm

Will be loan signings from the PL, like last year - possibly from Man U as DJ has a good relationship with Moyes.
Good Times UTO

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He must have, to have taken Barkley on.
He will amount to nothing.

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What r u on about. Barkley will be class

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We`ll see if moyes takes him to Manchester United then

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Madine looked lost on his own upfront today we need strikers. who was on the left in first half cus he looked good

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Moyes won't take him to man u, but Barkley will be a very good player!

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Who's seen madine play today like

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Doubt that Barkley will be a good player.

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I've seen madine play today on internet and he looked crap but I want to know who was on the left. he had a big nose. no offence to anyone out there just wondered if he was 1 of the players on trial cus he looked good

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Why people start having a go at players for

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Machine looked OK. That number 11 was a trailist no one no, s who he is but he looked decent. Anyone seen about us close to being taken over? Apparently very close the person who tweeted it seems very confident its happening.

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Pinnoicio or Phil Thompson?

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There are some people who post on here, I also saw Wednesday on the net, and everybody on the books and at least three players who are having trials with us had time on the pitch (I couldn’t get any sound so I don't know who the trialists were). This was the first game back with nothing to play for, it was a boiling hot day and they are there to get fit. They were playing a very good side that are playing in the Champions league. They played so many formations and players it was hard to follow and the person says Madine played crap. When he was on the pitch he played as a lone striker when he did get the ball he laid it off well and brought other players into the game. What do the these fools expect under the circumstances, I could name eight or nine players who didn’t look put to speed but these games are there for the players to get fit. Get off Madine’s back, he's a Owls player and we should support him not take cheap shots at him at every opportunity. UTO

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100% agree. Madine was our best prospect for years in League one. Wish those who need a whipping boy would get off his back and allow him to develop into the player most of us hope and expect him to become. If we lose him and he comes good with someone else it will be a MASSIVE shot in the foot for all of us.

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Spot on posts, Madine can become a very good player. Get off his back and support him.

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Do people forget Barkley is 19? He was one of our top scorers when he was at the club and he played in midfield at the age of 18 and outshone most players week in week out, he will be an awesome player

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We're on Internet did you see wednesday on

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When I said crap I meant it as a loan striker he needs somebody to play with that's why we need strikers so it ups his game

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Firstrow sports

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I actually thought he put himself about pretty well, especially in the first half where he laid it off with his chest nicely a couple of times.

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Left winger was robert diaz formerly of monaco, and before that formerly of lille.

I watched the match also, and thought coulliaby played well, and our best player was mcabe. so maybe DJ won't need 2 cm? need a striker for sure.

I posted this thread, as this is what I have heard. Hopefully it works out.

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Kevin diaz ^^


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06 Jul 2013 11:24:53
Jones confirmed yesterday 3 trailists been training this week, all done well in training and either way he will have to make a decision by monday. So definite possibility of signings by early next week.

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06 Jul 2013 21:52:29
Except after the game today DJ said he would be talking with the management/MM sometime in the week but no hurry

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He didn't say no hurry. on Monday there trails are up so a decision will have to be made.

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He also told the star that he has to make decision on monday else they could get snapped up else where.

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What wha score then?

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1-1. Llera.

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08 Jul 2013 11:52:38
I believe he said a decision would have to be made as other teams were interested.

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