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06 Jul 2012 22:47:32
does anyone have any news on Diego Rubio... Seems an exiting prospect, but the rumours about coming to hillsbourgh seem to have died down... are we still pursuing him?

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I'm sure I read we signed him up for development squad a few weeks ago .
Expect a big DevSquad launch announcement at start of season with all the names.
Lots of tweets since end of season.
Some really promising signings already, many will find their way in to team and will be money in the bank for future.

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DJ said that they were just waiting for international clearance

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Diego rubio? int he at sportin lisbon

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Diego rubio was a rumour which came from this site and we havent signed him cos he is worth 3 million we signed diogo amado for dev squad

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Signed for the development squad lol hot prospect plays for sporting so i am sure dj is willing to splash out at least 1 million pounds to place him in the development squad...

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We're awaiting confirmation of the academy status before he can sign.

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Amado will go straight in to the squad he suppost to be a good midfielder r8 find would av gone to euros but raul meireles from chelsea kept him out & that true cause even dave jones say yesturday people av told him he got a bargain

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Amado, that is, not Rubio.

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Actually d.j's bargain is Ragula, quoted in the star and on the bbc so save your b.s!!

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No i meant Rubio

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06 Jul 2012 16:51:09
Wednesday have spoken to following clubs about players, Coventry, Brighton and Watford.
Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton and Newcastle in respect of loan players.

All of these taken further than initial enquiry. Sorry do not know who.

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DJ says Ragula deal almost done, but Norris rumour is bobbins.

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Norris is in Advanced talks with us source : Portsmouth evening news

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Sheffield Wednesday team 2012/2013 seoson

Buxton. Gardner. Llera. Mattock
Antonio. Norris. Semedo Tracey
Madine Maguire

I also hope semedo is captain and Norris vice captain UTO

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According to Sky sports David Norris is in advanced talks, and according to Sheffield Star tonight (6th July) PORTUGUESE midfield player Paulo Regula colud sing next week and we are still after Keith Treacy and Richard Keogh {Ed046's Note -

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I think lee instead of buxton in

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I was goin to say lee instead of buxton in back & been told amado is a r8 midfielder so would hold back naming the team mate

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I don't know who the player bench is?

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James McFadden and George elokobi on way to the owls.

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Just spoke to danny batth big hopes of taking wolves to pl loves wednesday let's give him the biggest ovation on his return another England player made mby swfc

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Koumas! The best of the lot if fit and why keep lee over Buxton and mattock over reda? On wat evidence

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( guy who named the team above ) it is a rumour page lol you take it so seriously oh and lee has no champion ship experience and amado is history mate so owned

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Wats regula guna sing for us? can he even sing ? haha

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If I'm watching that squad next year I'll be well chuffed. Looking really strong in all areas. Want Buxton in as I think we owe him that after last year but we'll see. Mates an Oldham fan and says lee's top quality and could be a serious player for us, all sad to see him go but not bitter, like the bad smell on the other side, which is always a sign of a good player and did plenty. Excited about ronaldo the 2nd, but from the middle! Happy days!

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No there not

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See old lowey's back on the bench. Bet he's glad he came.

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Don't think ranger will be too happy either

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Buxton & Reda were key in the promotion race last season. Stick to Fifa 12 mate, instead of posting starting line ups.

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Hey fellow owls :)
Because pre seoson training starts just thought I would tell you some info.
It all about being patient we are playing the waiting game for some players
Since dj is back from holiday next week expect 3 to 4 players coming in next week.
Looks like David Norris is coming and regula has already had medical and Dave jones says he has literally signed. Also expect another striker either ranger or other championship striker. We are still playing the waiting game for Tracey and antonio. Probley be with reading and burnley in pre seoson but if the managers don't want them and we put a bid in there our players!! Also expect a lot of players going out this month like Prutton o'Grady m jones d jones coke and Reynolds maybe Bennett

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Info above is common sense nothing new.
Gael Birigamana we have asked about but could go to Newcastle.

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Sentiment gets you relegated you have to move on. DJ knows what is required for a Championship player, so get used to idea that some of last years favouites will be on bench or moved on. Mnadaric radio Sheffield interview said Batth lovely lad but clear not going to be top Championship defender at this stage.

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Did mandaric ever say that though? no. so stop posting pointless things danny batth could definatley play in the championship as we will see next season...

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06 Jul 2012 16:37:40
Varney going to Leeds, Norris on his way to SWFC. Source - Portsmouth evening news. Quality midfielder to play with Semedo. Uto!

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His age would worry me!

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Age only problem signing to get us out of league.

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If we signed norris on a 2 year contract and we get into prem in his 1st year the becomes a squad player due to better players being signed for prem that becomes good business regardless of age thats the the way teams progress and develop.

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06 Jul 2012 14:26:04
luke varney set to sign by end of week {Ed046's Note - Where have you seen this?

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Hope not hes not good enogh ! {Ed046's Note -

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Sky sports text on wednesdays page between us and leeds

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Hope not not good enough last time

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06 Jul 2012 11:39:24
jus a rumour i heard dnt know if its true but jake cassidy of wolves to us for around 140,000

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Heard we are signing Messi as Owls are now biggest club int' universe

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Yeah and got an offer in for Ronaldo just incase Messi has second thoughts UTO FTB!

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No way cassidy wil break into wolves first team .

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06 Jul 2012 11:36:20
A whisper that #swfc have won the race to sign Portsmouth's David Norris. Hopefully confirmed asap. Norris has been mentioned several times

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06 Jul 2012 11:21:24
wolves duo eggert jonsson and richard stearman to us for a combined total of around 2 an half million {Ed046's Note - Do you have a source for this??

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Source ssn

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Give over, we won't spend that much!

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06 Jul 2012 10:48:59
Stuart Gray to be offered Asst. Manager role, announcement Monday latest.

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Just seen its paul wilkinson....

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06 Jul 2012 08:14:47
jon otsemobor moved to mk dons on a free transfer got a 1 year deal there

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He's gone to Donny

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Yeah MK Donny's.

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05 Jul 2012 23:25:30
gone for a Burton -- back to Arsenal ( official )

could it be a straight swap for Van Persie ?

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Fwaor wouldn't that be a dream come true... Lol

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05 Jul 2012 23:18:16
Stuart gray for our number 2

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06 Jul 2012 09:37:12
stop with the rumours about ALF, he wont want to leave reading, he was there top scorer last season!

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Cant see him being very effective in the prem though, never the less i cant see him coming to hillsbourgh

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Same here but why would a club let there top scorer go? It's not going to happen!

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06 Jul 2012 07:23:31
Record shirt sales are due to hit even more season tickets sold, wednesday are MASSIVE!!!

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06 Jul 2012 04:06:56
Antonio for 650 k to be announced soon my source is ketchup

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05 Jul 2012 23:44:03
Is it just me or are huddlesfield signing.better players than us scannel and Clayton from Leeds,
We need some big signings

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I agree with scannell think he was a bargain for huddersfield - think we should have gone 4 him and released JJ instead , scannell and antonio would have been good for us on the flanks. But not bothered about Clayton.

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Get a grip of yourself! What are you 5?

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Sorry sunshine - don't get the joke 5? Its two honest opinions about players going to another club which could have done wednesday some good as well. Get a grip yourself!!

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I think chris kirkland, kieran lee and joey mattock are all bigger signings than those

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