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06 Jan 2014 19:13:31
How good is he. Wickham seems to score even when playing in poor sides.


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Yes, yes he does. Now unfortunately we now only have one fit and decent centre back in loovens! Lleras pace and just hoofing it up let him down where kamikaze Zayattes laziness and stupidity let him down. With Gardner not going to be back for at least another few weeks we really need to be signing a good centre back or Leeds strikers will be having hatfulls of goals!

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We need a decent centre half with pace to play at side of loovens and give McCabe a game in centre with semedo and sign a striker someone like Aaron McLean or Micky Maynard or adam le fondra or richy Wellens out of contract now

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A striker will not happen, MM will not go for anybody while Wicky is here and by then it will be to late so let's get used to no players coming in unless we have no cover like a CB

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I think it will be a short term loan for both Striker and CB - we will wait for Madine and Taylor/Gardner to return - or even buxton who can play CB also.

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I reluctantly agree so we will get somebody playing out of their skin on a short term loan and not be able to replace them

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Ok Milan so after weeks if not months of research with a team of over 60 staff and scouting across 70% of western europe, baised on the available funding you have put forward the best thing we can do is - drumroll - pray we can extend Wickham's loan.

Milan " Nahhh. isss too machhhh"

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All you MM haters just remember the state of our club when he was the only one after years of trying to find stability that he was the only one who put his money where his mouth was!
You spend way to much time on this site being negative! If you all cast your mind back to post MM times you would have more than been happy to even be in this position ie championship football and financial stability at the club!
Let's all make a New Years resolution and start and post some positivity on this site and you never know what's round the corner.
Up the Owls!!

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To make a big profit for himself

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So what if MM wants to make a profit.
That is what business men do.
You sound very jealous?

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At least Milan is paying the taxman unlike that fat bloke we had before him.

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I have no problem in mm making a profit, what I have a problem with is mm making a profit before the benefit of the team and "the Wednesday family" his words btw, and as for being jealous, I have my health, my family, what's that worth

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KeepItSteal superb mm comment

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MM stated from the start his intention was to make the club better (than situation we were in, debts etc) and ultimately sell us for a profit. WE ARE in a better position, not 25/27 million in debt & in a division higher. He made no secret of his plans yet people still slag him off! We should be grateful to him. I know things look grim but it's a lot better than before! Patience is what's needed & a lot of fans still seem to think we should be spending millions like years gone by. Rome wasn't built in a day! UTO

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Nice to hear some sense on here for once.
Sure the negatives will be on your case though.

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06 Jan 2014 17:35:32
This is what happens when you have a geriatric in charge, too busy trying to hold onto as much money as he can, you can't take it with you.
As long as blinkered wednesday fans keep turning up nothing will change, and don't give me this get behind the team nonsense. Roger Johnson gone, Holloway gone, and so will Wickham then the goals will dry up, I don't want Gray in charge, as somebody mentioned the honeymoon period will last a while, then things will fall apart. Barnsley and Yeovil will go down and unless something changes we will there or thereabouts. Millwall now have a good manager, Charlton a new investor/owner so they will start climbing the table.

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Above are 3 caretaker managers who ended up taking charge at s6.
All were good men and well respected but in the end failed.
I hope i'm wrong with gray I really do. But I feel there will be a huge lack of enthusiasm for the remainder of the season.

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Negativity breeds negativity

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You name three coaches that have been promoted to be the manager at Hillsborough and failed but what about Jones, Irvine, Wilson, and all the other "managers" that have failed and been sacked at Hillsborough. At that rate appointing Gray might be a better bet.

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"Negativity breeds negativity"

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Always negative if you're not happy don't go to the games don't support the team. Once a wednesdayite always a wednesdayite. It will make no difference to most Wednesdayites it will not be pleasant but we will carry on supporting our team

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Very true.

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I have to admit I feel let down by wots happend/happening at this club! I feel angered by the lack ov enthusiasm mm is showing an to be honest its looking more an more like he don't care anymore an he's just waiting til someone comes in for us! He won't put any money In an now we've got that many managers on gardening leave now he won't go out an get us the manager we need to move forward because he 'can't afford to! Bit its the lack ov moving forward that frustrates me the most, wer just in limbo! Waiting! Exciting! An that's not good enough for this football club! I thought when we got mm we wer getting a winner! Surly if he put a few million in to the squad, get a decent manger in to get us challenging is guna appeal more to buyer than the state wer in now?! The sadest thing iv come to terms with now is he's deciding not to make any decisions keeping us simple until something comes off! It all feels like I'm following a business! Not a football club! Iv been a fan for 20 years an this is the lowest iv felt in regards to my club!

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Billowy was on BT Sport, not long after his departure from Crystal Palace, and said that Southamptons style of play "is the future" but it was too late to make Palace play like that and he needs to start from the bottom again.

Maybe I'm being harsh, but I read that as, he took Palace up, but then realised his style of play was wrong and jumped ship before relegation. I'm not so sure that I would want a manager like that at our club.

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Erm. that's supposed to say Holloway, not Billowy (although I suppose that fits) thanks auto correct.

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07 Jan 2014 21:13:29
I don't think it's the lowest we've felt, for me the lowest was when we was surely going out of business until MM saved us! We're not in that bad of a position get a manager but of stability and we'll he fine

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We'll not be sorted until MM has sold the club - he's told you that himself.
He said more than once he wants to sell the club "to somebody who can take this club forward in the way it deserves".

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I thought you were on about Bill Oddie.
Good job you sorted that one, LOL.

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06 Jan 2014 16:37:46
Wickham going to Forest end of Jan.

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And? Forest or back to Sunderland we know he'll not be here at the end of this month anyway. Nice try at a wind up btw. but must try harder!

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Gray will be manager tomorrow

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06 Jan 2014 21:03:48
We all forget Gardner will be back, soon!

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Rob staton said he's not back until end of the season bar a miracle

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06 Jan 2014 13:20:35
It says on sp Rodger Johnson going to west ham!

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Knew it would happen, we get him fit getting playing to his potential then off he goes, good luck to him he's played well. Now what, Miguel Llera back or Reda in the centre and Mattock at full back. the only problem would be cover

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Posted elsewhere on Johnson.
How come if Johnson says he wanted to stay with the Owls - and MM said publicly in his recent recorded interview we must keep him - Johnson then goes back to Wolves and neither MM or Aldridge speak to Johnson or Wolves about keeping him?
What is going on?

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A premiership club paying moe of his wages does not give us a chance. Gray confirmed we wee speaking with wolves obvious snag somebody offering them more money. Pity is Championship is his level and will struggle in pemiership.

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West Ham are Probably paying more of his wages than we were & a bottom end Prem Team surely more attractive offer than a bottom end championship team. Just hope we have a replacement lined up.

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06 Jan 2014 14:46:16
cover what centre back? zayette should be back soon right? might not be the best but it is his position

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Oh wowee zayette on way back. Break open the champers. would rather see Buxton at centre back an lee at right back

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Aldridge/west ham link again

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Buxton at CB wouldn't be a bad idea, he has played there before y'now!

Disapointed at Roger leaving for WHU, if we were in dialogue with Wolves we should have sorted it a lot sooner, not wait till he goes back tehn discuss, for me we should have got him for the rest of the season just before he went back.

Unless we bring in another CB, a quality one then it's going to be Lump it Llera" or Crappy Zayatte" till Gardner comes back! Not good! Poor work from MM I'm afraid for not sorting it sooner, don't blame Roger for joining WHU, a premiership team and he'll have a big point to prove there, think he'll keep up his good form that he showed for us!

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Hear hear, Zayette a disaster.
Another one of DJs lazy, lame or useless signings.
MM must be blind not to see the mess we are in.
More loans after loans will only postpone the inevitable.
If he is serious about taking the club forward, as he repeatedly claims to be, he needs to find a way to bring in some quality players in key positions, not loans, as a foundation for that ambition.

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A lot of folk were slagging RJ off before he played.

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06 Jan 2014 12:48:14
Roger jonhson to west ham rest of season

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Yes he's off to either West Ham or Palace. In his own words he loved his time at Wednesday and would like to continue playing for us but he says we haven't approached him or Wolves with regards to coming back.

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Done deal. On the interweb.

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